Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 18, 2010

The following 151 students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.


Greenbackville: Charles Thornton, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling.


Cambridge: Michelle Bryan, AS, Nursing; Jarnell Foster, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica Green, AA, General Studies; and Vanessa Newton, AAS, Criminal Justice.

East New Market: Matthew Conner, CT, Criminal Justice; and Charles Dayton, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Cofeia Addison, CT, Nursing.


Chestertown: Michael Boehmer, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Megan Corbin, CT, Nursing; Tiffany Hayes, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Christina Justice, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Mikki Justice, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Katie Lloyd, CT, Nursing; and Angela Todd, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Dames Quarter: Arthur Snyder, AA, General Studies.

Eden: Carly Middleton, AS, Nursing.

Marion Station: Noel Marshall, CT, Nursing.

Princess Anne: Stacy Carpenter, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Colin Carroll, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Tonya Craft, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Melanie Griffin, CT, Nursing; Barbara Haines, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Hubbard, CT, Nursing; Kevin Kissel, CT, Nursing; and Shawanda Veney, CT, Nursing.

Upper Fairmount: Brittney Bozman, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Westover: Jessica Smith, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.


Bridgeville: Aapri Dorman, AA, General Studies.

Delmar: Yelitza Hernandez, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Harbeson: Donald Messick Jr., CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Laurel: James Smith III, CT, Criminal Justice.

Selbyville: Justin Hoban, CT, Criminal Justice.


Easton: Christopher Adelsberger, CT, Criminal Justice.


Delmar: Matthew Donovan, AAS, Business; John Hancock, AS, Nursing; Taylor Hill, AA, General Studies; Aaron Holler, AAS, Criminal Justice; Larry Lecates Jr., AA, General Studies; Darren Lumpkin, AA, General Studies; Brittany Lyons, CT, Nursing; Andrew Merrill, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Laura Zidanic, CT, Nursing.

Eden: Jamison Butler, CT, Nursing; and Meagan Fisher, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Fruitland: Melissa Hicks, AA, General Studies; James Kerr, CT, Criminal Justice; and Brandi Taylor, CT, Nursing.

Hebron: April Abbott, AAS, Business; Shelley Hogg, AA, Education; Kristen Kuczak, AA, General Studies; Jennifer McGiffin, CT, Nursing; Mary Reddish, CT, Nursing; and Nicole White, AA, General Studies.

Mardela Springs: Justin McCauley, AA, Business; and David Rivett, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Parsonsburg: Carole Dalfonso, AAS, Business; Milissa David, AS, Nursing; and Tammy Holdren, AAS, Education.

Pittsville: Tanna Bradford, AS, Nursing.

Salisbury: Johnsie Bailey-Barkley, AS, Nursing; Kristina Beauchamp, AA, General Studies; Terri Bivans, CT, Nursing; Kelli Blackway, AS, Nursing; Brandon Caton, CT, Criminal Justice; Margaret Clements, CT, Office Technology; Joel Dixon, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Angela Edson, CT, Nursing; Andrew Emge, AAS, Business; Lauren Follebout, AA, General Studies; Dustin Ford, AA, General Studies; Jodie Foxwell, CT, Nursing; Phillip Goldsborough, AS, Nursing; Melissa Goodson, AA, General Studies; William Green, AA, General Studies; Laura Haviland, AA, General Studies; Carolyn Hayward, AS, Nursing; Stephanie Houck, CT, Nursing; Katie Howard, AA, General Studies; Tremayne Hutchins, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Meredith Jennings, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Tonika Johnson, AA, General Studies; Lorian Jones, AA, General Studies; Barbara Joynes, AAS, Education; Julie Kent, AA, General Studies; Kasey Keyser, AS, Nursing; Michelle Lantz, AAS, Office Technology; William Latham, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Georgeta Lazar Wainwright, AAS, Accounting; Jason Lewis, CT, Criminal Justice; Heather Lynch, AS, Nursing; Lykesha Mapp, AA, General Studies; Richard McGee Jr., CT, Turf Management; Bridget McGriff, CT, Nursing; Kara Meeks, CT, Criminal Justice; Tony Olivis, CT, Nursing; Colleen Ortiz, CT, Nursing; Philip Overberger Jr., AA, General Studies; Nicole Purnell, AA, General Studies; Miranda Robbins, AA, General Studies; Christopher Robinson, CT, Criminal Justice; Brendan Rogalski, CT, Criminal Justice; Jason Sander, CT, Criminal Justice; Mary Stephanie Santos, CT, General Studies; Sherito Smith, AA, General Studies; Sheena Stauffer, AA, General Studies; Alissa Swift, CT, Nursing; Kenesha Taylor, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Syrenthia Tingle, AAS, Education; Meghan Towers, CT, Nursing; Mark Vickers, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Tyler Watkinson, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Amy Wheeler, CT, Nursing; Shannon White, CT, Nursing; Gregory Wilkinson, AA, General Studies; and Tammy Wroten, AS, Nursing.

Willards: Robert Bowen, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; and Brittany Schappell, AA, General Studies.


Berlin: Ryan Bell, AAS, Business; Linda Belovics, AS, Science; Donovan Bouton, AA, General Studies; Lori Clark, CT, Nursing; Cynthia Davis, CT, Office Technology; Regina Gelinas, CT, Nursing; Deborah Haines, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Dana Kimble, CT, Nursing; Andrea Kroger, CT, Nursing; Jill McCrystal, CT, Nursing; Patricia Mertz, CT, Nursing; Christopher Povloski, CT, Nursing; Wendy Rossi, AAS, Education; Rona Schneck, CT, Accounting; Gillian Wallace, AA, Education; and Ryan Womer, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.

Newark: Edward Holland, AA, General Studies.

Ocean City: Julia Bokova, AAS, Criminal Justice; Lynn Canade, AS, Nursing; Cynthia Coppinger, CT, Nursing; Angela Gilbert, AT, Education; Stephen Gulyas III, CT, Criminal Justice; Francesca Knight, AA, General Studies; and Suhad Ramadan, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: Melody Burkhead, AS, Nursing; Silver Burns, AA, General Studies; and Jessica Davis, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Snow Hill: Lisa Carrier, AAS, Office Technology; Jacob Chambers, CT, Criminal Justice; and Megan Warren, CT, Nursing.

Stockton: Lawrence Cannon, Jr., AAS, Business; and Karen Marshall, CT, Nursing.

Whaleyville: Sarah Wade, AS, Nursing.