Wor-Wic graduates listed
August 07, 2015

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall/spring.


Denton: Mariah Odessa Lee Shull, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Jordan Adam Towers, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Christopher Phillips, CT, Criminal Justice; and Marvadene Arlene Sinclair, AS, Nursing.

Hurlock: Montre' Y. Brown, AS, Nursing; Stephen A. Hackett, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica Jimpkoski, CT, Nursing; and Katelyn E. Whitzel, AA, General Studies.

Linkwood: Kimberly D. Furr, AS, Nursing.


Centreville: Dominick J. Ruscitti, CT, Criminal Justice.


Chance: Melissa Anne Jones, CT, Nursing.

Crisfield: Hannah Marie Atkins, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Gary W. Cullen, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Tommy Harris, AAS, Computer Studies; Barbara Jane Hearne, AS, Nursing; Jaime KateLen Humphreys, AAS, Accounting; Delilah Anita Jackson, AAS, Education; Jami Diane McGonigle, AS, Nursing; Kelly Michelle Sterling, AS, Nursing; and Tiffany Michelle Sterling, AS, Nursing.

Deal Island: Breanna Llewellyn Parks, AS, Nursing; Patricia Ann Webster, AS, Nursing; and Robert Dustin Webster, AA, General Studies.

Eden: Deborah Arberta Barkley, CT, Criminal Justice.

Marion Station: John Robert Hall, AAS, Criminal Justice; Stephanie Ellen Marie Snyder, CT, Nursing; Colbi Swift, AAS, Accounting; Charles Danny Tyler, CT, Criminal Justice; Justin Ryan Wilson, AAS, Criminal Justice; Phillip Brooks Wooster, AA, General Studies; and Mary Elizabeth Wray, AA, General Studies.

Princess Anne: Erin M. Bell, AS, Nursing; Troy Gale, AA, Business; Cameron Spencer Gardner, AAS, Criminal Justice; David Hearn Jr., AS, Nursing; Amber Insley, AS, Nursing; Victor Luke Kulynycz, AA, General Studies, AS, Science; Rachel C. Simpkins, AA, General Studies; Ayla Rose Turner, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jasmine Turner, AS, Science; and Jason Allen Wells, AA, General Studies, AAS, Computer Studies.

Westover: Taylor Figgs, AA, General Studies, AS, Science; Jonathan W. King, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Brittany Naomi Tacklin, AA, General Studies.


Dagsboro: Tina L. Walp, AAS, Office Technology.

Delmar: Yelitza M. Hernandez, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; and Dean W. Popovich, AA, General Studies.

Georgetown: Irina Hatfield, AS, Nursing.

Ocean View: Molly Weschler, CT, Criminal Justice.

Seaford: Nicolas C. Aungst, CT, Criminal Justice; Brandon Gregory English, AS, Science; and Jacob Russel Judd, CT, Criminal Justice.


Easton: Donald Lee Johnson Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; and Lynn Yvonne Payne, AS, Nursing.

Oxford: Ashley Lynette Hall, AA, Business.


Delmar: Assaf Alhmoud, CT, Business; Galya B. Alhmoud, AS, Nursing; Caroline Brannock, AA, General Studies; Josette Brooks, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Chelsea Renee Brown, AAT, Education; Tonya Lynn Dunning, AS, Nursing; Brooke M. Ellis, AAS, Accounting; Chartia Fountain, AA, General Studies; Angela Sherron Hemmeian, CT, Nursing; Devin Kinley, AA, General Studies; Timothy Knobloch, AA, Computer Studies; Janae Leonard, AA, General Studies; Kevin Charles Martens, AA, General Studies; Justin Thomas McCain, AAT, Education; Mallory Leigh McIntyre, AS, Nursing; Candida Merritt, AAS, Criminal Justice; Hannah Elizabeth Mills, CT, Criminal Justice; Sean Lee Moore, AA, General Studies; Catherine Mychelle Quimby, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dusten K. Salerno, AA, General Studies; Taylor M. Scott, AS, Nursing; Thomas Edward Seward III, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Rae Sigwalt, AS, Nursing; Donya M. Smith, CT, Nursing; Shayna Pauline Smith, AA, General Studies; Nancy Faye Talbott, AA, General Studies; Alana Taylor, AA, General Studies; Phillip Keith Vinson Jr., AA, Education; Kerry Elizabeth Ward, AA, General Studies; and Brandy Zissimos, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Eden: Tiara Nicole Arrington, CT, Education; and Janelle Thomas, AS, Nursing.

