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Hot Topics for Students in the Work Place

Providing Personal Information on the Internet

Students are advised to use caution with regards to any information you post on the internet, whether in blogs or Facebook or MySpace. Potential employers and college admissions officers can often view your information, including pictures. Therefore, please be aware that anything you post online, including your personal information actually becomes public information and can be used against you. Be cautious about what is posted and use privacy settings when using Facebook and Myspace. Think about what your blog or profile says about you to an employer or college.

Make Sure You Have a Professional Email Address

If you intend to list an email address on your resume, you should consider what a prospective employer might think should they see something that is unprofessional. Unacceptable email addresses vary from the somewhat humorous to the obnoxious. If there is any doubt that an email address is questionable, it is best to clean it up and use something more professional.

Employers Seek Leadership Abilities in College Grads

According to – career development and job-search advice for new college graduates by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers are seeking college graduates who possess the following leadership characteristics:

  1. Are purpose-driven. They know what they want to accomplish and where they want to be in five or ten years from now.
  2. Have a strong work ethic. They know how to balance their professional and personal lives, and are able to be focused on the priorities while at work.
  3. Are able to execute. Employers want people who take incredible initiative, execute and get results.
  4. Put service first. Employers need to see and sense in someone that it’s less about them and more about a holistic approach to work and life.

It Pays to Join a Professional Association

Want to do something great for your future job hunt and your career? Consider joining a professional association or a student chapter of a professional association. Some of the benefits of professional associations include:

  • Up-to-date news on developments in your chosen field.
  • Networking with the “movers and shakers” in your industry.
  • Information about upcoming conferences and professional development opportunities.
  • Access to member information.

Professional membership is an excellent addition to your resume. There are few better ways to show your serious commitment to the field.

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