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SPH 101H - Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Honors (Fall D 2018)

Dr. Amy Oneal-Self

Dr. Amy Oneal-Self

Associate Professor of English
Arts and Humanities
Brunkhorst Hall
Room Number:
BH 333
Course Description:
This course is an introduction to the theories of oral communication, focusing on pragmatic approaches to presentational styles and organizational skills. Students integrate a common theme into their speeches for the public speaking component of this course. They demonstrate their ability to critically think and listen through their analysis of speeches in both the classroom and the public arena. This course meets the requirements of SPH 101. Hours: 39 lecture. Prerequisite: Honors program eligibility. Usually offered in the fall.

What Makes This an Honors Course?

Honors provides a more challenging opportunity for students in an introductory public speaking course. Rather than present their major speeches in isolation, honors speech students are asked to thematically link their persuasive, informative, and ceremonial speeches. Recent themes have included such diverse topics as Hurricane Katrina, gun control, video games, and small business ownership. In addition, honors speech students do more to analyze speeches—their own, their peers’, and speeches in the public domain. The manuscript speech project encourages honors students to explore their creative side by researching a current or historical event and writing the speech that could have or should have been presented by a participant in that event. The final assignment in the course, the speech analysis project, allows honors students to demonstrate their knowledge about public speaking through their in-depth analysis of a speech of their choice.

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