Distance Learning User Security

Learn more about our distance learning user security procedures.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008) requires that institutions offering distance learning or correspondence courses or programs have processes in place to ensure a student who registers for a distance learning/correspondence course is the same student who participates in the course or receives course credit. Wor-Wic Community College complies with this requirement by:
  1. Assigning a secure log-in and password to each student in addition to requiring multi-factor authentication through DUO Security. Each student may then establish their own unique password following the guidelines found under the IT Security section of the Technology Resources page.

  2. Requiring a student registered in a distance learning course to complete examinations in-person on-campus at Wor-Wic’s Testing Center or off-campus at an official testing center. Students must present a photo ID to the testing center personnel, and the exam is also proctored by the testing center personnel.