Jun 19, 2019 News Release

Wor-Wic graduates

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring.


Greenbackville: David Costello, CT, Criminal Justice.


Denton: Curtis M. Knierim, CT, Criminal Justice.

Federalsburg: Austin W. Frazier, CT, Criminal Justice.

Greensboro: Emily Godfrey, CT, Criminal Justice.

Preston: Michael Coppage, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Cody J. Bland, CT, Criminal Justice; Samantha L. Davis, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and Bryant Daniel Ortiz, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Joseph Tanner Hancock, CT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Lynn Wagner Truitt, CT, Criminal Justice; and Jed Wooters, CT, Criminal Justice.

Secretary: Jessica Jimpkoski, AS, Nursing; and Janet Phillips, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.


Kennedyville: Matthew Charles Johnston, CT, Criminal Justice.


Queenstown: Benjamin Levi Williams, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Seth M. Crockett, AA, General Studies; Anthony Valentino Jackson Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Mary Kendra Annette Marsh, AAS, Education; Cynthia Sterling, CT, Criminal Justice; Adrianna Nicole Warfield, AA, General Studies; and Katelyn M.Wilson, CT, Nursing.

Deal Island: Brandon T. Crandall, CT, Criminal Justice; Doris Marie Dvorak, AAS, Computer Studies; and Ashley Lang, AAT, Education.

Eden: Lauren M. Hornsby, AA, General Studies.

Marion Station: Mallory Paige Dryden, AA, General Studies; Elizabeth Johns, AS, Nursing; Belgica I. Serrano, CT, Criminal Justice; and Brittany Nicole Thomas, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Pocomoke City: Kelly M. Bundick, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; and Savanna J. Hoffman, AAT, Education.

Princess Anne: Shawn T. Barnes, CT, Criminal Justice; Deshawn A. Carr, AA, General Studies; Shavera D. Collins, CT, Nursing; Savannah Cox, CT, Nursing; Elexus J. Hutt, AA, General Studies; Karen Danielle Layton, CT, Criminal Justice; Timothy Megee, CT, Criminal Justice; Sarah E. Mister, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alisa Shena Moore, AS, Nursing; Kelsey A. Thornton, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Haley A. Webster, AS, Biology.

Tylerton: Kelli N. Bradshaw, AS, Nursing.

Westover: Kate Ellen Beauchamp, AA, General Studies, CT, Business; Michaela Brooke Custis, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; and Caitlyn E. Vessey, AA, General Studies.


Bridgeville: Luis Norwood, CT, Criminal Justice.

Delmar: John A. Crook, AA, General Studies; AA, Business; and Zachary Johnson, AA, General Studies.

Frankford: Brandon Clark, CT, Criminal Justice.

Laurel: Daijah L. Richardson, AA, General Studies; and Bianca B. Stevenson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Millsboro: Dennis Malloy Dimaio, CT, Criminal Justice; and James Rodriguez, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Ocean View: Michael Schuster, CT, Criminal Justice; and Joseph A. Seidel, AAS, Computer Studies.


Saint Michaels: Thomas Loring Waite, CT, Criminal Justice.


Delmar: Michelle Brewington, AAS, Office Technology; Natasha L. Garrett, AAS, Criminal Justice; Vincent M. Goblinger, AAS, Criminal Justice; Shawn M. Johnson, AA, General Studies; Deneen B. Johnson-Trader, AS, Nursing; Brittany N. Marvel, CT, Nursing; Russell Rounds, AAS, Computer Studies; Patrick M. Steele, AA, Computer Studies; Elizabeth Anne Tinsmith-Guy, AAS, Business; and Autumn B. Whitaker, AAS, Business.

Eden: Alexis T. Bloxom, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jamie Lynn Raab, AAS, Education; Joshua F. Robinson, AA, General Studies; and Thomas Whitney, AA, General Studies.

Fruitland: Eboni A. Deale, AAS, Criminal Justice; Karen V. Gonzalez Romero, AAS, Criminal Justice; Gains Benjamin Hawkins III, AA, General Studies; Kyle A. Howard, AS, Nursing; Myesha Michele' Hunter, CT, Nursing; Brooke Parker, AA, General Studies; Rebecca Parsons, AAS, Accounting; Melanie Marie Paydon, AA, General Studies; Asya Michelle Pitts, AAS, Criminal Justice; Kristina Runnels, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alyssa V. Shaffer, AS, Nursing; Jessica M. Strange, AA, General Studies; and Jacob Tarr, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hebron: Morgan A. Creed, AS, Science; Kelsey Flynn, CT, Education; Emril Irene Getscher, AA, General Studies; Troy Jonathan Grove, AA, General Studies; Mary C. McPhail, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Travis C. Miller, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; Rachelle Presley Rauenzahn, AAS, Manufacturing, CT, Construction Engineering Technology; and Danielle N. Turner, CT, Nursing.

