Wor-Wic graduates listed
July 19, 2016

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring.


Assawoman: Taylor Nicole Darby, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Greenbackville: Candice M. Goettler, CT, Nursing.


Greensboro: Brent Beck, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Jason Drake, CT, Criminal Justice; Megan Lanae Newman, CT, Criminal Justice; and Teresa Marie Schuyler, AAS, Accounting.

Hurlock: Katie Fleetwood, AA, General Studies; and Hailey Nicole Smith, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Vienna: Jamie Tykea Turner, AA, General Studies.


Rock Hall: Scott William Lockerman, CT, Criminal Justice.


Chance: Adrianna Anderson, AS, Science.

Crisfield: Jordan David Corbin, AAS, Business; Quincy Scott Corbin, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Ann Crockett, CT, Nursing; Sarah Elizabeth Dize, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Lauren Justice, AS, Nursing; Samantha P. Loveland, AS, Nursing; Alyssa Blair Reese, AS, Science; and Maghen Walterman, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Deal Island: Charles D. Dvorak, Jr., AAS, Computer Studies; and Luke Webster, AS, Science.

Eden: Deborah Arberta Barkley, AA, General Studies; Christina Bowie, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Tyler Jamison Walker, AAS, Computer Studies.

Marion Station: Chandler W. Davis, AA, General Studies; Cassidy Marshall, AA, General Studies; and John Tremper, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: William Overholt, AA, General Studies.

Princess Anne: Charles R. Bozman, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Ashai Cottman, AA, General Studies; Audrey Elaine King, AA, General Studies; Katie Lynn Murray, CT, Nursing; Kaylee G. Nelson, CT, Nursing; Steven P. Norris, Jr., AAS, Accounting, AAS, Business; Brooke Jordan Smith, AAS, Office Technology; Janet M. Sproul, AAS, Office Technology; Callie Grace Taylor, AS, Nursing; Heather Webster, AAS, Accounting; Lemuel White, Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; and Kasey Leigh Widdowson, AS, Nursing.

Westover: Kenneth David Grace, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Aneetra Lyn Hankerson, CT, Criminal Justice; Jonathan W. King, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Kathleen Maloney, CT, Criminal Justice; Mariah Lynn Price, AA, General Studies; and Brandy Lee Toomey, AS, Nursing.


Dagsboro: Sharon Dyke, CT, Accounting.

Greenwood: Melissa M. James, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Ocean View: Molly Weschler, AAS, Criminal Justice, AS, Science.

Seaford: Joshua Lee Willey, CT, Criminal Justice.


Easton: Leighann N. Kelso, AS, Nursing; and Christopher D. Westerfield, CT, Criminal Justice.


Delmar: Assaf Alhmoud, AAS, Business; Amy Marie Bowden, AA, General Studies; Kristin Brewington, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jason M. Caputo, AAS, Criminal Justice; Brenda Lynn Fleming, CT, Nursing; Mylissa Ashley Gough, AAS, Business; Jacob B. Johnson, AA, Education; Carol K. Kahwa, AA, Business; Jonathan Oliver, AAS, Criminal Justice; Anders Randrup, AAS, Computer Studies; James M. Reich, AA, General Studies; Heather Christine Riggin, AAS, Accounting; and Dorothy I. Wilson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Eden: Jamie Lynn Raab, CT, Education; and Janaya Terra Tull, AS, Nursing.

Fruitland: Tasha Anderson, AS, Nursing; Anthony Dean Banks, Jr., AA, General Studies; Jorge Luis Brito, AA, General Studies; Lauren Nicole Deal, AS, Nursing; Eboni A. Deale, CT, Criminal Justice; David William Ferrand, AAS, Criminal Justice; Thomas Hetzler, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Kiarra Lashon Kelley, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Kristi Marie Kilchenstein, AS, Nursing; Joyell Loreen Lawson, CT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca J. Parsons, CT, Accounting; Lindsay Blaire Reed, AAS, Accounting; Amy Marie Stacey Rowan, CT, Nursing; Ian Thompson, AA, General Studies; and Katherine I. Wright, AA, General Studies.

