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Environmental Science Courses

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ENV 101: Environmental Science

(4.0 credit hours)

Sample Syllabus
Sample Syllabus
This is a general education natural science course that integrates the physical and biological sciences in order for students to gain an understanding of humans in their environment. This course emphasizes critical thinking and an evaluation of current topics in environmental science in a local, national and global context, and prepares students to be able to discuss ecological concerns and rational solutions for today's environmental problems. Hours: 39 lecture and 26 laboratory. Prerequisite: MTH 092 with a grade of "C" or better or an acceptable mathematics placement test score. Laboratory fee: $30. Usually offered in the fall, spring and summer.
ENV 140: Introduction to Geographic Information-GIS

(3.0 credit hours)

Sample Syllabus
Sample Syllabus
This course covers introductory elements of map reading and design in geographic information systems (GIS), a mapping science technology that enables the user to collect, store, analyze and output natural geographic environmental and mapped data. GIS information is being used in applications in business, government and teaching. Scale, coordinate systems, projection, GPS, distance/direction finding and plane surveying are used to create a topographic map. Hours: 26 lecture and 26 laboratory. Laboratory fee: $30. Usually offered in the fall.
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