Mardela Springs: Patrice D. Goslee, AA, Business; Crystal M. Griffith, CT, Nursing; Ryan L. Shockley, CT, Criminal Justice; Savannah Ren'e Vincent, AA, General Studies; and James B. Zimmerman, AA, Business.

Nanticoke: Jasmine R. Goslee, AA, Business.

Parsonsburg: Shannon Radena Cooper, AS, Nursing; Taylor R. Dashiell, CT, Nursing; Shawn M. Rosengren, AS, Science; Brooke N. Thomas, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; and Alexis M. Truitt, AA, General Studies.

Pittsville: Loren Bradford, AA, General Studies; James Andrew DeWeerdt, CT, Criminal Justice; Mandi M. Fletcher, AA, General Studies; Jessica A. Hales, AA, Business; Lauren N. Moreno, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Hailey C. Ross, CT, Criminal Justice; Journey Smith, AA, General Studies; Ana Mae Valdes, AS, Nursing; Lily Wampler, AS, Nursing; and Miranda Renae Webster, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.

Quantico: Elizabeth A. Cottrell, AA, General Studies.

Salisbury: Caitlin Marie Aiken, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Aissata D. Ajavon, CT, Nursing; Amina Alaraki, AA, General Studies; Bryah A. Armstrong, AS, Nursing; Shylese Nicole Ayres, AA, General Studies; Beverly M. Beauchamp, AS, Nursing; Valerie Bethea, AA, General Studies; Jessica M. Billard, AAS, Education; Robert B. Bingham, CT, Criminal Justice; William Ryan Bozman, AAS, Computer Studies; Crystal Tynell Brinson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Connor Ryan Canonico, CT, Criminal Justice; Tyler J. Carey, CT, Criminal Justice; Dae Chu, AA, General Studies; Aspen Lee Coady, AA, General Studies; Eugenia R. Cody, AAS, Office Technology; Kristie M. Cooper, AS, Nursing; Tonto Corbin, AA, General Studies; Tykecia Cuffee, AAS, Education; Dylan Wesley Darby, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Hannah Dashiell, AS, Nursing; Harley Ruth Davidson, AA, Business; Jensen R. Davis, AA, General Studies, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; David D. DiGrazio, AA, Business; Joshua Asher Downes, AA, General Studies; Howard S. Drewer, AAS, Criminal Justice; Dustin R. Edelman, AA, General Studies, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Noelle R. Edelman, AAT, Education; Beth A. Ennis, AS, Nursing; Edward Evans, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Laura J. Evans, CT, Nursing; Victoria A. Fears, AA, General Studies; Caleb W. Foltz, AA, Business; Christopher Frankel, AA, General Studies; Desmond Gibbs, CT, Criminal Justice; Cassandra E. Gillette, AS, Nursing; Alexis Taylor Grant, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Sarah Elizabeth Grant, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Kelly Nicole Gunther, AS, Nursing; Mai Hall, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Chase W. Harmon, CT, Criminal Justice; Jennifer Hernandez-Juarez, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Hunter R. Hite, AA, General Studies; Bajendra J. Huber, AA, General Studies; Corlee R. Jackson, AA, General Studies; Krista D. Jones, AA, General Studies; Tiarra L. Jones-Bbosa, AS, Nursing; Emily C. Kahn, AA, General Studies; Jaxon J. Latture, AA, General Studies; Noah M. Lawson, AA, Computer Studies; Kiya D. Lofland, AAS, Criminal Justice; Jasmyn R. Logan, AA, Business; Christian Ntoto Lukiesa, AA, General Studies; Paige L. Manchin, AAS, Business; Tiffany M. Meadows, CT, Nursing; Sherman Unique Melvin, CT, Criminal Justice; Tamara D. Miller, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dawn Leatherbury Mills, CT, Criminal Justice; Edward C. Mitchell, AA, General Studies; Robert C. Mitchell IV, CT, Criminal Justice; Beka Modebadze, AA, Business; Romel A. Moreira, AA, General Studies; Michael W. Morris, AAS, Office Technology; James F. Mumford, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sarah Anastasia Nunez, AAS, Business; Sohahn Oh, AA, General Studies; Sila E. Park, AA, General Studies; Madison Parks, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Bradley Parrish, CT, Criminal Justice; William C. Paul, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Bethany L. Peterson, AAT, Education; Ina Q. M. Porter, AS, Nursing; Sammy L. Porter, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Julie Lynn Rhodes, AS, Nursing; Abigail M. Rickwood, AA, General Studies; Sarah V. Rigler, AA, General Studies; Jaime Rosevear, AA, General Studies; Latisha J. Schoolfield, AA, General Studies; Sherrie L. Shatney, CT, Nursing; Richard V. Shores III, AA, General Studies; Nichole L. Shrieves, AA, General Studies; Shimada Desiree Sims, AA, General Studies; Mackenzie L. Smith, AAS, Criminal Justice; Nicholas S. Smullen, AA, Business; Kimberly A. Somers, CT, Criminal Justice; Tamara Taylor, CT, Criminal Justice; John Kendall Tebera, AA, General Studies; Sarah E. Thomas, AA, General Studies; Ethan A. Thompson, AA, Business; Tsvetelina D. Tomanova, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Sarah J. Turkington, AA, General Studies; Cranston J. Tyler, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Shanequa L. Wallace, AAS, Computer Studies; Caroline B. White, AA, General Studies; Ashley A. Wise, AA, General Studies, AS, Nursing; Savannah M. Wood, AA, General Studies; and Amanda Workman, AAT, Education.

