Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
October 05, 2007

The following 337 students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College the past fall, spring and summer.


New Church: Mary Maloney, AA, Business.


Denton: Richard Alberto, CT, Criminal Justice; Clinton Blazejak, CT, Criminal Justice; and Jerry Stivers III, CT, Criminal Justice.

Preston: Kenneth Rush, CT, Criminal Justice.

Ridgely: Robert Boyles Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Andrew Davis, AAS, Computer Studies; and Joshua Merrick, CT, Criminal Justice.

East New Market: Matthew Lauck, CT, Criminal Justice.

Galestown: Heather Hanson, AA, General Studies.

Hurlock: Justin Newcomb, CT, Criminal Justice; and Marlon Parker, CT, Criminal Justice.


Ellicott City: Christopher Rudolf, CT, General Studies.


Chestertown: Tera Henry, CT, Criminal Justice.

Galena: Scott Duhamell, CT, Criminal Justice.

Smyrna, Del.: Harry Kettner III, CT, Criminal Justice.

Worton: Amanda Knox, CT, Criminal Justice.


Centreville: Stephen Fraser, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Adele Barkafski, AAS, Accounting; Stacy Davis, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Stephen Elliott, CT, General Studies; Kelly Marie Goldsborough, AAT, Education; Michelle Goldsborough, CT, Nursing; Jessica Labo, AAT, Education; Lisa Lawson, AS, Nursing; Sherry Leatherbury, AAS, Accounting; Angel Linton, AA, Business; Rikisha Patel, AAS, Accounting; Kimberly Sterling, CT, Nursing; Richard Taylor, CT, Criminal Justice; and Warren Willey, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Pocomoke City: Cynthia Cole, AAS, Computer Studies.

Princess Anne: Sherrie Allen, CT, Education; Andrew Beauchamp, CT, Computer Studies; Megan Curtis, AAT, Education; Bethany Dize, AS, Nursing; Jazzmin Engram, AAS, Criminal Justice; Rochelle Handy, AAS, Education; Zachary King, AAS, Electronics; Shirley Peters, CT, Office Technology; Katrina Walston, AA, General Studies; and Darci Wilson, AA, General Studies.

Westover: Kelly Hancock, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Ruth Sterling, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Brandy Toomey, AA, General Studies.


Frankford: Kevin McCahill, CT, Criminal Justice; and Tracy Sparpaglione, CT, Criminal Justice.

Lewes: JoDell Batson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Millville: Shawn McDowell, CT, Criminal Justice.

Seaford: Richard Cramer, CT, Criminal Justice.


Easton: Jeffrey Adams, CT, Criminal Justice; and James McDaniel, CT, Criminal Justice.

Trappe: Kevin Parks, CT, Criminal Justice.


Allen: Steven Fleming, AA, Education.

Bivalve: Jeffry Heath, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Delmar: Matthew Caffey, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Daniel Calhoun, CT, Criminal Justice; Emma Crismond, AA, General Studies; Steven Dickerson, CT, Criminal Justice; Melissa Hovatter, AS, Nursing; Shawn Johnson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Samantha Scaggs, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Rebecca Schilling, AAS, Office Technology; Jennifer Sullivan, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Julia Tull, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Samantha Whittington, AA, General Studies.

Fruitland: Gwyneth Ferrand, CT, General Studies; Jennifer Holland, AAS, Manufacturing; Lorena Lovely, AS, Nursing; Rosa Partlow, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Erica Pruitt, AAS, Accounting; and Karin Whittington, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Hebron: Kelley Adkins, AAT, Education; Nancy Brady, AAS, Computer Studies; Sarah Brown, AS, Nursing; Lois Burton, AAS, Business; Tiffanie Chandler, AA, Business; David Goldberg, CT, Criminal Justice; Zachary Graves, AA, General Studies; Daniel Holland, CT, Criminal Justice; Aubrey Landon, CT, Emergency Medical Services;
Ida Moore, AA, General Studies; Katherine Robbins, AAS, Education; Ada Rogers, CT, Education; Patricia Rothwell, CT, General Studies; Jessica Smith, CT, Nursing; Kathryn Steffy, AS, Nursing; and Dustin Thomas, AA, General Studies.

Mardela Springs: Tameka Brown, CT, Nursing; Mandy Fletcher, AS, Nursing; Brittany Nichols, AAS, Business; Kim Perdue, AS, Nursing; Jennifer Smithhart, CT, Criminal Justice; and Justin Smithhart, CT, Criminal Justice.

Parsonsburg: Janis DeMartin, AS, Nursing; Jennifer Downs, AAS, Radiologic Technology; David Dunbar Jr., AAS, Computer Studies; Stephanie Finein, CT, Nursing; Richard Hoppes, AAS, Business; David Larmore Jr., AA, General Studies; Natalie Moore, AS, Nursing; Barbara Smith, CT, Nursing; Cindy Weaver, AA, General Studies; and Jessica Weldon, AA, Business.

