Sep 30, 2022 News Release

Wor-Wic graduates listed

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past summer.
Atlantic: Rayovonte Genequon Malic Fitchett, CT, Criminal Justice.
Denton: Spenser Barnard, CT, Criminal Justice.
Federalsburg: Mackenzie Lynn Muir, CT, Nursing; and Ashlyn Marie Wolfe, CT, Nursing.
Preston: Cory Scott Schuch, CT, Criminal Justice.
Ridgely: Roberta L. Kaub, CT, Nursing.
Cambridge: Nataly Amaya, CT, Criminal Justice; Abdul Butt, CT, Criminal Justice; Megan Jean Hollis, CT, Nursing; Sharon Elaine King, CT, Nursing; and Craig Lewis, CT, Criminal Justice.
East New Market: Crystal Bradford, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Daniel L. Insley II, AA, General Studies.
Secretary: Sarah K. Smutny, CT, Nursing.
Chestertown: Daniel George Parent III, CT, Criminal Justice.
Crisfield: Miranda Arlei Atkins, CT, Nursing; Kristy B. Davis, AS, Nursing; Shawn Michael Hill, CT, Criminal Justice; Princess A. Hughes, AAS, Office Technology; and Anabelle Elizabeth Mrohs, CT, Nursing.
Pocomoke City: Dixie R. Merritt, AA, General Studies.
Princess Anne: Katrina Paul, AS, Nursing; Diamonique Taylor, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Nicole Marie Thornton, AA, General Studies; and Carley Alyssa Walston, AA, General Studies.
Bridgeville: Jaime Gordon, AS, Nursing.
Delmar: Monique S. Brewer, AS, Nursing; and Payge R. Hudson, CT, Nursing.
Frankford: Ionna Annette Minto, AS, Nursing.
Georgetown: Jacob Aaron Engelskirch, CT, Criminal Justice.
Greenwood: Shaunta Trovet Brothers, AS, Nursing.
Laurel: Triciainette Nasel Elzey, AS, Nursing; and Anna Otchere-Boateng, AS, Nursing.
Selbyville: Tanner Waide, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.
Easton: William Colin Barnett, CT, Criminal Justice; Uvette Jackson, AAS, Office Technology; and Sydney D. Terry, AS, Nursing.
Trappe: Jacquelyne Sierra Baker, AS, Nursing; and Tyquan Wesley Beckett, CT, Criminal Justice.
Delmar: Rajeeyah Curtis, AS, Nursing; Kaylee Elizabeth Dickson, CT, Nursing; Joshua Seth Jackson, AA, General Studies; Caitlin Schnepel, AAT, Education; and Galena M. Twilley, CT, Nursing.
Eden: Madison Jesatko, AA, Business.
Fruitland: Jennifer Courville, AAS, Education; Sydney Tiersa Maxfield, AAS, Business; Barry Lee Outten, AS, Nursing; and Trevor Wade Pusey, AA, General Studies.
Hebron: Amber K. Bennett, AS, Nursing; Tami Christopher Brown, AA, General Studies; Racheal L. Cox, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Demitria L. Howard, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Rebecca Stella Lappin, AS, Nursing; Shelby B. Melton, AS, Nursing; Kasey L. Morris, CT, Nursing; Kathleen Rose Nichols, AS, Nursing; and Toni L. Vetra, AS, Nursing.
Mardela Springs: Abrionna Jasmine White, AS, Nursing.
Parsonsburg: Zoey M. Diskin, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Loni Sue Mackinnon Parker, AS, Nursing; and Taylor Alexis Townsend, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant.
Pittsville: Melanie Elizabeth Davis, AA, General Studies; and Brittaney Lynn Donaway, AA, General Studies.
Quantico: Emily R. Cooper, AAS, Criminal Justice.
