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Distance Education Online Orientation

Distance Learning Options at Wor-Wic Community College

Online Courses:

Online learning is a type of distance education that allows students to access course materials, complete and submit assignments without being physically present in a classroom on campus. Online students study and learn at times convenient to their schedules. However, all online courses at Wor-Wic start and end on the same dates as the traditional face-to-face courses and there are deadlines for assignments and exams.

Hybrid Courses:

A hybrid course is a blend of face-to-face and Web-based instruction. Required classroom time is split between on-campus class time and Web-based activities.

Interactive Television Courses:

Interactive television is available at Wor-Wic’s campus. The instruction takes place in television classrooms, where programming is broadcast to and from other sites in Maryland.

Distance learning courses are not easier or less time consuming than traditional face-to-face courses. Distance learning courses require students to have certain personal and computer skills as well as comply with online etiquette rules and testing procedures.

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