Fruitland: Vicky J. Barrow, AS, Nursing; Megan Victoria Chandler, AAS, Office Technology; Dylan Ferrand, AA, General Studies; Justin A. Fiore, AA, General Studies; Becky L. Harley, AS, Nursing; Courtnay Hill, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Joyell Loreen Lawson, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Rochelle Kathleen Turchan, AA, General Studies.

Hebron: Sara Bohnsack, AS, Nursing; Merle L. Bragg Jr., AA, General Studies; Erin E. Finley, CT, Office Technology; Alyssa Hazel, AA, General Studies; LaVaughn W. Price Sr., AAS, Accounting; Alexis Marie Witzke, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Gregory J. Young, CT, Computer Studies.

Mardela Springs: Darlene Hall, AAS, Office Technology.

Nanticoke: Tracey DiRusso, AAS, Office Technology; and Jessica Ann Purner, AS, Nursing.

Parsonsburg: Cory Brown, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Shayla Simone Goodman, AA, General Studies; Brittany Patricia Gosnell, AA, General Studies; Cory D. Haggins Sr., AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Mark D. Hess, AAS, Computer Studies; Patty J. Kurtz, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Michael Allen Parsons, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Reed Alexander Plaskon, CT, Criminal Justice; Mariam Salman, AA, General Studies; Justin Wade Shockley, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jeff S. Solembrino, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Kathleen Mair Sprague, AA, Business.

Pittsville: Rachel Danielle Berg, AA, General Studies; Brandon Bryan, AAS, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Elizabeth Dennis, AA, General Studies; Dustin M. Elliott, AA, General Studies; Wade E. Fletcher III, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Patti Fooks, AS, Nursing; Tyler Lee Jarmon, AAS, Computer Studies; Ansumana Terriel Morning, AS, Nursing; Joseph Ralph, AA, General Studies; and Cody Strouth, AA, Education, AA, General Studies.

Quantico: Honey Maloof, AS, Nursing.

