Wor-Wic holds Dessert Theater 2011
April 05, 2011

From left, Karlie and Kelsey Reichenberg and Karlie Jones, all of Salisbury, attended the “School Days, School Days!” Dessert Theater at Wor-Wic Community College.

From left, are Andrew, Susan and Molly Likovich of Salisbury. Siblings Andrew and Molly performed in the one-act play called “A Very Grammatical Family.”

Brittany Mumford, center, a hotel-motel-restaurant management student at Wor-Wic, serves mini peanut butter and jelly cupcakes to Charlotte and Edgar Lankford of Hurlock.

Jack and Sue Middleton of Salisbury enjoy coffee and desserts during intermission.

From left, Allison Sheridan of Baltimore and Clay Roop of Salisbury enjoy desserts with his mother, Dr. Kimberley M. Roop, who played a novice computer student in one of the short plays.