Ellen Siegmund

Ellen Siegmund

AHB 307


Fall D 2018

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Office Hours

Other Hours

 By appointment.

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Master of Science in Health Care Management earned from California State University Los Angeles, California.

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy earned from Townson State University, Towson, Maryland.

Associate of Arts earned from Catonsville Community College, Catonsville, Maryland.

Work Experience

Director of Rehabilitation
Director of Therapy Operations
Independent Consultant & Grant Writer
Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Occupational Therapy Team Leader
Occupational Therapist

Community Services / Committees

Member: American Occupational Therapy Association
Member: Parent Teacher Board for James M. Bennett High School

Additional Information

Licensed Occupational Therapist # 01784
State of Maryland

Licensed Occupational Therapist # U1-0001468
State of Delaware

Licensed Occupational Therapist #5294
State of California - Inactive Status

Certification in Neurodevelopmental Treatment
Certification in Myofascial Release

OTA Program Website: http://www.worwic.edu/Academics/Programs/OccupationalTherapyAssistant.aspx