Pittsville: David Adams, CT, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Bratten, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Jennifer Brodie, AS, Nursing; Sheri Renee Carey, AAS, Accounting; Barbara Evans, AAS, Accounting, and AAS, Business; Danielle Smith, AAT, Education; and Rosemary Weiland, AA, General Studies.

Quantico: Carolyn Pobst, AA, General Studies; and Deborah Williams, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Salisbury: Cheryl Aaron, AS, Nursing; Deborah Anderson, AA, General Studies; Eric Baker, CT, Criminal Justice; Faith Bissonnette, AAS, Business; Jessica Brinson, AA, Education; Shelley Brinson, CT, Nursing; Angela Brown, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kristen Brumbley, AA, General Studies; Katherine Bryant, AAT, Education; Joseph Burt, CT, Criminal Justice; Thomas Burt, CT, Criminal Justice; Kimberley Carroll, AS, Nursing; Kristen Carson, CT, Nursing; Joel Chagadama, AAS, Accounting; Andrew Church, AA, Education; Shannon Clegg, AAT, Education; Trevira Collins, AAS, Office Technology; Valerie Cook, AS, Nursing; Corethia Copes, CT, Office Technology; John Dallam, CT, Criminal Justice; Kathryn Danner, CT, General Studies; Jolyn Davis, AAT, Education; Timothy Dickson, AAT, Education; Tracey Donalds, CT, Nursing; Nathan Dorman, AA, General Studies; Winfield Duffy Jr., AA, General Studies; Patrick Ennis, AAS, Accounting; Michael Farmer, CT, Criminal Justice; Sedigeh Farshidzadeh, AA, General Studies; Priscilla Fauth, AA, General Studies; Jessica Fields, CT, Office Technology; Tamara Fitchett, AS, Nursing; Jennifer Flanders, AA, General Studies; Hazel Folashade, AA, Business; Shirley Foreman, CT, Office Technology; Robert Foxwell, CT, Criminal Justice; Thomas Funk, CT, Criminal Justice; John Gaetano, AA, Electronics; Lucy Gaetano, AS, Nursing; Elva Gaile, AAS, Accounting; Christopher Gaudreault, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Tyra Geary, AS, Nursing; Lori Gibb, AA, Education; Tracy Gibb, CT, Nursing; Melinda Gibbs-Jones, CT, Office Technology; Greg Grieser, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Benjamin Hamilton, AA, General Studies; Jessica Hammond, CT, Nursing; April Hankerson, AA, General Studies; Ashley Hankerson, AA, General Studies; Sandra Hansen, AAS, Accounting; Melissa Harvey, AS, Nursing; Bethany Hastings, CT, Nursing; Ashley Hearn, AS, Nursing; Lindsay Heatwole, AAT, Education; Christine Hill, AS, Nursing; Debbie Hooks, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Angela Horblinski, AA, General Studies; Deanne Hurley, CT, Nursing; Trisha Ireland, CT, Nursing; Amy Jester, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Jester, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jerry Johnson, CT, General Studies; Kathryn Jones, AAS, Office Technology; Michele Jones, CT, General Studies; William Jones, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sarah Kacsuta, AS, Nursing; Michael Karsnitz, CT, Criminal Justice; Amanda Kille, CT, Nursing; Dora Kovacic, AA, General Studies; Michelle Lamb, AAS, Business; Marcin Lewandowski, AA, General Studies; Melinda Lewis, AAS, Accounting; Shawn Lindsey, CT, Criminal Justice; Lu Yao Liu, CT, Nursing; Darren Lombardo, AA, General Studies; Natalie Lowe, AAS, Education; Claire Malpass, AAT, Education; Tabatha Mansfield, AA, General Studies; Lisa Marini, CT, Nursing; Andrea Matsatsos, AAS, Office Technology; Joy Maulik, CT, Nursing; Sharon McBride, CT, General Studies; Stasha McLaurin, CT, Nursing; Nicholas McLeod, CT, Criminal Justice; Louise Miracle, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Keeta Mitchell, AAS, Business; Jessica Moran, CT, Nursing; Elijah Morris, AA, General Studies; Kienda Murry, AA, General Studies; Emily Nichols, AA, General Studies; Christina Nicholson, CT, Office Technology; Stacy Nicoll, CT, Nursing; Christopher O'Barsky, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Jonathan Oliver, CT, Criminal Justice; Geraldine Osceola, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sherita Owens, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tran Page, CT, Nursing; Justin Pantalone, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Patterson, AS, Nursing; Latisha Powell, CT, Nursing; Jamie Pruitt, AA, General Studies; Kimberly Pryor, AAS, Accounting; Melissa Rickey, AAS, Education; Marquez Robinson, AAS, Office Technology; Deanna Romblad, CT, Nursing; Rose Rose, AAS, Business; Jennifer Ross, CT, Criminal Justice; Michelle Rossignol, AA, General Studies; Casey Russell, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Rachel Safanov, AA, General Studies; Trina Savage, CT, Nursing; Amy Scott, AS, Nursing; Melissa Scott, AS, Nursing; Chad Shellenberger, AS, Nursing; Ashley Sigmon, AA, General Studies; Brooke Smith, AS, Nursing; Rexford Smith, AA, General Studies; Stephen Smith, CT, Criminal Justice; Annette Spence, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Joshua Steger, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Gwenneth Stevens, AA, General Studies; Brian Swafford, CT, Criminal Justice; Kristen Swift, AAT, Education; Timothy Taylor, AA, General Studies; Matthews Tecson, AS, Nursing; Alicia Turpin, AAS, Criminal Justice; Denise Tweedale, AA, General Studies; Erin Twilley, AA, General Studies; William Tyler, AA, General Studies; Joyce Walker, CT, Nursing; Lauren Walker, CT, Nursing; Carl Whaley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; John Wright, AA, Computer Studies; Lenora Young, AS, Nursing; and Wian Yuwerawati, CT, Office Technology.

