Student Service Day Honors Information Session for Home-Schooled Students
April 20, 2007

Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, Maryland held an information session for home-schooled students and their parents on Friday, April 20, 2007, to celebrate the National Collegiate Honors Council’s Student Service Day. Dr. Elinor Cubbage, Honors Program Director at Wor-Wic, opened with an invitation to silent prayer and dedicated this session to the victims, their families, and to all those touched by last week’s tragedy at Virginia Tech. She then presented an overview of the honors program through a Powerpoint presentation and distributed packets of information to each of the 19 attendees.

Five current honors program students, three of whom will graduate in May, 2007 with the honors program designation, spoke to the group about their varied experiences in the program. Four of the five students came to Wor-Wic with a home-schooling background. Two spoke about their involvement with the Maryland Collegiate Honors Council and conference presentations, one spoke about the relationship between his work in Phi Theta Kappa and honors classes, another told about the similarities between his home-schooling learning and honors program experiences, and a final student explained how she simultaneously completed her high school requirements as a home-schooler while attending Wor-Wic and taking honors classes.

The session concluded with refreshments and one-on-one discussion of the honors program and individual questions about how to prepare for beginning the Freshman year as an honors program participant. Interested students were also given a guided tour of the college campus at the close of the session.