Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 24, 2011

The following 177 students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.


Tangier: Anna Pruitt-Parks, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.


Federalsburg: John Williamson, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Jason Dickerson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Frank Schmidt, CT, Criminal Justice.

Vienna: Alexander Pinder, AA, Business.


Galena, Md.: Albert Piasecki Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Kenton, Del.: Tyler Baitsholts, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Rachel Corbin, CT, Nursing; Paula Dize, CT, Nursing; Amanda Ford, AA, General Studies; and Mary Thomas, CT, Nursing.

Eden: Brandon Milligan, CT, Nursing; and Shirley Poole, CT, Education.

Marion Station: Kerry Turner, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Gina Tyler, CT, Criminal Justice.

Princess Anne: Brittney Bozman, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Sherell Brady, AAS, Office Technology; Stacy Carpenter, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Jessica Dryden, AA, General Studies; Barbara Haines, AS, Nursing; Lareine Kindle, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Richard Williams, AS, Nursing.

Westover: Meagan Eby, AS, Nursing.


Harbeson: Donald Messick Jr., CT, Emergency Medical Services.


Delmar: Lindsay Black, CT, Nursing; Melissa DeVoe, CT, Nursing; Susan Hall, AA, General Studies; Brandon Hoppes, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Angela Macey, AS, Nursing;
Andrew Merrill, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Brittany Mumford, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Annika Nichols, AA, General Studies; Brandon Shockley, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Thomas, CT, Nursing; Kayla Threlfall, CT, Nursing; and Tiffany Warner, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Fruitland: Martha Graham, CT, Nursing; Annette Kleiman, AS, Nursing; and Megan Webb, AA, General Studies.

Hebron: Melissa Bowden, CT, Nursing; Eleanor Keating, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Emily Nichols, CT, Nursing; Christopher Pruitt, CT, Nursing; and Andrew Wilkinson, AA, Education.

Mardela Springs: Maria Bailey, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Devon Flaig, CT, Criminal Justice; Laeasha Kellam, CT, Nursing; and David Rivett, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.

Parsonsburg: Susan Brown, CT, Nursing; Erin Eberhart, CT, Nursing; Nicole Lovett, AAT, Education; Laura Martin, AS, Nursing; Megan McLeod, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and
Angela Miller, CT, Nursing.

Quantico: Amy Barron, CT, Nursing.

Salisbury: Danielle Ballard, AS, Nursing; Amara Binkowski, AA, General Studies; Heather Bishop, AA, General Studies; Dacey Booker, AA, General Studies; Jaeson Booker, AA, General Studies; Angela Campbell, AA, General Studies; Rachel Capobianco, AAT, Education; Gavin Carey, AA, Business; Gene Chambers, AA, General Studies; Amanda Ciarmoli, AA, General Studies; Gregory Coleman, AAS, Accounting; Darrell Conquest, AS, Science; Ciara Cooks, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Angela Cox, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Michael Daugherty, CT, Criminal Justice; Robert Davis, AA, General Studies; William Dennis, AA, General Studies; Amy Duddy, AAS, Accounting; Jennifer Flanders, CT, Nursing; Tim Foy Jr., AAS, Criminal Justice; Ida Gillespie, CT, Criminal Justice; Kacey Gray, AA, Education;  Erin Greene, CT, Nursing; Joseph Guard, CT, Nursing; Christine Hallman, CT, Nursing;
Allyson Hastings, AA, Business; Lois Haynie, AS, Nursing; Robert Hickman Jr., CT, Manufacturing; Patricia Hillman, CT, Nursing; Amy Hoffman, AA, General Studies; Ashley Hollins, AA, General Studies; Stephanie Houck, AS, Nursing; Brian Huntington, AAS, Accounting; Avery Malone, AA, General Studies; Kenyatta Matthews-Sampson, AA, General Studies; Joy Moaney, AA, General Studies; Blaine Morton, AAT, Education; Shawne Mumford, AA, Business; Darryl Myers, CT, Criminal Justice; Julie Nagle, AS, Nursing; Emily Nock, AA, General Studies; Brittney Nolen, AA, General Studies; Shannon Palmer, AS, Nursing; Richard Pearce, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Rebecca Perez, CT, Nursing; Elizabeth Phippin, AA, General Studies; Lynell Purnell, CT, Business; Reginald Reaves Jr., CT, Computer Studies; Malissa Richter, AA, General Studies; Daniel Sanchez, AA, General Studies; Kara Schindel, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Brian Seabrease, AAS, Electronics, and AAS, Manufacturing; Linda Sellers, AS, Nursing; Brittany Sigmund, AAS, Criminal Justice; Lori Somers, CT, Nursing; Ethel Mae Taylor, AA, General Studies; Peter Varney, AA, General Studies, and AS, Science; Henry Vega, AAS, Computer Studies; Benjamin Waples, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Amy Wheeler, AS, Nursing; and William Wilkinson, AAS, Computer Studies.

Sharptown: Michelle Ortiz, CT, Nursing; and Sherri Van Dyke, CT, Nursing.

Tyaskin: Danielle Dorsey, CT, Nursing.

Willards: Julie Keys, AS, Nursing; Matthew McCormick, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Janifer Phillips, CT, Nursing; Sarah Woodward, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Indre Zitkauskaite, AAS, Accounting.


Berlin: Laura Charlton, CT, Nursing; Tara Charlton, AA, General Studies; Lori Clark, AS, Nursing; Nicole Derita, CT, Nursing; Carol Dickerson, CT, Nursing; Hailey Ferguson, AA, General Studies; Aaron Genter, CT, Nursing; Adele Goodwin, CT, Nursing; Colleen Hahn, CT, Nursing; Dasha Holland, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jenel Jones, AA, Education;  David Lewis, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jill McCrystal, AS, Nursing; Stephanie Merson, CT, Nursing; Amanda Peters, AS, Nursing; Nancy Poret, AS, Nursing; William Rathel, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Cristin Riley, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Patricia Thornton, AS, Nursing; Daniel Tilghman Jr., CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Kevin White, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Bishopville: Marina Kaeufer, AAS, Criminal Justice; Heidi Kelley, AS, Nursing; Adriana Quattrini, AAT, Education; and Robin Richardson, CT, Nursing.

Newark: Adam Lewis, AAS, Electronics.

Ocean City: Brittney Almond, AA, Education; Dmitry Anisimov, AA, General Studies;
Cynthia Coppinger, AS, Nursing; Shaun Cox, CT, Nursing; Sarah Flores-Castillo, CT, Nursing;  Viktors Kungurovs, AA, General Studies; Alena Marshall, AAS, Office Technology; Xeniya Patterson, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Valentina Saydakhmetova, AA, Business; and Melissa Wiley, AS, Nursing.

Pocomoke City: Christopher Barrs, CT, Criminal Justice; Jared Crawford, AA, General Studies;
Nichole Frey, CT, Nursing; Andranette Holden-Hall, AA, Education; Caroline Humphreys, AAS, Computer Studies; Jaime Julian, AA, General Studies; Cindy Krystofiak, CT, Nursing; Jodie Martin, AAS, Criminal Justice; Sherry Mullis-Catoe, CT, Nursing; Kaitlyn Murphy, CT, Nursing; and Shane Musgrave, CT, Criminal Justice.

Snow Hill: Carisa Beasley, AA, Business; William Heiser III, CT, Emergency Medical Services;  Jessica Jones, CT, Nursing; Mark Powell, CT, Criminal Justice; and Yvette Rode, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Stockton: Shelby Payne, AAT, Education.