Mission, Vision and Goals

Review our guiding principles and plans for strengthening the community through education and training.


Wor-Wic is a comprehensive community college that enhances local economic growth by addressing the educational, training and workforce development needs of the residents of Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties. The college serves a diverse student body through its high quality, affordable educational offerings and comprehensive support services designed to facilitate student goal completion. 


Wor-Wic will be a leader in enhancing the quality of life on the Lower Eastern Shore by developing a world-class workforce and providing excellence in education and training.


Accessibility is the availability of educational services for all members of the community regardless of geographic, physical or economic limitations.

Community is the result of collaboration and cooperation among employees, students and stakeholders to meet the needs of the service area.

Diversity is embracing all people, ideas and experiences by providing an inclusive and supportive environment.

Integrity is honest and ethical behavior that allows for mutual respect, responsibility and accountability among employees, students and the community.

Innovation is the adoption of new or creative ideas and technologies to enhance learning and institutional performance.

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that lead to intellectual and personal growth.

Excellence is the highest level of performance, professionalism and standards.


In support of its mission, vision and values, Wor-Wic has identified the following college goals:

  1. Provide service area residents with access to quality education and training at a reasonable cost.
  2. Offer courses and programs to prepare students for entry into the workforce, career advancement, licensure, certification, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and personal development.
  3. Promote economic development by providing innovative programs and services that address the needs of business, government, nonprofits and other community groups.
  4. Provide students with educational experiences and support services that help them achieve their goals through college completion and workforce preparation.
  5. Partner with local high schools and universities to facilitate seamless transitions through the levels of education.
  6. Attract and retain a diversity of students and employees.
  7. Acquire appropriate human, financial and technological resources to meet institutional needs.
  8. Ensure the highest quality of student learning, support services and institutional effectiveness through the assessment process.

Strategic Plan

Our 2016-2021 strategic plan provides information about our strategic planning process and lists our strategic priorities for the current five-year period, as well as some of our accomplishments from the prior five-year period (2011-2016).

Facilities Master Plan

Our facilities master plan establishes a framework for the physical growth of the college over the next 10 years — and beyond. Projected enrollment growth and space needs are used to determine the future direction for the orderly expansion of the college campus.

Learn More About Our Facilities Master Plan