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Child Development Center


Weekly tuition will be determined based on the days and times at which a child is enrolled. A child may be enrolled either full-time or part-time, depending on the times care is needed and the ‘block’ of time selected. Tuition rates are outlined in the table below.

Tuition Rates
Participant Status A.M., P.M. and Evening Block Charge Full-day Charge Weekly Charge Summer Program Ages 5 - 12 Charge
Current Students $15.00 per block $30.00 per day $135.00 per week $135.00 per week
Full-time WWCC Employees $17.00 per block $34.00 per day $145.00 per week $135.00 per week
Community Members Full-time only Full-time only $155.00 per week $145.00 per week

In addition to the above listed tuition rates, a semester Material Fee of $10.00 for part-time and $20.00 for full-time will be assessed for each child. The Material fee is due along with all required forms prior to the child’s start date at the Center.

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