Wor-Wic Graduates Listed
August 11, 2008

The following 228 students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS), or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring semesters.


Greenbackville: Courtney Webster, AAS, Education.


Federalsburg: F. Wayne Johnson, AAS, Electronics; and Matthew Minton, CT, Criminal Justice.

Henderson: Michael Buckius, CT, Criminal Justice.


Earleville: Howard Eveland, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Vicki Nutter, AS, Nursing.

Hurlock: Cheyenne Chase, CT, Criminal Justice; and Rosalind Milligan-Byrd, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Vienna: Harold Dukes, CT, Criminal Justice.


Ellicott City: Christopher Rudolf, AA, General Studies.


Chance: Stanley Horner, CT, Office Technology; and Mark Simshauser, AA, General Studies.

Crisfield: Tricia Corbin, AAS, Business; Walter Jones, CT, Criminal Justice; Patrice Maddox, AAS, Office Technology; Kimberly Sterling, AS, Nursing; and Kenneth Wise, AAS, Computer Studies.

Deal Island: Jennifer Malone, CT, Nursing; and April Pratte, CT, Office Technology.

Eden: Deborah Barkley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Keisha Gibbs, AAS, Computer Studies.

Ewell: Amber Swann, AA, General Studies.

Marion Station: Russell Johnson III, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Princess Anne: Andrew Beauchamp, AAS, Computer Studies; Niccole Carew, AA, General Studies; Mark Corbin Sr., CT, Criminal Justice; Jeffrey Dean, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Keisha Grant, AA, General Studies; Chenille Seymore, AAS, Education; Adrience Turner, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Carollena Williams, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.


Easton: Marlene McCue, CT, Criminal Justice.


Delmar: Juelene Akram, AAS, Criminal Justice; Jordan Banks, AAS, Criminal Justice; Joyce Beatty, CT, Office Technology; Tracy Gibb, AS, Nursing; Ellen Gibson, AA, General Studies; Allison Hickman, AA, General Studies; Randie Hovatter, AA, General Studies; Bradley Lingle, AA, General Studies; Nadine Moreno, AA, General Studies; Dara Parsons, AA, General Studies; Justin Rittenhouse, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Sara White, CT, Office Technology.

Eden: Edwin Pauley III, CT, Criminal Justice.

Fruitland: Gwyneth Ferrand, AA, General Studies; Nicholas Franklin, AA, General Studies; Danielle Harrington, AA, General Studies; Ebony Hayward, AAS, Computer Studies; Thomas Taylor, AA, Business; and Dorine Turner, CT, Construction Engineering Technology.

Hebron: Brenda Bailey, AAS, Education; Gary McGiffin, AA, General Studies; Julie Milliken, CT, General Studies; Clarke Smith, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica Smith, AS, Nursing; and Robert Stuber, AAS, Electronics.

Mardela Springs: Tameka Brown, AS, Nursing; Barbara Lemon, AAS, Business; Sarah Neff, AAS, Office Technology; and William Venables Jr., AA, General Studies.

Parsonsburg: Jacob Adams, AA, General Studies; Brenda Twining, AAS, Accounting; and Jerome Weldon Jr., AAS, Criminal Justice.

Pittsville: Jessica Bailey, AAT, Education; Cotina Butts, CT, Nursing; Kristina Ehrisman, AAS, Office Technology; Kristal Kinnamon, AA, General Studies; Kathryn Nicholson, AA, General Studies; and Matthew Owens, CT, Criminal Justice.

