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Placement Assessment

To increase the student's chances for academic success, Wor-Wic administers free placement tests that analyze a student's academic strengths and weaknesses to assist in the appropriate selection of courses. The tests are mandatory for:

  1. New students who are currently in high school;
  2. New students who do not have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent;
  3. New students who have declared a major or those who are undecided about their major;
  4. Special students who want to register beyond nine cumulative credit hours; or
  5. Students who want to register for an English or mathematics course or any college-level course that has an English or mathematics prerequisite

Exceptions are made for students with associate or higher degrees from accredited colleges in the U.S., college transfer students who have received transfer credit for ENG 101 and/or a college-level mathematics course (MTH 152 or higher), students who have received Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) subset scores of at least 550 or American College Testing (ACT) subset scores of at least 21 within the past two years and new students who are classified as special students who want to register for one course in a term. Students interested in an exception should forward official transcripts to the registrar’s office and/or test scores to the counseling office.

Students are permitted to retake the placement tests one time, following a 24-hour waiting period. Placement is based on the student’s higher score. Test scores are valid for two years. After two years, students must retest in subject areas for which developmental course work was indicated and for which the course work was not attempted or completed. A student who has started the sequence of developmental education courses can retest if his or her test scores are at least two years old and his or her last attempt at the course was at least two years ago. Students can pick up placement testing referral forms from the receptionist. Testing hours can be obtained at the information desk or on the college Web site.

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