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HIS 151H - World Civilizations II, Honors (Spring D 2018)

 Daniel Pavese

Daniel Pavese

Instructor of History
Human Services
Brunkhorst Hall
Room Number:
BH 333
Course Description:
This course covers major world civilizations from the Renaissance to the present, focusing on the political, social, economic and intellectual issues. This course provides students with an opportunity to use evidence to construct and evaluate plausible arguments, analyze points of view, context and bias, interpret primary source documents and assess issues of change and continuity over time. This course meets the requirements of HIS 151. Hours: 39 lecture. Prerequisite: Honors program eligibility. Usually offered in the spring.

What Makes This an Honors Course?

Honors approaches the time period with a major theme each semester. For example, past themes have included The American Indian Wars, World War I, World War II, Comparisons of Political Ideologies, etc. Students complete several discussions, a presentation, and a book review based on the theme during the semester. Unlike some traditional classrooms, this course is student-centered and student-focused. There is very little lecturing during the semester; instead, students are encouraged to conduct research outside of class and then discuss what they’ve discovered in a seminar-style classroom. This allows the students to collaboratively construct their own knowledge rather than act as passive receptacles.

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