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Values, Mission and Goals


Wor-Wic will be recognized as the education resource of choice for residents and businesses on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore.


At Wor-Wic, core values are the underlying principles behind all individual, instructional, and institutional behaviors and actions. The college recognizes that the application of the core values in all college programs, services and communications is the route to accomplishing the college's mission and achieving its vision.

Accessibility is continuous access to educational services for all members of the service community regardless of geographic, physical or economic limitations. The institution promotes access through sensitivity to the varied needs of its constituencies.

Community is the result of collaboration and cooperation among faculty, staff, administration, students and the larger community. The college responds creatively and flexibly to community needs, and promotes civic and environmental responsibility, as well as community service.

Diversity is the dynamic variety of people and ideas that promote greater skill and wisdom, and enhance institutional vitality. All members of the community have a right to contribute to and benefit from the college's institutional life. The college protects and welcomes a diversity of freely-exchanged and critically-considered perspectives and approaches in the learning and working process.

Honesty is the guiding principle of all college-related interactions among faculty, staff, administration and students. It lays the foundation of trust and ethical behavior that allows for mutual respect, credibility and integrity.

Learning is intellectual and personal growth that is promoted through a positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages creative and critical thinking. Formal and informal learning experiences are essential for the well-being and success of all individuals.

Quality is the pursuit of excellence that is the measure of all individual and institutional actions and decisions. The practice and promotion of continuous assessment and improvement, innovation, and the highest levels of professionalism and performance, make quality a way of life that results in satisfied students and community.

Respect is showing regard for the intrinsic worth of someone or something. Respect for oneself, other people, all forms of life and the environment promotes the success of individuals and the institution.

Responsibility is the accountability, both individual and institutional, for all behaviors, mistakes and successes.


Wor-Wic is a comprehensive community college that enhances local economic growth by addressing the educational, training and workforce development requirements of the residents of Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties. The college serves the unique needs of a diverse student body through its educational offerings and comprehensive support services designed to facilitate student goal completion. The college provides affordable, high quality instruction for postsecondary credit programs and continuing education in a technology-driven environment. Wor-Wic ensures academic excellence and institutional effectiveness through assessment and continuous improvement.

Mission-Based Institutional Goals

  1. Provide service area residents with access to a quality education at a reasonable cost.
  2. Offer courses and programs in a variety of formats to prepare graduates for:
    1. immediate entry into the local workforce; and/or
    2. transfer to other postsecondary institutions.
  3. Offer courses and programs for residents to pursue career advancement, earn licensures and certifications, and for personal development.
  4. Promote economic development by providing programs and services that are compatible with the needs of business, government, nonprofits and other community groups.
  5. Provide students with educational experiences and support services that help them achieve their goals through college completion.
  6. Collaborate with local high schools and universities to share resources and facilitate seamless transitions through the levels of education.
  7. Attract and retain a diversity of students and employees.
  8. Acquire appropriate human, financial and technological resources to meet institutional needs.
  9. Ensure the quality of student learning, support services and institutional performance through the assessment process.

Assessment of Academic Programs and Student Services

In accordance with Wor-Wic’s mission to provide high quality programs, the college engages in routine, systematic assessment processes to ensure continuous improvement of student learning and success. The college’s assessment process determines to what extent students are attaining stated student learning outcomes. To that end, student academic performance data are collected in the aggregate, at the course, program and institutional levels. Individual students are not identified. In addition, students are asked to participate in a number of college wide surveys to provide feedback on the quality of academic and student services. The results of the surveys are analyzed by college officials in order to continually improve teaching and learning, as well as institutional procedures. For questions regarding the assessment process, contact the director of assessment at 410-334-2966.

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