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Wor-Wic Emergency Notification System

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Wor-Wic Community College uses e2Campus, an integrated notification system. Sign up now to receive closing announcements and important security alerts via text message, email and/or phone.

You are encouraged to sign up for multiple notification methods. Sign up is quick and easy, and you can change your information or services, or terminate your account, at any time.

Information collected by e2Campus is not shared with or sold to third parties. Depending on your wireless service agreement, you could incur text messaging charges.

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e2Campus FAQs

What is e2Campus?

E2Campus is a mass notification system that sends out one-way messages to the college community. 

Who can subscribe to Wor-Wic's e2Campus alerts?

Anyone can sign-up to receive alerts.  

Does e2Campus alerts cost me anything?

No, the service is free.

How do I sign-up for e2Campus?

  • Go to
  • Complete the web application form
  • Click 'Create Account' button
  • Enter in your validation code and click the 'Validate' button to activate your account

Who can subscribe to Wor-Wic's e2Campus alerts?

Anyone can sign-up to receive alerts.    

When will I receive an e2Campus alert?

The college will issue e2Campus alerts when the need to transmit urgent information is needed.

Examples include: school closings, severe weather announments, and safety threats.

What if I forget my username and password?

Click on the appropriate link below and follow the instructions to retrieve your username and/or password.

Will I receive unsolicited messages (SPAM)?

No.  E2Campus enforces a zero spam policy.

How can I control how I receive notifications?

When you sign-up you are given the opportunity to choose which communication method you prefer to receive alerts, such as phone, text messages, or email.  Faculty and staff will automatically receive notifications through their college email.

Which cell phone carriers work with e2Campus?

How do I opt-out from receiving notifications?

Follow the instructions below to opt-out of receiving notifications.

  • Go to
  • Logon with your username and password
  • Click the Account tab
  • Click the Account Termination check-box
  • Click the 'Terminate Account Now'