Wor-Wic holds Dessert Theater 2012
March 21, 2012

From left, Dr. Colleen C. Dallam, dean of general education at Wor-Wic, and Dr. Lynn M. Wiljanen, dean of student development, are pictured at Dessert Theater with Dr. Ray Hoy, president of Wor-Wic, and his wife, Donna.

Sue and John Szymanski of Ocean Pines taste the golden chiffon lemon and blueberry mousse cake with vanilla cream and raspberry sauce, which was prepared by hotel-motel-restaurant management students at Wor-Wic.

Erin Jones, a hotel-motel-restaurant management student at Wor-Wic, serves desserts during intermission.

Tomeka Jones, second from the left, a Wor-Wic graduate who performed in the one-act play called “While Shakespeare Slept,” welcomes, from left, Onyah, Dymon and Misa Handy of Salisbury.

From left, Becky Ross, Carol Menzel and Jane Menzel of Salisbury enjoy coffee and desserts during intermission.