Sharptown: Judith Bennett, AS, Nursing; Kelsey Burton, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and Everett Landon Sr., AA, General Studies.

Willards: Amy Jones, CT, Nursing; Crystal Jones, AAT, Education; Kristen Marquez, AAS, Business; Deidre McClung, AS, Nursing; Stacey Mitchell, CT, Nursing; Victoria Outten, CT, Nursing; and Alysson Smith, AA, Business.


Berlin: Christopher Barrett, AA, General Studies; Amanda Berkebile, CT, Nursing; John Bunting III, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua Bunting III, CT, Criminal Justice; Sierra Collier, AAT, Education; Jeannette Frost, AS, Nursing; Virginia Gray, AA, General Studies; Meghan Gorrera, AS, Nursing; Brandon Hook, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Meghan Hudson, AA, General Studies; Daniel Jacobs, CT, Criminal Justice; Wilbur Jesson III, CT, Criminal Justice; Heather Kelley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jason Knapp, AA, General Studies; Karen Lewis, AA and CT, General Studies; Holly Marston, AA, General Studies; Melanie Metzger, CT, Nursing; Anthony Minieri, AAS, Business; Meredith Murray, AA, General Studies; Beverly Murtagh, AS, Nursing; Pamela Paulson, AS, Nursing; Anna Pennington, AA, General Studies; Kenneth Prichard, AAS, Computer Studies; Matthew Puca, CT, General Studies; Varuva Purnell, CT, Accounting; Angela Rankin, AAT, Education; Sandra Rayne, AS, Nursing; Christine Ricks, CT, Nursing; Sara Sabia, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Latanya Shockley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lauren Sysko, AS, Nursing; Lisa Valko, AA, General Studies; Nathaniel Valle, AA, General Studies; D. Scott Wainwright Jr., AAS, Accounting; Kevin White, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Rachel Wisniewski, AA, General Studies; and William Woodward Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Bishopville: Brandon Davis, CT, Criminal Justice; Josh Green, CT, General Studies; and Megan Tull, AA, General Studies.

Girdletree: Carol Kurtz, AA, Business; and Tara Smith, CT, Nursing.

Newark: Diana Chavis, AA, General Studies; Jennifer Fooks, AAS, Accounting; Sandra Foreman, AA, General Studies; and Amy Hewett, AAS, Accounting.

Ocean City: Janet Housman, CT, Accounting; Stefanie Minemier, AA, Education; Dana Nash, AA, General Studies; Kristin O'Meara, AS, Nursing; Sarah Randrup, CT, Nursing; Kristina Sechrest, AS, Nursing; Melissa Shirley, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Dawn Shockley, AA, General Studies; Amanda Shoemaker, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; John Spicer, CT, Criminal Justice; Lauren Verbich, AAS, Accounting; and Kelly Waldner, AS, Nursing.

Pocomoke City: William Berryhill, AAS, Computer Studies; Elizabeth Bloom, AA, Business; Nancy Buyea, AAS, Accounting; Lauren Lubben, CT, Nursing; Muriel Marshall, AS, Nursing; Lauren Smith, AA, General Studies; and Kimberly Wilkins, CT, Nursing.

Snow Hill: Kenya Baine, AAS, Office Technology; Dawn Biddle, AAS, Accounting; Casey Bradford, AAT, Education; Dana Cody, AS, Nursing; Jonathan Fitzsimmons, AA, General Studies; Lisa Lawrence, AAS, Accounting; Edward Lynch III, AAS, Criminal Justice; LaFabian Marshall, AA, Business; Michael Streebig, CT, Criminal Justice; James Tingle, CT, Emergency Medical Services; and Tokysha Townsend, AAS, Office Technology.

Stockton: Kimberly Beauchamp, AA, General Studies.

Whaleyville: Todd Houck, AAS, Radiologic Technology.