Dr. Dana Burnside

Dr. Dana Burnside

BH 311


Fall D 2018

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  • Pre-Fall 2018 Office Hours
    I will be available for office hours from August 15 through August 31 at the following times:

    Monday and Wednesday 10am to noon
    Tuesday 11am to noon


Bloomsburg University, English BA
Bloomsburg University, Communication Studies MA
George Mason University, Higher Education DA
Wilkes University, post-graduate work in Education Leadership
TEFL Certificate

Work Experience

Dr. Burnside is a higher education professional with over 20 years of college teaching experience, specializing in communication. She has taught a variety of communication and education courses to undergraduates, master’s students, and doctoral students. She has designed and directed an Associate of Arts degree program in Communication, as well as designing and teaching master’s level courses in intercultural communication. She coordinated the first international doctoral cohort for the Wilkes University Doctor of Education Leadership program in Muscat, Oman, traveling there six times to deliver the face to face component of their hybrid courses. Working to promote effective communication and to encourage global citizenship is her passion. As an Associate Professor of Speech at Wor-Wic, she teaches public speaking skills, with an emphasis on effective delivery strategies and the principles of visual communication. Dr. Burnside has presented at national and international conferences in the United States, Costa Rica, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, and the Netherlands. In addition to teaching, Dr. Burnside has provided professional communication coaching and consulting for executives and organizations in the US and abroad.

In addition to teaching on campus at Wor-Wic, she has taught speech at Salisbury University and at the Eastern Correctional Institution (ECI).

She has taught at the following schools:

Community College of New Jersey
Northern Virginia Community College
Lehigh Carbon Community College
Wilkes University

Community Services / Committees

Conferences and Presentations
2003 - Consortium on Latinos in Higher Education- Kent State University, Paper presented: Addressing the Needs of Latino Generation 1.5 Students in Literature-based Writing Courses
2005, 2006 - Basic English Composition workshop for K-12 teachers at the PDE PATTAN Annual Conference, two years.
2006 – Blau's Writing in the Works Workshops presented for Houghton-Mifflin
2006 – ISETL Conference. Workshop presented: Game Face: Games as Interdisciplinary Teaching Tools
2007 – ISETL Conference. Workshop presented: Generation One Point What?
2008 – ISETL Conference. Poster Session presented: Professional Presentations for the 21st Century: Beyond Academic Public Speaking
2008 – National Public Speaking Symposium: Napa, CA. Invited guest.
2009 – lSETL Conference. Workshop presented: No More Death by PowerPoint
2010 – National Communication Association (NCA) Conference. Panel Presentation. Building Bridges: Collaborative projects in Public Speaking
2011 – Seminario de Ingles at UNA Sede region chorotega, (Liberia, Costa Rica). Team Empowerment Keynote speech.
2011 – Seminario de Ingles at UNA Sede region chorotega, (Liberia, Costa Rica). Workshop presented: Using the Best Online Resources to Teach ESL.
2012 – ISETL Conference. Poster Session presented: Note-Taking Apps: Which One is Write for You?
2013 –AAIE 47th Conference. Workshop presented. Educating Proactive Agents of Change.
2013 –AAIE 48th Conference. Workshop presented. The Future of Learning: Smartphones in the Classroom.
2013 – Global Women’s Leadership Conference. (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Representative.
2014 – International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, & Society (Madrid, Spain). Accepted presentation. Megabit Faculty in a Gigabit World.
2014 –ISETL Conference. Workshop presented. The Future of Learning: Smartphones in the Classroom.
2015 CEESA Conference. (Dubrovnik, Croatia). Workshop presented. Global Citizenship Lessons—Inspiring Proactive Agents of Change.
2015 – MAIS Conference. (Barcelona, Spain). Workshop presented. Ethical Paradigms – An Examination of Ethics in Schools
2015 – ECIS Conference. (Barcelona, Spain).Workshop presented. Global Citizenship Campfire
2015 – ECIS Conference. (Barcelona, Spain). Workshop presented. An Examination of Ethics in International Schools
2015 – lSETL Conference. The Assignment Option – Student-centered assessment. **Elected ISETL Board member at 2015 conference.
2016 – Career Intensive Boot camp, Bloomsburg University. Opening Presentation: 21st Century Cover Letters and Resumes; Quick Chat Workshops: The Interview’s Not Over with the Last Question, How to Follow Up.
2017 – International Banking Division Meeting, Caixabank, Barcelona, Spain. Intercultural Communication Workshop (for Banking Managers from 15 different countries).
2017 – International Banking Division Meeting, Caixabank, Barcelona, Spain. How to Design More Effective Presentations (for approximately 75 international banking executives).


Dr. Burnside received the Outstanding Dissertation Award in Higher Education at George Mason in 2007.


Cheskiewicz, S., Burnside, D. & Zula, K. “Megabit faculty in a gigibit world: Student perceptions of technology education programs.” Journal of Technologies in Education. Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2015, pp.1-14.

Burnside, D. & Mackesy, B. “Global citizenship in a time of standards-based assessment: US K-12 teachers’ perspectives.” Journal of Education and Social Policy. Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015, pp. 29-36.

Book Reviews
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--O'Brien. A Speaker's Resource: A Handbook for Listener-Centered Public Speaking, McGraw-Hill, 2006.
--Maclntosh. Newswriting for Television and Interactive News Media, AB Longman, 2006.
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