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SDV 100 Fundamentals of College Study

This course is designed to introduce students to the information and habits that facilitate academic success at the college level. The course presents modules focusing on the expectations and realities of college responsibility; active learning and critical thinking skills; increasing motivation and decreasing stress; analyzing the syllabus, instructor and course; establishing a learning style; organizing and balancing family, work and school; improving study and note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies; advisement, registration and the college catalog; safety, student services and other administrative resources; rules, regulations and civility; and lifelong learning. Students who do not pass this course must take it again the following fall or spring term. Hours: 15 lecture. Usually offered in the fall, spring and summer. (1.0 Credit)

SDV 101 Career Development

This course is designed primarily for related field experience students, but the skills taught are necessary for all students who are preparing to enter the work force. Through various exercises and the use of electronic and traditional media, students are taught how to develop career goals. They are also challenged to realize their potential in their chosen fields and how to use this knowledge in the job-hunting process. Students are required to write a resume, cover letter, a field experience learning contract and other related assignments. Hours: 15 lecture. Usually offered in the fall, spring and summer. (1.0 Credit)

SDV 102 Cultural Enrichment Experience

This course exposes students to local cultural events, such as music performances, visual arts, creative verbal performances, scholarly verbal performances and theater performances. Students explore local cultural events by attending, writing about, reading about and discussing such events. Hours: 15 lecture. Usually offered in the spring.  (1.0 Credit)

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