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Child Development Center

The Curriculum

The educational curriculum is an important attribute of the Child Development Center. We understand the importance of developmentally appropriate educational experiences and their role in the success of children as they develop and grow. We believe the early years are the most important learning period in a child’s life because ninety percent of a child’s brain growth happens by age five. School Readiness is fundamental and we are committed to helping children enter school ready to learn.

Reading Time

The core state approved curriculum used for two year olds is Creative Curriculum and The InvestiGator Club Inquiry-Based Learning Systems is used for three to five years old. The curriculum combines theme-based learning with fun activities incorporating interactive exercises. We offer a variety of developmentally-appropriate educational activities that help to prepare child development.

The teachers and staff at the center will work hard to provide your child with stimulating, engaging, age-appropriate learning activities. The staff uses whole and small group instruction within learning centers in an effort to reach all learners. As your child moves from center to center, his or her preschool teacher will act as a guide who will listen to ideas, applaud progress, and motivate your child to envision and think in new ways. Teachers will also use this time to observe each child’s interest, how they develop and interact socially. Creativity in the classroom is supported and encouraged through the use of learning themes or units. While staff observes children, if a need for early intervention arises, a referral to an outside community partner will be given.

Child Care
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