Career Programming and Resources

Your values and your interests can lead you toward selecting the career that's right for you.

Confused about what you want to be?  We have electronic tools and other resources that can inform you on what career matches you best. 

Our Career Dimension tool is a web-based career planning system to help you explore potential occupations.  Once you’ve explored the vast array of majors, narrowing it down gives you more focus to explore the real possibilities within each.

To complete a free career assessment online, visit:

Additional Career Exploration Resources

To schedule a confidential appointment for additional career counseling or interpretation of assessment results, contact Career Services at 410-334-2903 or complete our appointment request form online.

Career Services facilitates a variety of free career development workshops throughout the academic year.  Topics include Career Exploration and Assessment, Choosing a Major, Career Choices, How to Develop an Effective Resume, Interview Skills, Job Fair Prep and Networking, and Salary Negotiation.

SDV-101 Career Development (1 credit graded course)

This course is designed primarily for related field experience students, but the skills taught are necessary for all students who are preparing to enter the workforce. Through various exercises and the use of electronic and traditional media, students are taught how to develop career goals.  They are also challenged to realize their potential in their chosen fields and how to use this knowledge in the job hunting process.  Students are required to write a cover letter, resume, list of references, thank you letter, salary counter proposal letter, participate in a mock interview, and understand the necessary requirements for completing a field experience and graduation. This course is offered, both day and evening sections, in the fall and spring for B and E sessions, and during the day in Summer I.

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