Education Majors Teach Arts and Crafts to Children
December 18, 2006

Early childhood education (ECE) majors at Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury recently applied their preschool teaching skills on the children enrolled in the college’s on-campus child development center. The ECE majors helped the children practice their arts and crafts skills.

Megan Clark, left, of Hebron, helps Mohammed Brickhead, 5, of Nanticoke, tie a red licorice scarf on his marshmallow snowman.

Amoni Maddux, 2, left, of Crisfield, watches as Kelly Brittingham of Crisfield places the dab of icing that will help hold down her snowman’s Hershey kiss hat.

Manda Jones, left, of Mardela Springs, shows Tynan Tucker, 2, of Parsonsburg, how to take half of a starfruit and yellow paint to make a star shape.

Sarah Smith, left, of Dames Quarter, assists Haley West, 2, of Delmar, Md., as she gets ready to make her next design using green paint and a cut lime.

Devon Rizia, 3, left, and Jenna Crowson, both of Salisbury, use half of an apple to make a yellow artistic impression.