Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 02, 2003

The following students from Accomack, Allegany, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Northampton, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Sussex, Talbot, Wicomico and Worcester counties were among the 321 students who received certificates of proficiency (CT), directed technology certificates (DT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degrees from Wor-Wic Community College during commencement ceremonies held at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center recently.


CHINCOTEAGUE: Brian A. Shotwell, AAS, hotel-motel-restaurant management.

NEW CHURCH: Brian Anthony Trader, DT, law enforcement; and Robert D. Umphlett Jr., CT, computer studies.


CUMBERLAND: Eric Wayne Bonner, DT, law enforcement; James DeSales Burt, DT, law enforcement; Todd Daniel Pressman, DT, law enforcement; and Eric Clayton Rice, DT, law enforcement.

FROSTBURG: Justin George Cook, DT, law enforcement.

RAWLINGS: Jeffrey Bryson Fairley, DT, law enforcement.


MILLINGTON: Timothy M. Campbell, DT, law enforcement.


HUNTINGTON: Brian R. Duehrssen, DT, law enforcement.


DENTON: Stephen M. Creason, DT, law enforcement; Maxine D. Newbill, CT, nursing.

GOLDSBORO: Eric Matthew Kellner, DT, law enforcement.

GREENSBORO: Kevin Baker Secrist, DT, law enforcement.

RIDGELY: Richard L. Baker, DT, law enforcement.


NEW WINDSOR: Darrell Lee Kontz, AAS, emergency medical services.


ELKTON: Tuan Anthony Kreer, DT, law enforcement.


CAMBRIDGE: Kevin John Messick, DT, law enforcement; Christine E. Roe, DT, law enforcement; and Douglas Gary Walters, AS, nursing.

HURLOCK: Danny Lee Hagadorn Jr., DT, law enforcement; and David Langston Thomas III, DT, law enforcement.

LINKWOOD: Randy Alan Wilson Lewis, DT, law enforcement.


WORTON: William J. Dempsey IV, DT, law enforcement.


JAMESVILLE: Melissa O. Seymour, AAS, education.


CAPITAL HEIGHTS: Larry Douglas Blake, DT, law enforcement.


QUEENSTOWN: Sean Michael Hampton, DT, law enforcement.


CRISFIELD: Barbara Arndt, CT, nursing; Sheronda L. Brown, CT, office technology; Christina M. Evans, AAS, office technology, and CT, accounting; Marvin E. Greene, CT, nursing; Barbara Ann Gregory, AAS, criminal justice; Laurie Ann Haynie-Parks, CT, nursing; Donna Westbrook Kenney, AAS, radiologic technology; Tammy Lynn Milbourne, AAS, radiologic technology; and Marshalann D. M. Taylor, CT, nursing.

DEAL ISLAND: Emerson Davis Jr., AAS, chemical dependency counseling; and Kelly Webster, CT, nursing.

EDEN: James R. Douds, CT, construction engineering technology; Allison Meg Greene, AA, general studies; and Lisa Veronica Wright, AA, general studies.

EWELL: Beth Anne Tyler, AAS, radiologic technology.

MARION STATION: Marcia A. Johnson, AS, nursing.

POCOMOKE CITY: Kari Allyson Evans, CT, nursing.

PRINCESS ANNE: LaTasha Virginia Bailey, AAS, electronic engineering technology; Stacy M. Barnette, AA, general studies; Kimberlee Bermont, AA, general studies; Donna Kay Bolden, CT, nursing; Priscilla Ashley Bowden, AA, business; Brooks Enn Denston, AA, education; Vicky Mae Fisher, DT, law enforcement; Chanda Elise Harris, AAS, office technology; Alan Johnson Jr., AA, business; Therese M. Nelson, CT, nursing; Anita Parks, CT, nursing; Elizabeth Susan Rentschler, AS, nursing; Ashley Catherine Thomas, AA, education; and Crystal Larrimore Whitman, CT, nursing.

WESTOVER: Richard Dwayne Daum, DT, law enforcement; Kathy M. Grant, AAS, criminal justice, and CT, corrections; Brittany Lee Schrock, AA, education; Lee E. Stevens, DT, law enforcement; and Gabriel Joseph Stuckey, AA, computer studies.


SEAFORD: Devin Kay Trinkley, AS, nursing.