Hebron: Morgan Creed, AA, General Studies; Lisa Dennis, CT, Office Technology; Tracey M. DiRusso, CT, Office Technology; Shania Shar 'Day Friend, AA, General Studies; Neecole Gregory, AA, General Studies; Sarah Elizabeth Jackson, AA, General Studies, AS, Nursing; Michele Kay Kerns, AS, Nursing; Steven William Schmidt, AA, General Studies; Tawanda Stanley, AAS, Accounting; Elizabeth A. Webster, AA, General Studies; and Alexis Marie Witzke, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Mardela Springs: Tina Marie Brumbley, AAS, Business; Carole Ann Byrd, AS, Nursing; Leslie Jones, CT, Nursing; and Kathleen Parker, AA, General Studies.

Nanticoke: Riley Taylor Scott, CT, Criminal Justice.

Parsonsburg: Matthew Dean, AA, Business; Jourdan Taylor Diskin, AAS, Computer Studies; Abigail Johnson Fries, AA, General Studies; Gregory Edward Fries, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Elvira L. Johnson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Michael Allen Parsons, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Justin Wade Shockley, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Robert James Smallwood, CT, Criminal Justice; and Donna L. Stallings, AA, General Studies.

Pittsville: Gary Wayne Bratten, CT, Criminal Justice; Nickolas Mark Campbell, AA, General Studies; Chastity M. Chronister, AA, Business; Jessica Rene Hearn, AS, Nursing; Shelby K. Laque, CT, Nursing; Tyler Matthew Owens, AAT, Education; Melanie Kirstin Rivers, CT, Nursing; Nathaniel A. Valdes, AAS, Business; Annelouise White, AS, Nursing; and David A. Zarate, AA, General Studies.

Quantico: Suzanne Amelia Cooper, AA, General Studies; and Fisher Jones, AA, General Studies.

