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Federal Programs

Students who are interested in applying for federal financial aid are encouraged to apply by June 1 for the fall term and Nov. 1 for the spring term. Financial aid awards cannot be processed until all necessary documents are completed. Students who are receiving federal financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to remain eligible to receive these funds. More information about satisfactory academic progress is available in the financial aid office. Wor-Wic’s federal school code is 013842.

Pell Grants

Pell grants provide the primary source of federal financial aid for full- and part-time students. The amount of the award is based on the student’s financial need, the cost of the student’s education and the number of credit hours the student is taking. Financial need is determined by information provided on the FAFSA. These grants do not have to be repaid.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)

These grants are based on the student's financial need, the availability of these grant funds and the amount of other aid the student is receiving. Preference is given to full-time students who have maximum Pell grant eligibility. These grants do not have to be repaid.


Students who demonstrate a need for financial aid may be eligible for part-time jobs to help finance their education. Students can work 10 to 15 hours per week. The number of positions is limited, and students are eligible based on their degree of financial need. Find out more about the Work-Study Program.


The federal government offers a variety of low interest loans. Find out more about federal direct loans.

Repayment Obligation

When a student who is receiving a Pell grant, FSEOG and/or a federal direct loan withdraws from the college or stops attending classes, a portion of the financial aid that has been received may need to be returned to the federal government. If a student withdraws or stops attending classes prior to the 60 percent point of the term, the percentage of financial aid to be returned is based on the number of days the student actually attended. If a student withdraws or stops attending classes after completing at least 60 percent of the term, the student is eligible for 100 percent of the federal financial aid funds received.

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