EASTON: James M. Cathcart, DT, law enforcement; Timothy William Dugan, DT, law enforcement; Christopher M. Manno, DT, law enforcement; and Milton Orellana, DT, law enforcement.

PRESTON: Michael Damien Hines, DT, law enforcement.

ROYAL OAK: Matthew D. Burkhardt, DT, law enforcement.


BIVALVE: Kimberly Disharoon, CT, nursing; and M. Rose Taylor, CT, office technology.

DELMAR: Kandy F. Abelson, AS, nursing; Bonnie Ann Banks, AAS, radiologic technology; Pamela Dawn Brimer, CT, nursing; Loudy Benjamin Horner IV, AAS, accounting; Brian Michael Kulig, DT, law enforcement; Karen M. Lee, CT, office technology; Larry Nolan McLain, AA, general studies; Sandra B. Perry, AAS, office technology, and CT, business; Ted T. Roggenkamp, AS, nursing; Rebecca Adkins Schilling, CT, office technology; Ginna Elizabeth Stamp, AA, general studies; Jessica N. Thompson, CT, nursing; Angela Purnell-Whaley, AAS, office technology; and Mia Weber, AA, general studies.

EDEN: Marcia R. Brewington, AAS, computer studies; and Michelle Lynn Sewell, AAS, radiologic technology.

FRUITLAND: Judith Elizabeth Bennett, CT, education; Candie L. Downing, CT, office technology; Jennifer Lynn Holland, CT, construction engineering technology; Peggy Sue Konopik, CT, nursing; Jason E. Metz, AA, general studies; and Matilda A. Tull, AA, general studies.

HEBRON: David McClary Alston, AA, general studies; Jennifer K. Blake, CT, nursing; Bethany Grove, CT, office technology; Elisia Roxanne Kratzer, AA, business; Kimberly Ann Niblett, AS, nursing; Lisa M. Polk, AAS, office technology; Christian Michael Riall, AA, general studies; and Daphne Michelle Rosen, CT, chemical dependency counseling.

MARDELA SPRINGS: Chrisia Belote, CT, business; Tammy Foote, AAS, radiologic technology; Cynthia Keidel, AAS, accounting; and Heather Lynn Schnoor, AS, nursing.

NANTICOKE: Justin B. Inscore, DT, law enforcement.

PARSONSBURG: Rita Marie Bennett, CT, nursing; Lisa May Bowden, AAS, business; Gary Wayne Bratten, DT, law enforcement; David R. Brimer, AAS, emergency medical services, and AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Gail L. Foltz, AAS, business; Nicole Leigh Griffin, AA, general studies; Johnnie Miller, AAS, electronic engineering technology; Stephanie L. Piercey, AS, nursing; and Susan Lynn Russen, AS, nursing.

PITTSVILLE: Erin Margaret Kesler, AA, business; Steven Wayne Parsons, AAS, computer studies; Jamie Lynn Powell, AAS, accounting, and CT, office technology; and Kelli I. Simkins, AA, general studies.

QUANTICO: Sandra Louise Wendlandt, AS, nursing; Deborah Elsey Williams, AAS, criminal justice; and Ann M. Wilson, CT, nursing.