Salisbury: Daniel Abresch, AAS, Manufacturing; Christina Angstadt, AA, Business; Shaun Aubain, AA, Computer Studies and General Studies; Betty Bailey-Williams, CT, General Studies; Katelyn Blackburn, CT, Nursing; Jennifer Bowden, AA, General Studies; Catherine Briddell, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Shelley Brinson, AS, Nursing; Reni Butler, CT, Nursing; Linda Callaway-Johnson, AAS, Computer Studies; Kristen Carson, AS, Nursing; Lisa Carter, AAS, Education; Daniel Caton, AA, General Studies; Jessica Chase, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Eval Church, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sharon Corbin-Spencer, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lynsie Cornish, AA, General Studies; Fawn Cross, CT, Nursing; Kathryn Danner, AA, General Studies; Sonja Dashiell, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling and, AA, General Studies; Priscilla Davis, AAS, Computer Studies; Christopher Dero, AA, General Studies; Aushae Deshields, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Antonino DeVito, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Mallory Dolch, AA, General Studies; Leah Doyle, AA, General Studies; Tammie Duffy, CT, Accounting; Lara English, AA, Business; Crystal Fields, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jessica Fields, AAS, Office Technology; Gloria Firempong, AS, Nursing; Janae Fontaine, AA, Business; Heather Frostbutter, CT, General Studies; Tiffany Gattis, CT, Nursing; Joy Gibson-McIntire, AA, General Studies; Annamaria Gilligan, AA, General Studies; Kristin Gowie, CT, Nursing; Cheryl Graphman, AAS, Business; Rachel Halcott, AA, General Studies; Jessica Hammond, AS, Nursing; Michael Hannemann, AA, General Studies; Josephine Harris, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; David Hearne, AA, General Studies; John Herbert Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Tracey Hirsch, AA, Business; Frances Hitchcock, AS, Nursing; Cheryl Hoffman, AAS, Education; Brooke Hudson, AAS, Business; Deanne Hurley, AS, Nursing; Jill Hussey, AAS, Education; Keri Hutson, AA, General Studies; Janet Johnson, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Leona Jones, AAS, Education; Amanda Kille, AS, Nursing; Maima Kon-Bendu, AS, Nursing; Robert Korb Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Jamie Kuss, AA, General Studies; Teresa Lewis, AA, General Studies; Kathleen Likovich, AA, General Studies; Janet Linfante, AAS, Office Technology; Lu Yao Liu, AS, Nursing; Shaun Lloyd, AA, General Studies; Kimberly Majus, AAS, Office Technology; Starr Matsatsos, AS, Science; Joy Maulik, AS, Nursing; Heather McLamb, AAS, Accounting; Tobias Meier, AA, Education; Miriam Mellon, AA, General Studies; Eugenia L. Mills, CT, Nursing; Jessica Moran, AS, Nursing; Brent Murphy, AA, General Studies; Le'Kia Murray, AA, General Studies; Stacy Nicoll, AS, Nursing; Steven Obert, AAS, Electronics; Akhil Patel, AAS, Computer Studies; Princess Perry, AA, General Studies; Richard Pizzaia, CT, Criminal Justice; Tammy Powell, AAS, Office Technology; Meghan Preston, AA, General Studies; James Russell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ervin Sanchez Munoz, AA, General Studies; Jacob Schmitt, AAS, Business; Joshua Shores, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Katherine Smith, CT, Nursing; Adimu Sutton, CT, Nursing; Justin Tapia, AA, General Studies; Ashley Torrey, AAS, Business and Education; Trang Binh Truong, AA, Business; Natalie Uff, AS, Nursing; Courtney Vickers, CT, Nursing; Anita Walston, AAS, Criminal Justice; Larry Watts Jr., AAS, Business; Jeffrey White, AAS, Electronics; and Samantha Williams, CT, General Studies.

Willards: Deborah Bradshaw, AAS, Business; Victoria Outten, AS, Nursing; Lisa Smith, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Sandra Wallace, AA, General Studies.


Berlin: Michelle Adrion, AS, Nursing; Rachel Arnold, CT, Nursing; Heather Ashcraft, AAS, Office Technology; Caden Bertino, AA, General Studies; Michael Castrignano III, CT, General Studies; Kathleen Coffey, AAT, Education; Kerry Figgins, AAS, Business; Diane Frombach, AAT, Education; Jennifer Fuhrer, AA, General Studies; Ashley Gilbert, AA, General Studies; F. Edward Goetz III, AAS, Criminal Justice; Catherine Hanssens, AA, Business; Kimberly Leizure, AA, General Studies; Amanda Lewis, AAS, Office Technology; Caryn Liewald, AA, General Studies; Melanie Metzger, AS, Nursing; Jason Parker, AAS, Business; Kim Price, AAS, Accounting; Matthew Reely, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Victoria Reinhardt, AAS, Criminal Justice; Christine Reptsik, AAS, Business; Christine Ricks, AS, Nursing; Joseph Snee, AA, General Studies; Bonnie Stanley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Amanda Wainwright, AS, Nursing; Mary Walsh, AAS, Business; and Stacey Walton, AA, General Studies.

Girdletree: Jennifer Hatfield, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Tara Smith, AS, Nursing.

Newark: Gloria Magarelli, AS, Nursing.

Ocean City: Joseph Centofranchi, CT, Criminal Justice; Joseph Colantuoni, AA, General Studies; Jared Detty, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Amy Dochtermann, AA, General Studies; Bethany Epperson, AA, General Studies; Stacy Geller, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Katlin Guerra, CT, General Studies; Pamela Holloway, CT, Nursing; Michael Kelly, CT, Criminal Justice; Sarah Randrup, AS, Nursing; James Runkles, CT, Criminal Justice; Dawn Shockley, AAT, Education; Shannon Smith, CT, General Studies; Thomas Spencer, AA, Business; and Joseph Zurla, CT, Criminal Justice.

Pocomoke City: Darlene Crippen, AAS, Education; Christopher Duryea, AAS, Manufacturing; George King, CT, Computer Studies; Lauren Lubben, AS, Nursing; and Kimberly Wilkins, AS, Nursing.

Snow Hill: M. Colleen Brewington, AAS, Criminal Justice; Justin Ingersoll, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Lisa Lawrence, CT, General Studies; Dustin Mariner, AA, Computer Studies; Elizabeth Schmidt, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Ira Stevenson III, CT, Criminal Justice.

Stockton: Heather Clark, AAS, Business; Michael Rippetoe, AAS, Business; and Donald Shortt, CT, Criminal Justice.

Whaleyville: Sunny Chandler, AA, General Studies.