Salisbury: Rob Adams, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Shaina Nicole Adkins, AA, General Studies; Zachary E. Badger, AAS, Criminal Justice; Blake Barrett, AA, Computer Studies; Ishekia Beckett, CT, Nursing; April J. Black, CT, Criminal Justice; Karly Nicole Bolon, AA, General Studies; Daniel Bowie, AA, Computer Studies; Talane Bowne, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Tiffany Monique Bratten, AAS, Office Technology; April L. Brown, AA, General Studies, AS, Nursing; Carley Michele Brown, AA, General Studies; Madeline Brumley, CT, Nursing; Staci Lynn Cahall, AS, Nursing; Jacelyn Elizabeth Case, AA, General Studies; Kang Suk Choi, AA, General Studies; Meaghan Conley, AA, Business; Linda J. Cook, AAS, Accounting, AAS, Business; Jeanette Lopez Covell, AA, Business; Shelby Cropper, AA, General Studies; Nicholas Reed Custer, AA, General Studies; Shawnna L. Custer, AA, Education; Tonja M. Damiano, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jessica Danielle Daniels, CT, Nursing; Crystal Suzette Davis, AS, Nursing; Jensen Davis, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Lucretia Deneen Davis, AA, General Studies; Diego A. Delano Hucke, AA, General Studies; Derrick Dean Dixon, AAS, Electronics; Lilia Dobos, AA, General Studies; Joseph V. Doyle, CT, Criminal Justice; Jodi-Marie Drehmer, AAS, Accounting; Jenna Leigh Duong, AS, Nursing; Jessica Allison Earnest, AS, Nursing; Cora L. Elliott, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tania L. Estrada, AS, Science; O'Shaye Farrare, AAS, Business; Malinda S. Finney, CT, Nursing; Morgan Elizabeth Flanagan, AA, General Studies; Roudeline Florestal, AA, General Studies; Lucy Bryce Guido, CT, Criminal Justice; Bridget E. Hagens, AAS, Business; Sharonda Renea Handy, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Erica Carmay Harrison, AA, Computer Studies; Taylor Marie Hastings, AA, General Studies; Erika Hearn, CT, Nursing; James M. Hicks, Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Farren N. Hilliard, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Patricia Ellen Hoffman, CT, Office Technology; Elaine Holland, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jennifer Michelle Horner, AAS, Accounting; Matthew S. Huntington, AAS, Criminal Justice; Gwendola Mechelle Hutley, AAS, Office Technology; Lindsey M. Jackson, AA, General Studies; Anna Jones, AA, General Studies; Michael G. Jones, AA, General Studies; Alexis Renee Kelly, AAS, Criminal Justice; Kali Krause, AAS, Computer Studies; Aubrey Lynn Landon, AS, Nursing; Sunny Dawn Lowe, CT, Nursing; Erika Lynn Lowicki, AAS, Education; Audrey R. Luck, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Stacie Mankad, AS, Nursing; John Joseph Mann, AA, General Studies; Erica Danielle Maples, AA, General Studies; Meghan Victoria Marsiglia, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Sara Kay McClure, AS, Nursing; Amber L. Meadows, AA, Education; Gregory K. Melvin, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Phillip Raymond Menzel, AA, General Studies; Joshua D. Miller, AAS, Office Technology; Robert Andrew Mitchell, AA, General Studies; Brian Keith Moore, AA, General Studies; KimToya Matiyia Moore, AAS, Education; Brittany Morgan, AA, General Studies; Daniel Mullinix, CT, Computer Studies; Angela M. Myers, AAS, Business; Coumba Niang, AS, Science; Ernest W. Nichols, Jr., CT, Emergency Medical Services; Nicole Payne, AA, General Studies; Margot Perez, AS, Nursing; Mya Perry, AA, General Studies; Amanda Lynn Posey, AS, Nursing; Robynn Leigh Powell, AA, General Studies; Jeffrey Proctor, AAT, Education; Nicole L. Purnell, AS, Nursing; Brent Reddick, AA, General Studies; Garrett DeMille Ross, CT, Criminal Justice; Seth Neal Scott, AA, General Studies; Joseph Seminara, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Amanda M. Shenton, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Harry Richard Sheppard, Jr., CT, Environmental Science; Carrie Michelle Shockley, AS, Nursing; Dale C. Shufelt, AA, General Studies; Charles E. Smith, AAS, Computer Studies; Lee A. Sprague, AAS, Computer Studies; Kim G. Stanley, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Michele J. Sterling, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Brittany E. Stevens, AA, General Studies; Sharon Stevenson, AAS, Education; Starlena Ann Stewart, CT, Criminal Justice; Billy Tatum, AS, Science; Brittney Monique Taylor, AA, General Studies, CT, Criminal Justice; Kaitlyn Marie Thompson, CT, Nursing; Samantha Titus, AA, General Studies; Katherine Turner, AA, General Studies; Rebekah Joyce Twilley, AS, Nursing; Oyinyechi Alex Ukaegbu, AA, General Studies; Jamie L. Ulmer, AA, General Studies; Danica B. Walker, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Tabitha Walker, AAT, Education; Tierra Mona Watson, AAS, Office Technology; Kristina L. Webb, AAS, Accounting, AAS, Business; Veronica Weeks, AA, General Studies; Brian Matthew Weglarz, CT, Criminal Justice; Molly Alyssa Welch, AA, General Studies; Nichola Lee Wood, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; John E. Yackanech, AAS, Electronics; and Gurney L. York, III, AAS, Business.

Sharptown: Katie L. Maldonado, AA, General Studies; Staci Victoria Owens, AA, General Studies; and Heather M. Patchett, AS, Nursing.

Willards: Heather Lynn Ashcraft, CT, Nursing; Elizabeth A. Clapp, AS, Science; Claudia Estefany Diaz, AS, Nursing; Tiffany Lynn Garcia, AA, General Studies; Michael William Jarman, AAS, Computer Studies; Danny McDorman, AA, Business, AA, General Studies; Jennifer M. Strobel, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Amy R. White, CT, Nursing; and Brian Edward Whitman, Sr., AAS, Criminal Justice.