Salisbury: Ebony Adams, AS, Nursing; Michael Altekruse, CT, Nursing; Kimberlynn Taylor Andrews, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Anna Austin, AS, Nursing; Felicia Lyn Austin, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Ashley Alexis O'Rourke Baer, AA, Education; Keri Bailey, AS, Nursing; Christopher Beach, AA, General Studies; Whitney Lauryn Benton, AS, Nursing; Shinelle Best, AAS, Education; Tiffany Bodis, CT, Nursing; Christin M. Bogley, AA, General Studies; Talane Bowne, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Brittney Brandstatter, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Tina M. Brennan, AAS, Business; Barry Quinton Brittingham Jr., AA, Business; Jewlett Carisa Brown, AS, Science; Carlos N. Bucio, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Ashley K. Cain, AS, Nursing; Juan Campos, AA, General Studies; Brittany A. Cannon, CT, Nursing; Porters Vincent Carter, AA, General Studies, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Marica V. Chrysostome, AA, General Studies; James Close, AAS, Computer Studies; Nicole Ivonnia Conquest, AA, General Studies; Shoyndace D. Corbin, AAS, Office Technology; Sierra Council, AAS, Criminal Justice; Alexinia Renee Covin, AAS, Criminal Justice; Doretha Ellen Davis, AAS, Office Technology; Nadine Denney, AA, Business; William Patrick Donnelly, CT, Computer Studies; Matthew Duncan, AAS, Electronics; Charline Marie Festo, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Lynetta R. Flagg, AAS, Electronics; Ashley Christene Foxwell, CT, Criminal Justice; Ashley Frakes, AA, General Studies; Rosalba Fuentes Sierra, CT, Criminal Justice; Garrett George, AA, General Studies; Matthew Gibbons, AAS, Business; Tamara Baker Gibbons, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Vernon Keith Gibson-McIntire, AAS, Accounting; Chelsea Ann Gividen, AA, General Studies; Shannon J. Glasgow, AA, General Studies; Joseph Hall, AA, General Studies; Jonathan Andrew Hamill, AAS, Computer Studies; Kelsy Haugh, AS, Nursing; Jason N. Hawkins, AA, General Studies; Ashley Nicole Hill, AA, General Studies; Jamie Ann Hillman, CT, Nursing; Jessica Lynn Howell, AA, Business; Kelsey Hyneman, AA, General Studies; Joseph E. Jenkins, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Donna Lea Johnson, CT, Criminal Justice; Janice Landes Jones, AAS, Office Technology; Johnedia L. Jones, AAS, Office Technology; Waynnett Prestonliea Jones, AA, General Studies; Melissa S. Joy, AA, General Studies; Heewon Jung, AA, General Studies; Jaeyoon Jung, AS, Nursing; Bradley Thomas Kelly, AA, General Studies; Roula Khalifeh, AAS, Education; Zachary S. King, AA, Business; Shawonda Latreece Lake, CT, Nursing; John D. Mackes Jr., AAS, Accounting; LaToya Janetta Maddox, AS, Nursing; Victoria Lynn Manseau, AA, General Studies; Cali Nicole Marsh, AS, Nursing; Avery Neamiah Marshall, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua David Marsiglia, CT, Criminal Justice; Tiana Rae Maynes, AA, General Studies; Roger N. McJilton III, AA, General Studies; Brittany Ann McKinley, AAS, Education; Mitchell R. McPhail, AAS, Electronics; Chelsea Lee Noel McWilliams, AAT, Education; Darryl Wade Mears, AAS, Criminal Justice; Elizabeth Medley, AA, General Studies; Carol L. Messick, AS, Nursing; Amber M. Miller, CT, Nursing; Joshua D. Miller, AA, General Studies; Brionna Mitchell, AA, Business; Emily Moran, AA, General Studies; Zachary R. Morcom, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Mary Mullins, AS, Nursing; Danielle Ortega Murphy, AAS, Computer Studies; K. Alan Musser, AA, Computer Studies; Scott Aaron Naumann, AA, General Studies; Rosemary K. Navti, AA, General Studies; Jason A. Overberger, AA, General Studies; Chang Park, AS, Nursing; Kate Parkinson, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Barbara Jean Patten, CT, Criminal Justice; Jacob Stephen Pavolik, AAS, Criminal Justice; Amber Leigh Peed, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Anntonette Michelle Pike, AA, General Studies; Joshua Plack, AA, Education; Deona Polk-Milbourne, AAS, Education; Jennie E. Powell, CT, Environmental Science; Kolby Nicholas Redden, AA, General Studies; Cory M. Roberts, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Aprille Jeanne Schuyler, AS, Nursing; Lauren Nicole Sewell, AAS, Education; Nancy P. Seymour, AAS, Accounting; Heather Shellenberger, CT, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Shrieves, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dustin Christopher Shultie, AA, General Studies; Joseph M. Singleton, AA, General Studies; Kahleo Smith, AA, Computer Studies; Patti L. Spiering, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jauntrena Stanley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lucas Taylor, AAS, Computer Studies; Bryant Lemuel Torney, AA, General Studies; Stacey Michelle Townsend, AA, General Studies; Clarence Wayne Trader, AS, Nursing; Alexander Travers V, AA, General Studies; Holli J. Trice, AS, Nursing; Ashley E. Van Pelt, AS, Nursing; Chatara Watson, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ellen Weber, AAS, Education; Rachel Lynn Weber, CT, Nursing; Chelsea Webster, AA, General Studies; Andrea N. Widdowson, AAT, Education; Kristin E. Williams, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Vonda Dawn Wilson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Sharptown: Jason A. Lankford, AA, General Studies; Stephanie Mae McMahon, AA, General Studies; Erin F. Shockley, AAS, Business; and Jeffrey Williams, AS, Nursing.

Tyaskin: Anna M. Basile, CT, Nursing.

