Wor-Wic graduates listed
October 31, 2014

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.


Hurlock: Kyle Hunter Hastings, CT, Criminal Justice.


Grasonville: LaJuan Marvin Pack, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Jami Diane McGonigle, CT, Nursing; Kelly Sterling, CT, Nursing; and Patrick M. Tawes, AA, General Studies.

Deal Island: Jamie Lynn Byrd, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kimberly Marie Campbell, AAS, Office Technology; Alison Elizabeth Malinger, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Breanna Parks, CT, Nursing; and Patricia Webster, CT, Nursing.

Eden: Dawn Marie Hayashi, AS, Nursing.

Marion Station: Anika Elaine Jackson, AA, General Studies; and Tiffany Michelle Sterling, CT, Nursing.

Princess Anne: Cameron Spencer Gardner, CT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Hall, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; David Hearn Jr., CT, Nursing; and Angela Marie Hill, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Westover: Amanda Sue Croswell, AA, General Studies; Kellie M. Good, AS, Nursing; and Kristen Nicole Welch, AS, Nursing.


Delmar: Monique Shonta Brewer, AA, General Studies; and Roland E. Morris III, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Greenwood: Toby James Hafer, CT, Criminal Justice.

Lewes: Lisa Reed, AAS, Accounting.


Delmar: Galya Alhmoud, CT, Nursing; Marina Collins, AS, Nursing; Tonya L. Dunning, CT, Nursing; Dale L. Edmondson, AA, General Studies; Shawn Cole Engelbrecht, CT, Criminal Justice; Irina Hatfield, CT, Nursing; Mallory Leigh McIntyre, CT, Nursing; Ashley E. Meckley, AS, Nursing; Heather Christine Riggin, CT, Office Technology; Taylor M. Scott, CT, Nursing; and William Patrick Smith, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Eden: Janelle Eastgate, CT, Nursing.

Fruitland: Vicky J. Barrow, CT, Nursing; Shannon J. Borden, CT, Nursing; Holly Jo Collick, AA, Business; Jiby George, CT, Nursing; Becky L. Harley, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Hernandez, CT, Nursing; Ryan Michael Hooks, AA, Business; and Anna Katherine Link, AS, Nursing.

Hebron: Kacey Bennett, AS, Nursing; Sara Bohnsack, CT, Nursing; and Irina Perkowski, CT, Nursing.

Mardela Springs: Jimmie Lee Howard IV, CT, Criminal Justice; and Sandra Lee Yenilaitus-Severn, AS, Nursing.

Nanticoke: Jessica Purner, CT, Nursing.

Parsonsburg: Erin Marie Bell, CT, Nursing; James Matthew Bodine, CT, Criminal Justice; Gary R. Cooper Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Taryn L. Lewis, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Ansumana Terriel Morning, CT, Nursing; and Ann Marie Williamson, AA, General Studies.

Pittsville: Christina Littleton, AA, General Studies; John Thomas Mills, AAS, Computer Studies; and Kathy Nicole Palmer, AA, General Studies.

Quantico: Honey Maloof, CT, Nursing; and John N. Taylor II, AA, General Studies.

