Guerrieri Family Foundation pledges $100,000 to Wor-Wic campaign
July 23, 2004

$100,000 PLEDGE. Michael Guerrieri of the Guerrieri Family Foundation, center, presents a $100,000 pledge to the Wor-Wic Community College Three-Way Challenge Campaign. Accepting the pledge on behalf of Wor-Wic are Dr. Ray Hoy, left, president, and Marty Neat, right, president and CEO of the First Shore Federal Savings and Loan Association and chairman of the steering committee for the campaign. Guerrieri is a member of the campaign steering committee, serving as chairman of the fund-raising effort in Worcester County. The Wor-Wic Foundation is accepting one-time nursing, technology and child care gifts as well as pledges for payments that can be made over the next four years. For more information about the campaign, call the development office at (410) 334-2808.