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ART 101H - Introduction to Art History, Honors (Spring D 2018)

 Adam Tavel

Adam Tavel

Professor of English
Arts and Humanities
Brunkhorst Hall
Room Number:
BH 333
Course Description:
This course presents the major themes, styles and subject matter of art and architecture from prehistory to the present, focusing on Western civilization. The artworks of each culture and historical period are examined in the context of the dominant thoughts, ideas and customs of the time. Additionally, students gain a heightened understanding of aesthetic evaluation by learning how symbolism, allusion and intertextuality play significant roles in the visual arts. This course frequently utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates geography, anthropology and literary analysis. Not only do students gain a deeper understanding of the major epochs of human expression, they develop the necessary skills to thoughtfully discuss, explicate and comprehend painting, sculpture and other forms of visual media. Hours: 39 lecture and 1 field trip. Materials fee: $40. Usually offered in the spring.

What Makes This an Honors Course?

Honors invites students to take a dynamic, interdisciplinary approach to the study of human expression. Although there is no way to avoid memorizing important artists, dates, and periods in any art history course, this Honors experience encourages students to express their own point of view in a series of online journals, their own creativity in a kinesthetic map project, and their own voice in an interactive oral presentation. Coupled with our annual field trip the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., this Honors course makes the past come alive, fosters community with its small class size, and helps us to examine our own historical moment by paying particular attention to themes of power, identity, gender, race, faith, wealth, irony, consciousness, nationhood, and nature.

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