Daniel Pavese

Daniel Pavese

HC 204


Summer I B 2018

Summer II E 2018

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 By appointment.

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  • Summer Office Hours.
    Beginning Monday, May 14th, I will be in my office on the following dates and times. If these do not work with your schedule, I would be more than happy for us to schedule a time to talk.

    1 PM - 6 PM, Monday, May 14th
    1 PM - 6 PM, Thursday, May 24th
    8 AM - 1 PM, Tuesday, May 29th

    8 AM - 1 PM, Monday, June 4th
    8 AM - 1 PM, Thursday, June 14th


AA Liberal Arts - Elizabethtown Community College
BA International Studies - West Chester University
MA History - Salisbury University