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Spring D 2018: Physical Therapist Assistant

Click the class number to download the active syllabus for that class. If the class number is not a clickable link, the syllabus for that class has not yet been provided.
ClassTitleCredit HoursTimeDaysLocationInstructor
PTA 130 D01Microsoft Word Document icon
Cardiopulmonary and Integumentary Issues 3.0 10:00 AM—12:00 PM TH AHB 204 Waxham, Jon
  Lab   1:00—3:00 PM TH AHB 204 Waxham, Jon
PTA 140 D01Microsoft Word Document icon
Physical Agents 4.0 9:00—10:30 AM MW AHB 204 Waxham, Jon
  Lab   1:15—4:15 PM M AHB 204 Waxham, Jon
PTA 150 D01Microsoft Word Document icon
Therapeutic Procedures II 4.0 10:45 AM—12:15 PM MW AHB 204 Kotra-Loos, Tiffany
  Lab   1:15—4:15 PM W AHB 204 Kotra-Loos, Tiffany
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