Willards: Courtney Elaine Dennis, AS, Nursing; Charles Joseph Hudson IV, AA, Education; Megan Nicole Outten, AS, Nursing; Christopher A. Parr, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica Ashley Schultz, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sandra Simpson, CT, Education; and Jennifer Vojna, AS, Nursing.


Berlin: Darry Nebrowski Ames, Jr., AA, Business; Joshua D. August, AA, General Studies; Collins B. Brown, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Matthew Campbell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tatsiana Charvinskaya, AAS, Accounting; Carly Lynne Cox, AA, General Studies; Kevin Andrew Crosby, AA, General Studies; Samantha Deskins, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Melissa I. Dove, CT, Nursing; Drew Ayres Eckman, AA, General Studies; Tammie Faille, AAS, Business; Thanawat N. Fields, AA, General Studies; Brian Tyler Ford, AA, Business; Kirsten Arlene Hawkins, CT, Nursing; Tina M. D. Hedley, AS, Nursing; Solonia Regina Hobbs, AS, Nursing; Viktoryia Horn, AS, Science; Alexandra Komarova, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Jimmy T. Lawson, AAS, Accounting; Marissa Michelle Moesle, AS, Nursing; Alessandra Eiseman Morton, AS, Nursing; Stephanie Carlyn Raschka, AA, General Studies; Erin Risser, CT, Nursing; Jake C. Rites, CT, Criminal Justice; Stephen Matthew Sartain, AA, General Studies; Olivia M. Schorr, AA, General Studies; John Shook, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Sherri Lynette Smith, AA, General Studies; Nathaniel Charles Sullivan, CT, Criminal Justice; Jesse James Thompson, AA, General Studies; Michelle Lynn Trolian, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jessica Tyndall, AA, General Studies; Michael Scott Wagner, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and Claire N. Wheaton, CT, Nursing.

Bishopville: Christopher Ryan Boston, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Kathryn Suzanne Gosser, CT, Nursing; Amanda Griffith, AS, Nursing; Zachary Hanna, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Adam Savage, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Kristen Seyfert, AAS, Office Technology.

Newark: Kelly Marie Cowger, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and William D. Tyndall, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Ocean City: Gabriel Ionel Berecz, AAS, Criminal Justice; Brandi Bolt, AAT, Education; Richard Lee Davis III, AAS, Business; Jessica Ryan Duckworth, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Katie Elizabeth Florich, AS, Nursing; Abby Lauren Jarman, AA, General Studies; Jasmine Sade Johnson, CT, Office Technology; Liudmila Khokha, CT, Nursing; Jakob Knopp, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Gina Patrice LaBarck, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Marcos Lopez Jr., AA, Business; Charles Bradley Messick, AA, General Studies; Makaela Brook Mitchell, AA, General Studies; Brooks R. Morton, AAS, Business; Michael W. Newcomb, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica A. Schmucker, AS, Nursing; Maryia Y. Semianiuk, AS, Nursing; Iryna Z. Soares, AAS, Accounting; Alina-Georgiana Vartan, AAS, Electronics; William Lloyd Villiard, AA, General Studies; and Daniel Parker Wills, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Pocomoke City: Danyell Collins, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Karen A. Hasty-Taylor, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jordan M. Henderson, AAS, Manufacturing; Abigail Huerta, CT, Criminal Justice; Jewel Edijah McKelvin, AA, General Studies; Andrea Bianca Conrad Milito, AA, Education, AA, General Studies; Patty Virginia Richardson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alexandra Russell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Roberta Judd Thornton, AAS, Accounting; Shannon Nicole Troast, AAS, Office Technology; Aleksandra Ward, CT, Nursing; and Angelique Bishop Ward, AS, Nursing.

Snow Hill: Dustin Richard Bailey, AAS, Criminal Justice; Paul Thomas Bissman, CT, Criminal Justice; William Edward Bowen, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Katherine A. Clogg, CT, Business; Ashley Jean Harris, AA, General Studies; Meghan Nicole Lee, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Mary-Ellan Pruitt, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Andrew Michael Quillen, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Emily Eden Schofield, AA, General Studies; and Kenneth Lee Wharton III, AA, General Studies.

Whaleyville: Colby Bunting, CT, Emergency Medical Services.