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Child Development Center

Our Philosophy

Children develop at a different pace and possess a wide range of strengths and weaknesses. It is our belief that children learn best through hands-on, stimulating, engaging activities. We are committed to providing a fun, rewarding program with lessons that allow for the use of manipulatives, the exploration of the five senses, and the discovery of a students’ interest. Carefully constructed early education experiences promote exploration, critical thinking, cooperative play, and the development of mutual respect.

Child Care

The Wor-Wic Community College Child Development Center provides childcare of the highest quality, stressing a safe, secure environment; a nurturing, professional team of staff; and a the finest educational experiences. We are committed to providing a diverse program that balances each child’s intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional needs. We believe that early learning is relationship-based. Our fundamental goal is to establish trusting relationships among children, teachers, and parents and respect cultural differences. Therefore, we will strive to establish relationships with our students and to model appropriate behaviors and social skills.

A child’s day must include personal attention, gentle guidance and developmentally appropriate activities, including reading, math, science, art, music, computer, creative movement, and problem-solving challenges. Each member of our team, each aspect of our program, is dedicated to empowering a child to do their best within a diverse environment.

Our Mission

The mission of the Child Development Center is to provide quality child care in a caring, nurturing, and educationally creative inclusive environment within a secure and immaculate facility and to empower our team of employees to experience professional and personal growth. Our mission is to build upon a child’s natural curiosity to create a community of learners, by ensuring each child has appropriate social and emotional skills.

Our Goals

The goals of the Child Development Center are to:

  • Provide a caring, safe, nurturing environment;
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that engages children in activities to promote problem solving, higher order thinking skills and creativity;
  • Create an environment conducive for learning and exploration;
  • Reinforce positive behavior, self awareness and cooperative skills through the use of praise and positive reinforcement;
  • Allow students enrolled in an education program the chance to view and develop appropriate teaching pedagogy;
  • Provide a well-rounded daily schedule that addresses all domains of learning and meets the needs of all students enrolled;
  • Build a solid foundation between family, school and community;
  • Prepare children to enter school ready to learn;
  • Maintain a professional early childhood teaching staff; and
  • Be a model early childhood program for our local community.

Our Concept

Our program of lively learning is specifically designed for parents who desire significantly more than traditional child care or babysitting for their children. Our program is designed for children to grow and learn with others who share their abilities and respect their differences.

The center is located in the Jordan Center (JC) on the campus of Wor-Wic Community. The center is a laboratory training site with observational cameras in each classroom. Early Education and Nursing majors complete field experience, practicum and observations on-site. The center can accommodate up to 300 children per week.

Extensive security measures are undertaken at the center in an effort to maintain the safety and well-being of everyone. Doors are locked and entry must be granted for access. Campus Public Safety Team patrols campus to ensure safety. Parents are required to use the Biometric ID Pad which is a fingerprint reader for check-in prior to gaining access to their child. Your child will only be released to those individuals you list on the enrollment form. Lecture classrooms located within the Jordan Center do not have access to the center unless it is granted. All employees of the center have had criminal and child protective background checks as well as full medical screenings, and certified in CPR & First Aid.

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