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Electronic Conferences

Any student currently enrolled in ENG 086 or ENG 096 may electronically submit a formal essay or paragraph from these courses to be reviewed by a lab instructor. The Reading/Writing Center will accept up to 3 submissions on each day of the week listed below. After 3 drafts have been submitted for a day, students will need to log in the next day to attempt a submission. Lab instructors will respond to submissions in the order in which they are received. Feedback through e-mail will be provided within 48 hours, so students should plan to submit a writing assignment well in advance of its due date.

Submissions will be accepted on the following days of the week:

  • Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday

The electronic conferences are designed to serve as one tool that students may use as they are revising their writing. The purpose of these conferences is not β€œto fix” everything in the draft but to provide feedback on 3 concerns that the student has identified. Lab instructors will respond to the assignment in paragraph form, not in a line-by-line commentary. Because the instructors will be commenting on only 3 concerns, the student must assume responsibility for revising the entire draft.

Authorization Required

In order to submit an essay, you must be a current student enrolled in ENG 086 or ENG 096. If you meet these requirements, please login to continue.

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