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Motorcycle Safety: Basic Rider Course (BRC)

This course is designed for the true novice rider who has little or no riding experience. It includes at home, formal classroom, and riding instruction on the basic riding skills and strategies necessary for an individual to begin to practice street riding. Covers responsible riding, proper riding gear, and defensive riding strategies. Practice clutch-throttle control, stopping, turning, shifting, and basic crash avoidance skills. Participants who do not achieve the minimum performance standards will not be allowed to continue in the course and will not receive a refund. Instructors are certified by both the Motor Vehicle Administration and Motorcycle Safety Program. Note: it is helpful if you are able to ride a bicycle.

What is new about this course is that about 6-hours of relatively fast-paced classroom instruction has been replaced by an online eCourse. The eCourse can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace prior to the start of the Basic Rider Course. There is no additional charge for the eCourse as it is included in the cost of registration. The eCourse will prepare you for your first riding experience and covers topics like basic operation, preparing to ride and some more advanced topics like risk and riding, and basic street strategies. Prior to your first riding session you must present a copy of your eCourse Completion Certificate to your Instructor/RiderCoach.

To pass the course you must complete the eCourse, participate in all the course sessions and pass a knowledge test and on-cycle test. Riders who pass will receive a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Card and Completion Certificate. Certificate holders are eligible to receive their Class “M” license added to their MD license at the MVA.

Out-of-state license holders receive only the MSF Completion Card, not the Maryland MVA Completion Certificate. There is no guarantee that an individual enrolling in this course will pass or get his or her license.

If registering online, contact us to receive an eCourse code.

Requirements for BRC

  • You must be eligible to apply for a Maryland license.
  • If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must sign a consent/release form.
  • You must have proper riding gear. Proper riding gear includes a DOT FMVSS 218 compliant helmet*, eye protection (prescription or non-prescription eyewear is acceptable), a sturdy jacket, or heavy long-sleeved shirt, long pants made of a sturdy material, full-fingered gloves and over-the-ankle shoes, or boots with low heels and non-slip soles. A participant’s gear must be in good condition with no obvious signs of wear, or damage. We have a limited supply of helmets, eye protection and gloves for use by our participants. The course Instructors will have the final say regarding the suitability of a participant’s personal riding gear. *Any style DOT (US Department of Transportation) compliant labeled helmet, that is in good condition, and fits the rider properly, may be worn during any MVA approved motorcycle safety course. The course instructor shall be responsible for inspecting the rider’s helmet for DOT compliance, condition, and fit. If a rider’s helmet is determined to be non-compliant, or in unserviceable condition, the training center shall provide a DOT compliant and serviceable helmet for use during the training course. The MVA recommends and encourages all riders to wear at a minimum an open-face, a.k.a. ¾ helmet.
  • You must be on time for class. If you are late you may not be admitted. It is your responsibility to be in class on time.

2017 BRC Schedule

Wor-Wic Community College
FOH 304
32000 Campus Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

Course No.Dates
ZMOT-003-0160 April 01—03, 2016
ZMOT-003-0161 April 08—10, 2016
ZMOT-003-0162 April 15—17, 2016
ZMOT-003-0163 April 22—24, 2016
ZMOT-003-0164 April 29—May 01, 2016
ZMOT-003-0165 May 06—08, 2016
ZMOT-003-0166 May 13—15, 2016
ZMOT-003-0167 May 20—22, 2016
ZMOT-003-0168 June 03—05, 2016
ZMOT-003-0169 June 10—12, 2016
ZMOT-003-0170 June 17—19, 2016
ZMOT-003-0171 June 24—26, 2016
ZMOT-003-0030 July 08—10, 2016
ZMOT-003-0031 July 22—24, 2016
ZMOT-003-0032 August 05—07, 2016
ZMOT-003-0033 August 19—21, 2016
ZMOT-003-0008 September 09—11, 2016
ZMOT-003-0009 September 23—25, 2016
ZMOT-003-0010 September 30—October 02, 2016
ZMOT-003-0011 October 07—09, 2016
ZMOT-003-0012 October 14—16, 2016
ZMOT-003-0013 October 21—23, 2016
Friday: 6:00–9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM–3:00 PM

(Schedule subject to change. Check back here for updates.)

Download the printable registration formAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF) icon.

The following rates apply to all courses from April - August. Please call 410-334-2815 for tuition rates for September and October. Tuition: $222, Fee: $84. Maryland counties other than Wicomico, Worcester or Somerset add $10 per course to the tuition. States other than Maryland add $15 per course to the tuition.

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