Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
June 25, 2012

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring semesters.


Greensboro: Daniel Downes, CT, Criminal Justice.

Preston: Jason Adams, CT, Criminal Justice; and Megan Patchett, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Danelle Bramble, AA, General Studies; Edward Howard Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; and Mark Parker, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Jacob Garvey Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Logan Hallowell, CT, Criminal Justice; and Sharlene Harris, AAS, Office Technology.

Taylors Island: Kyle Willey, CT, Criminal Justice.


Middletown: Marie Caron, CT, Criminal Justice.


Allen: Jeanne Krafft, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Chance: Kayleigh Cropper, AA, General Studies.

Crisfield: Phillip Anderson III, AA, General Studies; Rachel Corbin, AS, Nursing; Paula Dize, AS, Nursing; Christopher Goldsborough, AA, General Studies; Tommy Harris, AA, Computer Studies; Sarah Harvey, AA, General Studies; Patricia Justice, AA, General Studies; Amber Sterling, CT, Nursing; and Elizabeth Szwec, AS, Science.

Eden: Renee Levesque, AAS, Business; and Brandon Milligan, AS, Nursing.

Marion Station: Caitlin Brimer, AAS, Business; Brandon Douglas, AAS, Computer Studies; Paula Green, AAS, Accounting; and Elizabeth Thornton, CT, Office Technology.

Pocomoke City: Kelly Miller, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Princess Anne: Valeria Adkins, AAS, Accounting; Elizabeth Alexander, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sherri Benton, CT, Criminal Justice; Terra Hunter, CT, Office Technology; Kenisha Kelley, AA, General Studies; Vernetta Mason, CT, Education; Rondell Redding, CT, Criminal Justice; Angela Walston, AS, Nursing; and Laura Weeks, AAS, Accounting.

Upper Fairmount: Rachel Miles, AA, General Studies.

Westover: Amy Catlin, AA, General Studies; Robert Lang III, AA, General Studies; Denise Linker, AAS, Office Technology; and Jacqueline Lowe, AA, General Studies.


Laurel: Milton DeZarn, AAS, Business.

Milton: Kori Chaney, AA, General Studies.

Seaford:  Theodore Schilling, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.


Easton: Taylor Leeson, CT, Criminal Justice.


Allen: Jason Stimis, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Bivalve: Rha-Shid Nutter, AAS, Accounting.

Delmar: Lindsay Black, AS, Nursing; Michelle Bowser, AAS, Education; Bryan Davila, AA, General Studies; Sherlissa Dickerson, AA, General Studies; Stephanie Fisher, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Kiona Horsey, AA, General Studies; Meredith Koenig, AA, General Studies; Nancy Maner, AAT, Education; Kristen McIntyre, AS, Nursing; Timothy Michaud, AAS, Electronics; Tay Moore, AA, Computer Studies; Kevin Nichols, AA, General Studies; Stacy Scott, AAS, Accounting and AAS, Business; Carol Thomas, AAS, Business; Jennifer Thomas, AS, Nursing; Kayla Threlfall, AS, Nursing; and Katherine Zimmerman, CT, Office Technology.

Eden: Jamison Butler, AS, Nursing; and Katie Weiland, AS, Science.

Fruitland: Lindsay James, AA, Education; Judy Jessa, AA, Business; Carissa Morgan, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Ashley Morton, AAS, Education; William Rains, AA, General Studies; Garrett Wade, AA, Business; and Brian Wright, AAS, Computer Studies.

Hebron: Lauren Bennett, CT, Nursing; Tami Brown, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management;
Abigail Davis, AS, Science; Amelia Handy, CT, Office Technology; Emily Nichols, AS, Nursing; Christopher Pruitt, AS, Nursing; Sarah Staton, AA, General Studies; and Sharon Waters, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Mardela Springs: Maria Blackwell, AA, General Studies; Donald Grager Jr., AA, General Studies; Chelsea Massey, AAT, Education; John Meredith Jr., AA, General Studies; and Nathan Tilghman, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Parsonsburg: Erin Eberhart, AS, Nursing; Tina Eberhart, CT, Nursing; Allen Holochwost, AA, General Studies; Matthew Larmore, AA, General Studies; Angela Miller, AS, Nursing; Meg Niblett, AA, Business; Roxie Shortt-Lewis, CT, Nursing; and Chelsie Webster, AA, General Studies.

Pittsville: Jill Bankard, CT, Criminal Justice; Jeremy Bouchelle, AAS, Criminal Justice; James Brasure IV, CT, Criminal Justice; Tiahna Davis, CT, Office Technology; Katie Haines, AA, General Studies; Catherine Mason, AAS, Accounting; Alessandra Palazzo, AA, Business; and Kristin Vance, AAT, Education.

Quantico: Faunda Lynn, AA, General Studies.

