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SOC 101H - Introduction to Sociology, Honors (Fall D 2018)

 Dr. Patricia Riley

Dr. Patricia Riley

Human Services Department Head and Associate Professor of Social Science
Human Services
Brunkhorst Hall
Room Number:
BH 333
Course Description:
This course stresses the study of man in his social relationships. Topics include the patterns of culture, population, social institutions (familial, educational, religious, economic and political) and social change. This course provides students with opportunities to participate in class research projects and to serve in a community social service agency. This course meets the requirements of SOC 101. Hours: 39 lecture. Usually offered in the spring.

What Makes This an Honors Course?

Honors allows students the opportunity to deeply engage on topics of deviance, education, religion, social class, global inequity, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, population and health, and other issues that directly impact our daily lives. Besides learning the historical roots of sociological theory, students apply research and discussion strategies to gain insight into current events that often trouble us as a society. The course is designed to be highly interactive, incorporating shared learning experiences through a variety of active experiments and exercises to uncover social patterns of behavior.

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