“Summer Scholars” blasts off
August 01, 2007

“Summer Scholars” was offered for the first time this summer by the continuing education and workforce development division at Wor-Wic Community College. Almost 100 fifth through eighth grade gifted and talented students recently participated in crime scene investigation (CSI) and space science courses offered as part of this program.

From left, Rayyan Aziz of Salisbury, Clarence Polk, CSI instructor, and Darbi Catlin of Bivalve prepare test strips for a crime scene analysis during the CSI course.

From left, Brad Kraus and Nikolas Forbush of Crisfield, Taylor Pusey of Bishopville and Rachael Evans of Crisfield conduct a chemical test to identify over-the-counter medicines during the CSI course.

Kevin Waddell, left, and Daniel McIntyre, both of Salisbury, watch the results of a chemical reaction during the CSI course.

Morgan Chandler of Hebron puts the finishing touches on her galaxy creation during the space science course.

Zack Keiser, left, and Mike Durkin, both of Ocean City, make bottle rockets out of plastic bottles, cardboard and duct tape during the space science course.

Space instructor Chad Pavlekovich, right, guides Thomas Griffin of Salisbury through the launch of his bottle rocket during the space science course.

From left, Ryan Kraus of Crisfield and Scott Kayhan of Princess Anne watch as a chemical reaction causes Alka Seltzer to effervesce during a CSI course.

Thomas Griffin of East New Market is pictured with the rocket he created and launched during the space science course.

Caraline Shellabarger of Cambridge creates an artistic rendition of the various types of galaxies she learned about during the space science course.