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Richard Dilling
AAB 316


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2012, MA, Duke University, Biology (minor: Developmental Biology)
2007, MS, University of Tennessee, Mathematics (minor: Statistics)
1996, BS, Grace College, Mathematics (minor: General Science)

Work Experience

2012-2013, Adjunct Instructor, Math / Developmental Math, Durham Tech Community College
2012, Adjunct Instructor, Math, High Point University
2002-2004, Professional Tutor, Developmental Math, Columbus State Community College
2002-2004, Computer/Web Programming Consultant, various companies
2000-2001, Web Commerce Developer, ECOutlook
1998-2000, Software Engineer and Software Test Engineer, Applied Innovation

Additional Information

My primary teaching interests are in developing practical, real-world examples to explain topics in probability, statistics, algebra, and calculus.

While I enjoy math for its own sake and think there are many beautiful and interesting math topics that are (or should be) accessible to anyone willing to make the effort, I think the primary value of math is to help us make sense of the world we live in and to construct models of the world that make it more understandable, accessible, and predictable.

Math and science are the source of many powerful tools that you can use to take greater control of your own life or that others can use to control you. My personal philosophy is that a democratic society is best served when those tools are made available to as many people as possible. Competence in math and science can make you more money, but more importantly, it can make you a better informed and more engaged citizen.

Learning math can be intimidating but it should always be empowering. My goal in teaching math is to inspire you to feel more empowered and less intimidated so that learning math and putting it to use in your life can be something you look forward to. But that will require effort on both our parts. I'm up for the challenge. Are you?