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Office of the Dean of Student Development

Student Development

Dannie Morris
Part-time Instructor

Dennis Todd, Jr.
Part-Time Instructor

Wor-Wic Community College
Office of the Dean of Student Development (BH 110)
32000 Campus Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

Phone: 410-334-2893

Services Available for Credit Students

  • Student Advocate
    • The dean of student development helps resolve a variety of student issues and/or conflicts.
  • Student Sexual Harassment Contact Person
    • As stated in the College Catalog: An individual who alleges sexual harassment by a student should file a complaint with the chairperson of the student-faculty disciplinary committee or the dean of student development. If the allegation is substantiated after an investigation, the student is subject to disciplinary action, including possible permanent suspension. College policies and procedures regarding student conduct, including any appeals that may exist, govern the handling of sexual harassment complaints against students.
  • Access to Student Records
    • As stated in the College Catalog: Any currently-enrolled or former student, as well as anyone the student wishes to accompany him or her, may review his or her own student record in a private meeting with the dean of student development. However, students do not have access to confidential materials such as recommendations of high school principals or counselors. Also, unless authorized by their parents, students do not have access to confidential financial statements made by their parents to support financial aid requests.
  • Administrative Grievances
    • The College Catalog describes Administrative Grievances as follows: A student who believes that he or she has been treated unfairly with regard to a college policy or procedure should submit a written grievance to the dean of student development within 6 months from the date of the incident. The grievance should include the student’s name, the policy or procedure that is the basis for the student’s grievance, the names of any college employees the student has discussed the grievance with, and an explanation of what the student wants the dean of student development to do for the student.
    • After a written grievance is received, it is investigated by the dean of student development, and a decision about the outcome of the case is rendered in 10 business days. A student can appeal the decision to the vice president for academic and student affairs. The basis for the appeal must be submitted within five business days of the time the student is notified of the original decision. The decision of the vice president, upon notification of the parties involved, is final. All decisions regarding administrative grievances are filed as part of the permanent student record.
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