SALISBURY: Brian J. Anderson, CT, nursing; Judith M. Andrews, AS, nursing; Michele Eastman Ardis, CT, nursing; Sumera S. Bajwa, CT, nursing; Jordan Tyler Banks, DT, law enforcement; Linda Ann Barbieri-Collins, AA, general studies; Tyler C. Barnes, AA, general studies; Michele Lynn Bittner, AA, general studies; Florinda Yvonne Briddell, AAS, office technology; Drew Broderick, AA, general studies; Je'Nelle Patrice Brown, CT, office technology; Montre' Y. Brown, CT, nursing; Andrea Rae Buchanan, AS, nursing; Sarah M. Burns, AA, general studies; Amy Nicole Burt, CT, nursing; Adrion Taryll Christopher, AA, general studies; Linda Faye Cody, AA, general studies; Billie Cassandra Cornish, CT, education; Sandra Delas Cornish, AA, general studies; Tarajean Simon Cornish, AA, general studies; Samantha J. Crise, AA, general studies; Lorenzo R. Cropper, AAS, emergency medical services; Angela Victoria Cyr, CT, nursing; Robin Leigh Dashiell, AS, nursing; Melissa A. Davis, AA, general studies; LaShawn Davis-Oge, AAS, criminal justice; Brent T. Deshields, AAS, criminal justice; April Marie Eichelberger, AA, education; Mallory Jayne Esham, AA, education; Eric R. Evans, CT, nursing; Michele Yvette Evans, AS, nursing; Linda Farrare, AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Teresa Marie Flores, CT, nursing; Dynetta Yvette Seldon Fontaine, AA, general studies; Jason D. Foret, AA, education; Efrem K. Foster, CT, criminal justice; Richard Allen Gooding, CT, hotel-motel-restaurant management; Julia Marie Gregory, CT, nursing; Erin Hammond, AA, general studies; Jason Kristopher Harrington, DT, law enforcement; Krystal Lynne Hart, AA, general studies; Todd Martin Hepner, DT, law enforcement; Sharon L. Hills, AAS, accounting; Victoria Ellen Hoeben, AAS, accounting; Donna M. Horner, CT, office technology; Clacie D. Hubbard, AAS, office technology; Jamie Hudson, AAS, business; Jennifer Marie Hughes, AAS, criminal justice; Susan Diane Hunt, AAS, office technology; Brian Hutton, AA, business; Aaron C. Jarmon, DT, law enforcement; Hannah M. Johnson-Frampton, AA, education; Deidre Anchell Jones, CT, nursing; Tomeka Lashelle Jones, AA, general studies; Wennett Desina Jones, AA, business; Rana F. Khalil, AS, nursing; Whitney King, CT, office technology; John Robert Kraft, AA, general studies; Anne Marie Marshall, AA, business; Megan Gene McCluskey, AA, general studies; Crystal Denise Meadows, AS, nursing; Kelli Lankford Michaud, AS, nursing; Kristi Miller, AA, business; Lauren Anne Miller, AA, general studies; Sean Allen Miller, AA, general studies; Joshua A. Mills, AA, general studies; Tammy Terelle Moses, CT, office technology; Jodi M. Murphy, CT, office technology; Brian Edward Nelson, AAS, hotel-motel-restaurant management; Leslie A. Nelson, CT, nursing; Catrice L. Parsons, AAS, accounting; David Andrew Parsons, DT, law enforcement; Joyce R. Parsons, AA, general studies; Kimberly Colette Parsons, AAS, business, and AAS, accounting; Leigh Ann Passon, CT, nursing; Carolyn Laura Payne, CT, nursing; Olha Pidhorodetska, CT, nursing; Randy Jay Polk, DT, law enforcement; Wanda Purnell-Tucker, CT, office technology; Shirley S. Reddish, AAS, emergency medical services; Benjamin Mark Reinert, DT, law enforcement; Rebecca Ann Ross, CT, nursing; Kathryn E. Rowe, AA, education; Debbie Lynn Scarborough, AS, nursing; Jason R. Self, AA, general studies; Aleetta Cherise Shockley, CT, criminal justice; Lorn Allen Shoffler, AA, education; Nicholas W. Simpson, DT, law enforcement; Durbin Lyn Smith, DT, law enforcement; Jakeisha Lynn Sutton, AAS, accounting; Roketta Louise Taylor, AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Tracey Linette Taylor, AS, nursing; Matthew Travis Thompson, DT, law enforcement; Heather April Towers, AAS, computer studies; Corbett Townsend, AA, general studies; Diana Lynn Townsend, AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Doreen Trader, CT, nursing; John Wesley Tull, AAS, emergency medical services; Eric R. Twilley, AA, general studies; Dorothy Ann Walton, AS, nursing; Brenda R. Ward, CT, office technology; Wanda Moye White, AAS, office technology, and AAS, business; Kenneth D. Wilson, DT, law enforcement; Kimberly L. Wilson, CT, nursing; Angela Beth Young, CT, nursing; and Heather Lynne Young, CT, nursing.

TYASKIN: Amanda J. Insley, CT, nursing; and Ramona Ann Taylor, CT, nursing.

WILLARDS: Wanda L. Bishop, CT, nursing; Theresa Mae Lewis, CT, nursing; and Terri Lynn Ake Vance, AS, nursing.


