Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 28, 2013

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.


Chincoteague: Marie Birch, AAS, Education.


Denton: Andrew R. Neall, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Patrick Joseph Glynn, CT, Criminal Justice.

East New Market: Shanna Dawn Burton, AAS, Office Technology.

Vienna: Caitlyn B. Thomas, AA, General Studies.

Woolford: Steve M. Mills Jr, CT, Criminal Justice.


Roanoke Rapids: Rudy L. Draper III, CT, Criminal Justice.


Centreville: Joseph M. Schinault, CT, Criminal Justice.


Chance: Christine Elizabeth Cropper, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Crisfield: William Edward Green, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; William B. Mills, CT, Criminal Justice; and Peggy A. Ward, AS, Nursing.

Eden: Stacey R. Dale, CT, Nursing; Michelle Leigh Foxwell, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Dawn Marie Hayashi, CT, Nursing.

Marion Station: Eunice Marcelle Esposito, CT, Criminal Justice; and Lauren M. Green, CT, Criminal Justice.

Princess Anne: Karen Bradford, AS, Nursing; Tamika L. Coston, AS, Nursing; Katelynn M. Hobbs, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jerome Jackson, AA, General Studies; and Richard F. Taylor, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Westover: LaShawn Antoinette Dashields, CT, Nursing.

SUSSEX COUNTY             

Dagsboro: Irina Okhotnikova, AS, Nursing; and Sharleen J. Revels, CT, Office Technology.

Frankford: Kami F. Brittingham, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Laurel: Hope A. Ellis, AAS, Office Technology.

Seaford: Edward Lee Hicks Jr, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Jessica Rae Noranbrock, AA, Education.


Easton: Ryan M. McCormick, CT, Criminal Justice.


Delmar: David A. Austin, CT, Nursing; Marina Collins, CT, Nursing; Christina DaSilva, CT, Nursing; Mark W. Harrison, AA, General Studies; Emily G. Hasenkopf, AA, Business; Travis B. Hearn, AS, Nursing; Justin Hickman, AA, General Studies; Dyson Edgar Johnson, AAS, Computer Studies; Gladys Kahwa, CT, Nursing; Benjamin David Mancuso, CT, Nursing; Charles Andrew Martini, AA, General Studies; Katherine Elizabeth Mason, CT, Nursing; Christina Gravenor Parsons, AS, Nursing; Donald M. Poole, AA, General Studies; Stacie Christine Powell, CT, Nursing; Brittany N. Shirvani, AA, General Studies; and Shannon Renee Webb, AAT, Education.

Eden: Maria Blackwell, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Denise M. Harrell-Tribeck, AAT, Education.

Fruitland: Anna Katherine Link, CT, Nursing; Megan Carol Webb, CT, Nursing; and Ozgur Yardimci, CT, Nursing.

Hebron: Rachel Michele Appleby, CT, Nursing; Kacey T. Bennett, CT, Nursing; Levin J. Hitchens III, AAS, Accounting; Paul J. Perunko, AAS, Accounting; and Cierra Watson, AA, General Studies.

Parsonsburg: Brittany N. Elswick, AS, Nursing; Debra Diane Hastings, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Steven W. Jones, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Shelby Catherine Morris, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Morgan Townsend, CT, Nursing; and Mary Jessica Warren, AAT, Education.

Pittsville: Robert L. Bowen, CT, Environmental Science; Liliya Flores, CT, Nursing; and
Elizaveta A. Pavlenko, CT, Nursing.

Quantico: Jasmine M. Garland, CT, Nursing.

