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Career Exploration

Effective career planning requires you to gather information about yourself and about job and career possibilities. Once you have identified your interests, values, abilities and skills, you will be ready to match this information with educational and occupational choices. The career development skills you acquire will be helpful in building and attaining future career success. You can revisit any and all of these steps at anytime to assist with any career transition you may be facing. It is important to remember that every experience you have provides you with opportunities to acquire new skills, improve on present skills and to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Whether the learning occurs in a classroom or in the real world, it is valid and important learning that takes place. It can be helpful to periodically update your lists of skills, values, interests and abilities as well as to maintain an up-to-date resume.

To complete a free career assessment online, visit: On your first visit, create a new account by clicking on the designated link. Choose your own user ID and password and enter dolphin as the access code. Select your current major as your status; if you have not enrolled yet, select community member for status. Select your own user ID and password. Complete the registration form and your are ready to login! Complete steps 1-3 on the main menu.

To schedule a private, confidential appointment to meet with a member of our professional staff, contact Career Services at 410-334-2903 or complete our appointment request form online.


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