Salisbury: Gladys Acevedo, AAS, Office Technology; Jeffrey Adkins, AAS, Accounting; Barbara Anderson, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Joy Andrews, CT, Nursing;
Robyn Angell, CT, Criminal Justice; Crystal Arvey, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling;
Betty Bailey-Williams, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Grace Baker, CT, Nursing;
Teresa Banks, CT, Accounting; Ebonee Barkley, AAT, Education; Brett Belleville, AAS, Electronics; Cassandra Bello, AA, General Studies; Brooke Benedict, AA, General Studies;
Jonathan Benjamin, AA, Education; Wayne Borrmann, AAS, Business; Andrew Bringley, AAS, Criminal Justice; Jason Broadwater, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Kimberly Brodell, AA, General Studies; Lydia Brooks, AAS, Office Technology; Anthony Brown, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Carlos Bucio, AA, General Studies; Anthony Butler, AA, General Studies; Shelby Byrd, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Callaway, AAT, Education;
Jason Caputo, CT, Criminal Justice; Heather Carter, AS, Nursing; Elizabeth Chaffey, AA, General Studies; Christine Chestnutt, AAS, Education; Christina Colflesh, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Christina Collins, AAS, Criminal Justice; Cindy Collins, CT, Office Technology; Tyler Conway, AAS, Criminal Justice; Mark Culver, AA, General Studies;
Taice Cunningham, AA, Business; Bruce Dennis Jr., AAS, Electronics; Rebecca Doughty, AA, General Studies; Tunisia Duncan, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Rhea Dunnett, AA, General Studies; John Ernst, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; John Evans, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Haley Fairall, AAS, Education; O'Shaye Farrare, CT, Office Technology; Jennifer Flanders, AS, Nursing; Kristen Fosque, AA, Business; Sima Fotouhi, AA, General Studies; Jodie Foxwell, AS, Nursing; Liseeth Garcia, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Nathan Gencel, AA, General Studies; Kendra Goodijohn, AAT, Education;
Michelle Green, AAS, Business; Lauren Greenhalgh, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Joshua Griffith, AAS, Manufacturing; Joseph Guard, AS, Nursing; Christine Hallman, AS, Nursing;
Jason Hardy, AAS, Computer Studies; Mark Harris, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management;
Sunny Helgeson, AAS, Accounting; Darlene Hodge-Mills, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Donna Horsey-White, AAS, Education; Traci Huggans, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Tyler Insley, AA, General Studies; Catherine James, CT, Nursing;
Candice Johnson, AA, General Studies; Daphne Johnson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Deon Johnson, AA, General Studies; Robert Johnson Jr., AA, General Studies;
Johnedia Jones, CT, Business; Katie Jones, AS, Nursing; Tonia Jones, CT, Criminal Justice;
Angela Jones-Thornton, AS, Nursing; Kyle Kilchenstein, AS, Science; Tamara Kintzer, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Heather LaBounty-Bailey, AAS, Education; Patricia Lawrence, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jessica Lindner, AA, General Studies;
Pamela List, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kirsten Lowe, AAT, Education; Kate Mahn, AA, General Studies; Chantel Manley, AAS, Office Technology; Hillary Mariner, AA, General Studies; Caitlyn Marshall, AA, General Studies; Dustin Mazzocoli, AA, General Studies; Emily Mercer, AA, General Studies; John Mitchell, AAS, Radiologic Technology;
Ashley Morris, AAS, Business; Patrick Naumann, AA, General Studies; Colby Newberger, AA, General Studies; Christina Nicholson, AAS, Office Technology; Jennifer Overholt, AAS, Accounting; Alexander Paciga, AA, General Studies; Mercedes Patterson, AA, General Studies;
Anna Peipon, AAS, Accounting; William Pennington, AAS, Electronics; Rebecca Perez, AS, Nursing; Megan Phillips, AA, General Studies; Tashana Phillips, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Shimae Purnell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Reginald Reaves Jr., AAS, Computer Studies; Julie Rhodes, AAS, Criminal Justice; Robin Richardson, AS, Nursing; Nicholas Robellard, AA, Business; John Robinson, AA, General Studies; Margarita Rosado, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Shardae Russell, AA, General Studies; Don Rutledge, AAS, Computer Studies; Rahsheerah Sabr, AAS, Education; Anam Salim, AA, General Studies;
Oluwatosin Sanni, AS, Nursing; Julie Schroeder, CT, Nursing; Reed Shelton, AA, General Studies; Kimberly Shingleton, AA, General Studies; Christopher Shockley, AAS, Criminal Justice; Joshua Shrieves, AA, General Studies; Angela Simpson, AA, General Studies; David Slate, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Ebony Smith, CT, Criminal Justice; Lori Somers, AS, Nursing; James Staley, AA, General Studies; Christopher Taylor, AAS, Criminal Justice; Alex Tingle, AA, General Studies; Meghan Towers, AS, Nursing; LaTeisha Tull, AA, General Studies; Danielle Turner, AAS, Criminal Justice; Chelsea Tyler, AAS, Education;
Jackson Tyndall, AA, General Studies; Meg Tyndall, AA, General Studies; Isaiah Vargas, AA, General Studies; Jacquelyn Vienna, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Stephanie Walburn, AAS, Accounting; Margaret Wangombe, AS, Nursing; Evan Ward, AA, Education; Jack Ward, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dwayne Webster, CT, Criminal Justice; Billie White, AAS, Accounting; Stacey White, AAT, Education; Anastasiya Wilson, AAS, Radiologic Technology;  Kenneth Wilson, AAS, Criminal Justice; LaTerra Wise, AA, General Studies; and Fatemeh YarAli, AS, Science.