BERLIN: Rosemary E. Bartz, CT, nursing; Rebecca Ann Bratten, AAS, accounting; Stephanie Maria Carey, AS, nursing; Patricia Ann Chambers, AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Wendy Rachel Cialkowski, CT, nursing; Bonita Grace Conner, AS, nursing; Stacy Elizabeth Fisher, AS, nursing; Erin Jeanne Fortney, AS, nursing; Paul Julius Green IV, AA, general studies; Stacie Lynn Greene, AAS, radiologic technology; Alexander Bradford Hall, AA, general studies; Tracey R. Hall, CT, nursing; Stacey Beth Henry, AA, general studies; Tashica N. Hobbs, AA, general studies; Felecia Dawn Jarmon, AA, general studies; Carolyn Marie Keydash, AS, nursing; John H. Kressin Jr., AA, general studies; Amanda Nicole Lewis, AA, general studies; Nanette Martinenza, AS, nursing; Stacy McDaniel-Wesche, CT, nursing; James Daniel Minton, DT, law enforcement; Andrea J. Mumford, CT, nursing; Ramon Rafael Ortiz, DT, law enforcement; Christine Plant, DT, law enforcement; Bertha Carolyn Purnell, AA, general studies; Sherry Little Schuler, AS, nursing; Michele Marie Scott, AS, nursing; Stephanie Michelle Scott, AS, nursing; Shelby Shea-Pivec, AA, general studies; Sharon Lee Shelton, AA, general studies; Kristina W. Springle, CT, nursing; Bruce Stender, DT, law enforcement; Kari Shannon Ullrich, AAS, computer studies; Tammy M. White, AAS, office technology; and Rebecca L. Wolf, AAS, business.

BISHOPVILLE: Robin E. Forrest, AS, nursing; Kathleen M. Hartley, AAS, emergency medical services; and Julie Marie Vorsteg, CT, office technology.

GIRDLETREE: Krista M. Kurtz, AA, education; and Eli Alexander Lauer, AA, business.

OCEAN CITY: Suzanne Marie Stokesbury Barnes, AA, education; Kathryn Jean Eisenhardt, AAS, hotel-motel-restaurant management, and AAS, accounting; Joel Antal Gough, AAS, criminal justice; LeRoy Jacob Graefe III, AA, general studies; Amy L. Greer, CT, criminal justice; Heidi Rae Henrikson, AAS, chemical dependency counseling; Evan Hunt, AA, general studies; Jennifer Lynn Kondrchek, AA, general studies; Lorraine Kramer, AA, education; Jennifer Kulha, AA, general studies; Brittany Lord, AA, general studies; Christine J. Lutz, CT, nursing; Brian Antony Marlowe, AA, general studies; Alexander Miller, AA, general studies; Edward Monroe Newcomb III, DT, law enforcement; Shannon N. Richardson, AS, nursing; James J. Rodriguez, DT, law enforcement; Boni J. Rychener, AAS, computer studies; Jennifer M. Sedor, AAS, business; Heather Marie Shea, AAS, radiologic technology; Frank Simms Vann, AAS, business; and Kenneth Michael Willis, AAS, radiologic technology.

OCEAN PINES: Diane Michel Dear, CT, nursing; and Joseph McIntyre, AAS, hotel-motel-restaurant management.

POCOMOKE CITY: Harold Adkins, AA, general studies; Melanie K. Aydelotte, AAS, office technology; Denise Lynne Bolten, AA, business; Matthew Robert Corbin, DT, law enforcement; Travis D. Cowger, DT, law enforcement; Gwendolyn Crisafulli, AS, nursing; Natasha Marlene Dupuy, AA, general studies; Robyn Shockley Griffin, AAS, accounting; Patricia Ann Hadaway, AAS, education; Kotarica Shavontae Heath, AAS, radiologic technology; Antionne Hudson, CT, nursing; Kyle A. Krabill, AA, computer studies; Geoffrey Roger Mason, AA, business; Melanie Mason, AA, general studies; Suzanne Dryden Nelson, AAS, accounting; and Kathy A. Thompson, AA, general studies.

SNOW HILL: Tonya Lynn Barker, AS, nursing; Deborah Elaine Pickett, CT, nursing; and Kimberly N. Wall, AA, general studies.

STOCKTON: Catana G. Lambertson, AA, general studies.

WHALEYVILLE: Rebecca Anne Hudson, CT, office technology; and Julie Smith, AA, general studies.