Berlin: Joseph Bianca, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Manami Brophy, AS, Nursing; Mallory Ann Brown, AAS, Criminal Justice; Samantha L. Deskins, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Tanya D. Enders, CT, Criminal Justice; Malorie Fager, AA, Business; Ashlea Elizabeth Fisher, AS, Science; Allyson M. Grinnan, CT, Nursing; Jamie Lynn Howard, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Rebecca Ann Hyder, AA, Education; Anthony Johnson, AS, Science; Christopher T. Johnson, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Dawn Michelle Johnson, AA, General Studies; John M. Johnson, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jonathan James Kerin, AAS, Business; Jonah Medina, AA, Business; Megan A. Newcomer, CT, Nursing; Heather Nicolle, AA, General Studies; Shanell Gwenderlyn Niles, CT, Education; Kirsten Pokrywka, AS, Nursing; Devon William Raley, AAS, Electronics; Arlee S. Ryan, CT, Nursing; Bobbi Sue Sadler, CT, Nursing; Angela J. Stouffer, AS, Nursing; Jennifer E. Sullivan, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Ashley Marie Thurmond, AA, Business; Arielle L. Toulotte, CT, Nursing; Xanthe Alexia Vuolo, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Kylene Lorraine Weller, CT, Nursing; Brittany Wellman, AA, General Studies; Brooke Wellman, AA, General Studies; and Daniel Parker Wills, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Bishopville: Kathryn Suzanne Gosser, AS, Nursing; Jessica Iacona, AA, Business; Alexander Lee Lasley, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Jenna Marie McConnell, AS, Nursing.

Girdletree: Rebecca J. Aleshire, AS, Nursing; and Victor E. Frisina, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Newark: William Daniel Tyndall, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Ocean City: Tanner Adkins, AAS, Business; Brandy Jean Coleman, AS, Nursing; Mary Natasha Davis-Lockart, AS, Nursing; Lindsay Patrice Farrell, AS, Nursing; Justin Harrell, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Travis Glen Hearn, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Justin D. Hearne, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Kevin Herbert, CT, Criminal Justice; Jeni Marie Hewitt, AA, General Studies; Daria Martynova, AAS, Accounting; Natalie Francesca Myers, AAT, Education; Emily Nicole Staley, AA, Business; Angeleia Talley, CT, Criminal Justice; William B. Thane, AA, General Studies; Nicholas Yli-Piipari, AAS, Computer Studies; and Destinee Zimmerman, AAS, Education.

Pocomoke City: Nichole L. Adams, CT, Nursing; Jessica Bolling, AA, General Studies; Adeline L. Boyd, CT, Criminal Justice; Christelle Byll, AA, General Studies; Ryshaela Dionne Donaway, CT, Office Technology; Tyler J. Fairman, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Victoria L. Greenley, AS, Nursing; Angel Haynie, AAT, Education; Gabriel Lucas Holland, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Danielle Elizabeth Miller, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Danielle Kay Mills, AS, Nursing; Karen Lynn Olsen, AS, Nursing; Latoya L. Ray, AAS, Office Technology; Brianna Schoolfield, AAS, Education; Ashley Marie Tawes, AA, Business; Brittany Diane Tedder, AA, General Studies; Jaclyn A. Twigg, AS, Nursing; Cherie M. Waters, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Brittany E. White, AS, Nursing.

Showell: Andria Cody, AA, General Studies.

Snow Hill: Ashley Anne Calandra, AA, General Studies; Caitlin Cody, AAT, Education; Mariyland Loienl Counts, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Tennille M. Gear, CT, Nursing; Charles Albert Hunt, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua Moore, AA, General Studies, AAS, Criminal Justice; Aaron Nolan, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Trudy Rosemary Grace Porch, AA, General Studies; April Danyielle Powell, CT, Office Technology; Andrew Michael Quillen, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Collin Wayne Shockley, AAS, Criminal Justice; Lauren Nicole Shockley, AS, Nursing; Amanda L. Stevens, AS, Nursing; and Ian Twilley, AAS, Computer Studies.

Stockton: Shana Holland Farlow, AS, Nursing; and Christopher Shenton, AAS, Computer Studies.

Whaleyville: Ciara Merritt, AS, Nursing.