Salisbury: Rebecca J. Aleshire, CT, Nursing; Anna K. Austin, CT, Nursing; Keri Bailey, CT, Nursing; Grace Stephanie Baker, AS, Nursing; Isaac Barkley, AA, Business; Hayley Barlow, AAT, Education; Crystal Rene Bass, CT, Office Technology; Michael R. Bell, AAS, Electronics; Whitney Lauryn Benton, CT, Nursing; Jewlett Carisa Brown, AA, General Studies; LaTanya E. Christopher, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; David B. Congro, AA, General Studies; Romona Annette Cuffee, AA, General Studies; Cora L. Elliott, CT, Criminal Justice; Kevin Lukas Elliott, AA, General Studies; John Everett, AS, Nursing; Paula Fisher, AS, Nursing; Stephanie Lynn Gertsch, AAS, Office Technology; Jordan Alexandra Giordano, AA, General Studies; Kelsy C. Haugh, CT, Nursing; Constance A. Hill, AS, Nursing; Lakala M. Jones, CT, Office Technology; Lauren Elizabeth Joseph, CT, Nursing; Jaeyoon Jung, CT, Nursing; Matthew Larmore, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Anthony Lespinasse, AA, General Studies; Sara Linfante, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jasmine C. Mahammitt, AAS, Accounting; Aaron Ricardo March, AA, General Studies; Cali Marsh, CT, Nursing; Sara Kay McClure, AA, General Studies; Cynthia J. Mears, AAS, Business; Maranda Emily Mitchell, AA, Business; Erica Alesia Morton, AA, General Studies; Mary Krysta Mullins, CT, Nursing; Kristen Nelson, AA, General Studies; Paulina Muthoni Nguyo, AS, Nursing; Sharonda C. Owens, AA, Business; Sarah Jean Pali, AS, Nursing; Victoria M. Parker, AA, General Studies; Ragen Insley Ringer, AA, General Studies; Manda Ruark, AA, General Studies; Aprille Schuyler, CT, Nursing; Katherine Shuhy, AS, Nursing; Kara Simms, AA, General Studies; Ashley Nichole Swanner, AAS, Office Technology; Christy Ann Toadvine, CT, Nursing; Christie Marie Townsend, AA, General Studies; Clarence Trader, CT, Nursing; Mariah Nicole Trader, AA, General Studies; Holli J. Trice, CT, Nursing; Adrian Alvin Valcin, AA, General Studies; Ashley E. Van Pelt, CT, Nursing; Shanice Renee Wallace, AAS, Office Technology; Courtni La'Shawn White, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Nykeba E. White, AA, General Studies; James A. Whitney, AA, General Studies; Anthony Jerome Wilson Sr., AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jacob Norman Windsor, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Arianna Wood, AA, General Studies.

Sharptown: Alexandra Dawson, AA, General Studies; Heather M. Patchett, CT, Nursing; and Jeffrey Williams, CT, Nursing.

Tyaskin: Diane E. Nutter, AAS, Office Technology.

Willards: Courtney Elaine Dennis, CT, Nursing; Tonya M. Gower, CT, Criminal Justice; Jennifer McDorman, AA, General Studies; Megan Outten, CT, Nursing; Tammy Taylor, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jennifer Vojna, CT, Nursing; and Heidi Whittington, AS, Nursing.


Berlin: Alison Marie Ardis, AA, General Studies; Christopher E. Brown, CT, Nursing; Candace Lynn DiBuo, CT, Office Technology; Taylor Alane Farley, AA, General Studies; Kyle J. Hayes Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Tina M. D. Hedley, CT, Nursing; Evan Charles Kolb, CT, Criminal Justice; Nicole Ligor, CT, Office Technology; Marissa M. Moesle, CT, Nursing; Alessandra E. Morton, CT, Nursing; Hanna Faith Mullins, AA, General Studies; Julianne O'Toole, CT, Criminal Justice; Santina Owens, AA, General Studies; Kendall Jamal Spence, AA, General Studies; Germeka Timmons, AA, General Studies; and Nina A. Tomaselli, AA, Business.

Bishopville: Robert Davis, AA, General Studies; Anna-Maria Fernandez, AS, Nursing; and Amanda Griffith, CT, Nursing.

Ocean City: Natalie Kathleen Cheng, AA, General Studies; Robert Coyne, AAS, Manufacturing; Katie E. Florich, CT, Nursing; Lauren Leigh Gilkey, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Maryia Gooch, CT, Nursing; Jennifer C. Hernandez, AA, Business; Inna Jevdokusina, AA, Business; Yagmur Arzu Heather Karaman, AA, General Studies; Alena S. Marshall, AS, Nursing; Deborah Lynn McAdams, AA, Education; Sara E. Price, AA, General Studies; Jessica A. Schmucker, CT, Nursing; Jamie Lyn Shrewsbury, AA, General Studies; and Victoria Larson Taylor, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: Tevoia Janelle Cropper, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lacy Hudson, AA, General Studies; Kirk Knox, AS, Nursing; and Karen Lynn Olsen, CT, Nursing.

Snow Hill: Marisa M. Ailstock, AA, General Studies; and Amy C. Coughran, AS, Nursing.

Stockton: Aaron Michael Dufrene, AA, General Studies; and Noel Dominique Dufrene, AA, General Studies.