Salisbury: Tamika Cherise Bailey, AAS, Education; Isiah P. Barkley, CT, Criminal Justice; Nicolette K. Bennish, AA, General Studies; Katelyn Bertier, AS, Nursing; Ashley J. Bounds, AS, Nursing; Brittney Renee Bratten, CT, Nursing; Susan E. Brown, AS, Nursing; Erin Elizabeth Browning, CT, Nursing; Tina Marie Brumbley, CT, Accounting; Timothy C. Burke, AA, General Studies; Tracey Rene Busch, CT, Nursing; Rachael Marie Byington, CT, Nursing; Natasha  N. Chatmon, AA, General Studies; Melanie Chow, CT, Nursing; Erin Lee Ciancitto, CT, Nursing; Roketta Ann Collins, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Heather Craun, AS, Nursing; Kasey Lynn Davis, CT, Nursing; Marie-Ange Desir, AS, Nursing; Crystal DeWeerdt, CT, Education; Jennifer Eileen Dixon, AS, Nursing; Farah J. Durose, AA, General Studies; Cora L. Elliott, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua Engle, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Jennifer M. Farlow, CT, Nursing; Kaitlyn Marie Fitzhugh, AS, Science; Angela Baret Foreman, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Dana Fraula, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Pierre Cheyenne Gore, AA, Business; Sarah E. Greenfarb, AAS, Office Technology; Erika Nicole Hearn, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Lynn Hilgris Sokola, AA, Business; Lavar Hilliard, AAS, Business; Melissa Dawn Holland, AA, General Studies; Scott Daniel Horengic, CT, Criminal Justice; Amy Marie Hurley, CT, Nursing; Al'Toya JoLisa Jones, AA, General Studies; Sharon Jones, AS, Nursing; Hae Ryun Jung, AA, General Studies; George Edward Kaloroumakis, AAS, Computer Studies; Rachel Heather  Kemp, CT, Nursing; Megan L. Koester, AA, General Studies; Charles Wayne Lecates, AAS, Criminal Justice; Leah M. Lewis, AAT, Education; Stacey Loomis, AS, Nursing; Veronica Martinez Vargas, AA, General Studies; James E. McCoy II, AA, General Studies; Richard L McGee Jr, AA, General Studies; Justin McShane, AA, General Studies; Julie Anne Miklosovich, AA, General Studies; Ganesa Mitchell, AS, Nursing; Zachary Russell Morcom, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Oluyemisi Ogunnubi, CT, Nursing; Austin Franc Ortiz, AA, General Studies; Joseph Bernard Pagliaro, AA, General Studies; Sookkyung Park, AA, General Studies; Jinwoo Park, AA, General Studies; Douglas G. Porianda, CT, Criminal Justice; Miracle Lynn Powell, AS, Nursing; Kiara Darryce Price, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Hillary Dawn Pullen, CT, Nursing; Jessica Michelle Ramirez, AAS, Education; Melissa Suzanne Rheel, AA, General Studies; Michele Annette Roberts, AS, Nursing; Amberly Joy Rogalski, AA, General Studies; Elyssa B. Rutzler, AA, General Studies; Kirsten Sample, AS, Nursing; Zachary Shaver, AA, General Studies; Heather Lynn Shellenberger, AAS, Criminal Justice; Katherine Shuhy, CT, Nursing; Mark Smith, CT, Nursing; Kevin Lynn Sutton, AA, General Studies; Shannon Leigh Tapman, AA, General Studies; Joel Taylor, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Maria Angela L. Tinaza, AA, General Studies; Paul Turner, AA, General Studies; Cheltsey B. Vann, AA, General Studies; Stephanie Anne Weeg, CT, Nursing; Renalda Whyatt-Hairston, AA, General Studies; and Willie A. Williams, AA, General Studies.

Sharptown: Elizabeth Travis Griffith, AAS, Business.

Tyaskin: Kanda S. Lewis, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Willards: Lindsay Johnson, AS, Nursing.


Berlin: Cynthia Kae Adams, AA, Business; Daniel Joseph Anderson, AA, General Studies; Sarah Brissey, CT, Nursing; Wesley Mitchell Cooper, AA, General Studies; Jamie Ann Dressel, AS, Nursing; Nancy Holland, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; James E. Janis II, AA, Business; Amanda Christine Jones, AAT, Education; Michael C. Kempa, AA, General Studies; Robert William Kennard, AA, General Studies; Casey Marie Kloch, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Adam Joseph Lapinski, CT, Criminal Justice; Joseph D. Laughlin III, CT, Criminal Justice; Crystal Michelle Loring, AS, Nursing; Renata Anne Lovitt, CT, Nursing; Hillary Mozeik, AA, General Studies; Jo Ann Peabody, AA, General Studies; Renee Raffensberger, CT, Nursing; Benjamin A. Rammer, CT, Nursing; Patricia Lynn Tull, CT, Nursing; Jessica Lynn Vance, AAT, Education; Leah Michele Wallace, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jason A. Williams, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Kelsey Anne Willison, AA, General Studies; Ryan Wilson, AA, Education; and Yassine Zidour, CT, Nursing.

Bishopville: Daniel Coleman Bunting, AA, General Studies; Anna-Maria Fernandez Clark, CT, Nursing; Richard L. Cropper III, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Cody R. Forrest, AAS, Computer Studies.

Eden: Michele Shakra, CT, Nursing.

Newark: Faye Marie Dryden, AAS, Office Technology.

Ocean City: Brandie Ann Bassuk, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Hernandez Cuevas, AA, General Studies; Angela Giampaolo, AS, Nursing; Evgenia Khodukina, AS, Nursing; Dzmitry Lobach, AA, Business; Xeniya A. Patterson, CT, Criminal Justice; Mikhail Ramos, AA, Business; Jamie L. Shrewsbury, AAS, Education; Kayla Dawn Wallace, AS, Nursing; and Matthew T. Zimmerman, CT, Criminal Justice.

Pocomoke City: Christen A. Barbierri, AA, Business; Carly Evans, AA, General Studies; Cynthia S. Haynie, AS, Nursing; Janean N. Mauzy, AA, General Studies; Taren James Nance, AA, Education; and LaShae Wise, AA, General Studies.

Showell: Andrew E. Jones, AA, General Studies.

Snow Hill: Katherine Witt Bailey, AA, General Studies; Ashley LeCompte Davis, CT, Nursing; Amy L. Parker, AAS, Business; Amanda Lou Stephens, AA, General Studies; Kevin Travers, AA, General Studies; and Krystle Marie Wright, CT, Nursing.