Salisbury: Steven Abreu, CT, Criminal Justice; Ashley Suggs Andel, AS, Nursing; Ian Javon Anderson, AA, General Studies; Ahmed S. Baba, AAS, Computer Studies; Aaron Barclay, CT, Criminal Justice; Melissa Barone, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Coleman Robert Bauer, CT, Criminal Justice; Savannah Rose Beauchamp, AA, General Studies; Johnley Beautelus, AAS, Computer Studies; Colton Becker, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Sara Berg, CT, Nursing; Lucas Thornes Bohtling, CT, Criminal Justice; Anne-Marie Boyer, CT, Nursing; Kelly M. Bozick, CT, Nursing; Jakob R. Bozman, AA, General Studies; Michaela Bratton, AA, Business; George W. Buchman IV, CT, Nursing; Heather N. Buckner, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Olivia Nicole Carichner, AA, General Studies; Anajean R. Carr, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Arlene Carter, AAS, Education; Amy Nicole Collins, CT, Nursing; Monica Marie Crisafulli, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Dylan Wesley Darby, CT, Nursing; Qwe'sharr Dashiell, AA, General Studies; Hunter Daugherty, AA, General Studies; Rosele June V. Disconte, AA, General Studies; Daniel V. Downes, CT, Nursing; Solvens Elveus, AS, Nursing; Brittany Ennis, CT, Nursing; Katherine M. Ervin, AS, Nursing; David W. Ferrand, CT, Criminal Justice; Shawn Auberon Finner, AA, General Studies; Hailey Nicole Ford, AS, Nursing; Mitchella Francilme, CT, Nursing; Evan Joseph Gaba, CT, Criminal Justice; Mason Brandt Greenhalgh, AAS, Criminal Justice; Carli Janae Hager, AS, Nursing; Sajheda Jamore Lee Handy, AA, General Studies; Alyssa M. Hearn, CT, Nursing; Rachael Kirby Hickman Posner, CT, Nursing; Jeremy Gabriel Hoeferkamp, AS, Nursing; Shanae L. Jefferson, AS, Nursing; Carly Rose Mann, CT, Nursing; Amy Jeanette Marvin, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Joseph Andrew Miller, AA, General Studies; Bryana Moore, AAS, Education; Kaila Muniz, CT, Criminal Justice; Nicole Norman, CT, Nursing; Kye E. Parsons, AS, Nursing; Joseph S. Pete, CT, Criminal Justice; Chloe E. Peterson, AA, General Studies; Sharnae' F. Price, CT, Nursing; Rodolfo Eduardo Rubio Guerra, AA, General Studies; Trina Theola Savage-Duffy, AS, Nursing; Shaday A. Schoofield, AS, Nursing; Whittney N. Sherwood, AS, Nursing; Shamara S. Smith, AS, Nursing; Cayla M. Spits, CT, Nursing; Alyssa Tobey Springer, CT, Nursing; James A. Staley, CT, Criminal Justice; Desirae D. Sylvain, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alexis Renee Tatum, AS, Nursing; Samantha Renee Thornton, AS, Nursing; Colby W. Timmons, AAS, Criminal Justice; Jessica Diana Vega-Cruz, AS, Nursing; Ainsley M. Wallace, AA, General Studies; Melissa A. Ward, AA, General Studies; Maegan Renae Webster, CT, Nursing; Paige Hannah Webster, CT, Nursing; Pamela Ann Whittington, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Mackenzie Elizabeth Worth, AAS, Education; and Dusty L. Zeisberg, CT, Nursing.
Willards: Amner Barrios, AAS, Business; Monica E. Dietz, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Patricia A. Phoebus, AAT, Education; Winter S. Truitt, AAS, Education; and Hannah Emily Vodak, AA, General Studies.
Berlin: Cole D. Bennett, AAS, Criminal Justice; Tierra N. Bratten, AAS, Criminal Justice; Austin C. Buchiane, AAS, Computer Studies; Amy L. Cannon, CT, Nursing; Gionna Marie DePasquale, AS, Nursing; Michael Ryan Glick, AS, Nursing; Ramona Gray, AAS, Education; Tashica N. Hilliard, CT, Nursing; Eunice Huesca, AAT, Education; Juliana Jaeger, CT, Nursing; Salina Kc, AAS, Education; Daniel G. King, AA, Business; Christine M. Komlos, AS, Nursing; Renata Lovitt, AS, Nursing; Austin A. Mora, CT, Criminal Justice; and Diana Nelson, AS, Nursing.
Bishopville: Pedro Brown, CT, Criminal Justice.
Eden: Victoria A. Shaw, CT, Nursing.
Ocean City: Megan M. Card, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Benjamin Cropper, CT, Criminal Justice; Jordan A. Ferguson, AA, General Studies; Trista Marie Fink, AA, General Studies; Miranda A. Luby, AS, Nursing; Sonia McFarland, CT, Nursing; David C. Megafu, CT, Criminal Justice; Sean T. Peterson, AA, General Studies; Brenda Bernice Smith, AS, Nursing; and Emily N. Staley, AAT, Education.
Pocomoke City: Tuan Ngoc Doan, AS, STEM; Zoe Elizabeth Nichols, AA, Business; Svetlana Sadakbaeva, AAS, Criminal Justice; and LaShae Q. Wise, AS, Nursing.
Snow Hill: Kiersten Gabrielle Lehmann, AAT, Education; and Delaney Lynne Taylor, AS, Nursing.
Stockton: Kathryn Suzanne Savage, AS, Nursing.
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