Sharptown: Kaitlin Callahan, AAT, Education; Travis Edwards, AAS, Computer Studies; Stacy Ennis, AAS, Office Technology; Katelyn Nagler, AA, General Studies; Donna Tieder, AAS, Office Technology; and Sherri Van Dyke, AS, Nursing.

Tyaskin: Danielle Dorsey, AS, Nursing.

Willards: Caleb Dukes, CT, Turf Management; Barbara Elkins, AAS, Business; Beverly Sigai, CT, Criminal Justice; and Stephanie Wilkins, AAS, Office Technology.


Berlin: Yutima Barclay, AA, Business; Mark Bargar II, AA, General Studies; Rebecca Bright, AA, General Studies; Brooke Brittingham, AA, General Studies; Laura Charlton, AS, Nursing;
Travis Comegys, AA, Education and AAS, General Studies, Hillary Daye, AA, General Studies; Carol Dickerson, AS, Nursing; Demetrios Dikos, AAS, Manufacturing; Nicholas Forsyth, CT, Criminal Justice; Nicole Freni, AA, Education; Aaron Genter, AS, Nursing; Adele Goodwin, AS, Nursing; Trevor Greenawalt, CT, Criminal Justice; Colleen Hahn, AS, Nursing; Logan Helmuth, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Stephanie Henry, AA, General Studies; Alexandra Hooker, AA, General Studies; Valerie Kramer, AAS, Business; Valerie Matteson, AA, General Studies; Victoria Mattingly, CT, Office Technology; Kelsey McCarthy, AAS, Business; Sean McHugh, CT, Criminal Justice; Stephanie Merson, AS, Nursing; Mary Myers, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Michael Perkins, AAS, Computer Studies; Benjamin Rammer, AA, General Studies; Krystle Roberts, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Erin Rosen, AA, General Studies; Joshua Shockley, AA, General Studies; and Danielle Young, AA, General Studies.

Bishopville: Nathan Bowen, AA, General Studies; Otto Grundman, AA, General Studies; Morgan Iacona, AA, General Studies and AAT, Education; Leah Kramer, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Cody Miller, AA, General Studies; KJ Postley, AAS, Computer Studies; Lori Redman, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and Karen Tinus, AA, General Studies.

Girdletree: Juanita Purnell, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Sarah Schnepel, AAS, Business.

Newark: Christine Waggoner, AAS, Accounting.

Ocean City: Frank Benvenuto, AA, General Studies; Gene Blake, CT, Nursing; Jeannine Bosse, AA, General Studies; Theresa Boulanger, CT, Nursing; Sara Bramble, AA, General Studies; Shaun Cox, AS, Nursing; Sarah Flores-Castillo, AS, Nursing; Lauren Glick, CT, Nursing;
Donald Harris, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Michael Heilman, AA, General Studies; Ebenezer Kassa, AS, Science; William Kelly, AA, General Studies; Liudmila Khokha, AA, General Studies; Alena Marshall, CT, Office Technology; Andrea Matrona, AAT, Education; Debra Passwaters, CT, Criminal Justice; Christy Reynolds, AA, General Studies;
Andre Simmons, AA, Business; Gabriel Wohl, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and
Nicole Wright, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: Ryan Balogh, AAS, Computer Studies; Nichole Frey, AS, Nursing; Jeffrey Holland, CT, Criminal Justice; Cindy Krystofiak, AS, Nursing; Laura Mosteller, AAS, Business;
Sherry Mullis-Catoe, AS, Nursing; Kaitlyn Murphy, AS, Nursing; Victoria Overholt, AAS, Office Technology; Allen Payne, AS, Science; Shelby Ramsay, AA, General Studies; Angela Schoenborn, AAT, Education; Shanay Thornton, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Jayne Tull, CT, Office Technology.

Snow Hill: Kevin Armstrong, AA, Computer Studies; Katherine Bailey, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Mallory Cropper, AA, General Studies; and Katherine Grey, AA, General Studies.

Stockton: Jason Smith, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Whaleyville: Chelsea West, AA, General Studies.