Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 13, 2005

The following 135 students completed their program requirements to graduate with an associate of arts (AA) degree, associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS), associate of applied science (AAS) or a certificate of proficiency (CT) from Wor-Wic Community College this summer.


Elkton: David A. Leithren Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Rajesh Vahid Hailey, CT, Criminal Justice; and Michael A. Hubbard, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Howard Emory Elzey, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Stephanie J. Abbott, AAS, Business; Jeffrey S. Hale, AA, Education; Arthur Rudolph Hancock, CT, Criminal Justice; Tammy M. Harrison, CT, Nursing; Lisa Lawson, CT, Nursing; and Erin Leigh Todd, CT, Nursing.

Eden: Kerri L. Adams, CT, Nursing; Crystal K. Simmons, AA, General Studies; and Shelley Lynne Wilson, CT, Nursing.

Marion Station: Sheneatta Carolyn Whittington, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Princess Anne: David B. Sproul, CT, Nursing.

Westover: Randolynn Pleshette Cottman, AA, Education.


Lewes: Kelly A. Freeman, AA, General Studies.


Easton: Brian Christopher Dadds, CT, Criminal Justice; Michelle Dawn Dyott, CT, Criminal Justice; Jennifer M. Griffith, CT, Criminal Justice; and David Tavis MacNeill, CT, Criminal Justice.

Trappe: James R. Dobson, CT, Criminal Justice.


Bivalve: John Charles Herbert Jr., AAS, Criminal Justice.

Delmar: Puller J. G. Adkins, AA, General Studies; Earl D. Campbell Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Melissa Dawn Hovatter, CT, Nursing; Ginna E. Keil, CT, Nursing; Donald Kuczenski, AA, Business; Stephanie E. Lopez, CT, Office Technology; Mary Blount Terry, AA, General Studies; and Christopher Underkoffler, CT, Nursing.

Eden: Lessie M. Schrider, AA, General Studies.

Fruitland: Davette Alece Copeland, CT, Nursing; Ronald DuPont, AAS, Accounting; Patricia Fleming, CT, Nursing; Elizabeth B. Hicks, AAS, Accounting; and Stephanie Nichols, AA, Business.

Hebron: James Edison Brown III, CT, Nursing; Evan Carter, AAS, Business; Emily Twilley Derbyshire, CT, Nursing; Sarah Murray Johnson, CT, Nursing; Hollie Kathleen Seaton, CT, Nursing; Adam Jason Starkey, AA, General Studies; and Lea Ann VanBuskirk, CT, Nursing.

Mardela Springs: Christina Marie Clark, CT, Office Technology; Heather Jean Hires, CT, Nursing; and Brionna Nytorria Warrington, AA, General Studies.

Parsonsburg: Michael P. Loring, CT, Criminal Justice; and Melissa Leigh Welch, CT, Nursing.

Pittsville: Marguerite Olsen Campbell, CT, Nursing; Dawn M. Chewning, CT, Nursing; Melissa L. Helgeson, CT, Nursing; Stephanie J. Klaverweiden, CT, Nursing; Cheryl Ann Schenk, CT, Nursing; and Erin Massey Swanson, CT, Nursing.

Powellville: April L. Webster, CT, Nursing.

Salisbury: Matthew Adkins, AA, General Studies; Joy Andrews-Hooker, AA, General Studies; Tina M. Becker, AS, Nursing; Jennifer Benge, CT, Office Technology; Tamar Renita Bragg, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Catherine Briddell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Julia E. Bridges, AAT, Education; Angela Burnett, CT, General Studies; Charise LaShette Dale, AAS, Office Technology; Jo Anne Diggs, CT, Criminal Justice; Lora DiPasquale, CT, Nursing; Naomi Donohoe, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Ryan D. Efford, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Candice Marie Figgs, CT, Nursing; Shawnise J. Hayman, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Joy M. Hoffman, AS, Nursing; James Holton, AA, General Studies; Sheenah P. Hudgins, AAS, Office Technology; Paul E. Klaverweiden Jr., CT, Nursing; Sarah Marie Mann, CT, Nursing; Charles Wesley Marsh, AAS, Radiologic Technology; William Elezy Moore Jr., AA, Business and Education; Leigh Ann Passon, AS, Nursing; James Neale Pilchard, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ka'Ron Purnell, AA, General Studies; Viola Robertson-Williams, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; James D. Russell, CT, Criminal Justice; Emmie L. Shortall, CT, Nursing; Shawn Marie Smith, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Jenny Marie Taylor, CT, Nursing; Tiffany L. Travers, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Lynn Twilley, AA, General Studies; Olivia Grace Tyler, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Walkup, CT, Nursing; Kathy Lynn Warfield, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Lynne Williams, CT, Nursing; and Jodie Marie Zlotorzynski, CT, Nursing.

Sharptown: Judith Carol Geeslin, CT, Nursing; Linda L. Keplinger, CT, Nursing; and Rachel Ann Nagler, AA, General Studies.

Willards: Ann Marie Theresa Fridley, CT, Nursing.


Berlin: Michele P. Carlson, CT, Nursing; Evelyn Joan Collins, AAT, Education; Deborah Ann Favre, CT, Nursing; Dana K. Gaigler, CT, Nursing; Kimberly Michele Gilley, AS, Nursing; Sarah K. Kee, CT, Nursing; Lori Kneisel, CT, Nursing; Cynthia A. Ross, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Michael A. Sand, CT, Criminal Justice; Suzanne E. Shaw, CT, Office Technology; Janice Denise Whaley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Kimberly Beth White, CT, Nursing.

Bishopville: Angela Catherine Froman, CT, Nursing; Jocelyn Palmer, AAS, Accounting; and Julie Lynn Portillo, CT, Nursing.

Girdletree: Elizabeth Suzanne Strother, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Newark: Jeffrey A. Merritt Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; and Crystal Lynn Violante, CT, Office Technology.

Ocean City: Susanne Bowman Curry, CT, Nursing; Patrick W. Flynn, CT, Criminal Justice; Michael Lee Goodbrod, AAS, Business; Christine M. Hare, CT, Nursing; Amy Higgins, CT, Nursing; Guy S. Roman, CT, Criminal Justice; and Charles Elmer Taylor Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Ocean Pines: Matthew W. Foreman, CT, Criminal Justice; Bryan James Hamilton, AAS, Business; Valerie Comegys Hicks, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Eleonora Melville, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Pocomoke City: Robin Rae Bricker, AAS, Business; Rachel A. Grayson, AA, General Studies; Leronda Sherees Johnson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Tammy L. Soley Jones, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Angela D. Sollars, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Snow Hill: Nicki R. Clarke, AAS, Criminal Justice; Holly Renee Hostetler, CT, Nursing; Brenda Deuberry Shenton, AAS, Office Technology; and Stacy Lynn Smith, AA, General Studies.