Sharptown: Lucas Herring, AA, Computer Studies.

Tyaskin: Brandon Walbert, CT, Criminal Justice.

Willards: Joseph R. Buglio, CT, Criminal Justice. Heather S. Dennis, AS, Nursing; Charles Hudson, AA, General Studies; Jacob R. Mullinix, AA, General Studies; Mark Sherman, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; and Tristan Clark Winterling, CT, Environmental Science.


Berlin: Laura Anderson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Brooks Behounek, AA, General Studies; Christopher Curtis Leonard Buhrt, CT, Criminal Justice; Rolando L. Butler, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alona Dubrovska, AS, Nursing; Alexis H. Dunlap, AA, General Studies; George P. Eppard-Annis, AA, General Studies; Luis Fermin-Cordero, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Allie Anne Hastings, AA, General Studies; Samantha C. Hill, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Caroline Elizabeth Ann Hoffman, AAS, Education; Windell Bremante Howell Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Mary Susan Jones, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Paul Robert Jordan III, CT, Criminal Justice; Valerie S. Kim, AA, General Studies; Sage M. LeMaster, AS, Nursing; Jacqueline Agnes McGuire, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Isabel Nava-Guzman, AA, General Studies; Kayla M. Parsons, AA, General Studies; Robert S. Robertson, AA, General Studies; Hailey M. Scott, AS, Nursing; Mikayla M. Shemansky, CT, Criminal Justice; Brianna Ebony Taylor, AA, General Studies; Pastina A. Tingle, CT, Business; Emily J. Trimble, AAT, Education; Daniel C. Tyndall, AA, General Studies; and Christy N. Wheeless, AA, General Studies.

Bishopville: Rachel Erickson, AS, Nursing.

Girdletree: Rachel M. Richardson, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Ocean City: Kurdt R. Achee, AA, General Studies; Gavin W. Aquino, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Thomas Fowler, AA, General Studies; Tiffany P. Hastings, AAT, Education; Ryan Thomas Jasinski, AA, General Studies; Jeremy J. Jordan, AA, Business; April M. McCrady, AS, Nursing; Lindsey Moore, AS, Nursing; Cameron Moratis, AA, Business; Rachel E. Peck, AA, General Studies; Robert W. Pippin Jr., AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Brandon C. Scheeler, AA, General Studies; Edward Taboada, AA, General Studies; Olivia Turk, AA, General Studies; and Kathryn N. Wolfe, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: Alexandra R. D'Agostino, AS, Nursing; Marissa M. Donaway, CT, Criminal Justice; Muriel L. Hines, AS, Nursing; Mitchell James Krystofiak, AA, General Studies; Naomi Lang, AA, General Studies, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Kristy Mason, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Deyonna Parker, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Lydia A. Parsons, AS, Nursing; Antony R. Perez, AA, Business; Evan S. Pinkney Sr., AA, General Studies; Courtney Hope Quillen, AAT, Education; Chad Andrew Savage, CT, Criminal Justice; George A. Schoepf, AAS, Criminal Justice; Candace E. Strand, AAS, Office Technology; Ciera Shawday Trader, CT, Criminal Justice; and Dustin M. Walker, AA, General Studies.

Snow Hill: Katie L. Cherrix, AA, General Studies; Kesi Jewel Gordon, AA, General Studies; Stephanie Jackson, CT, Criminal Justice; Sierra N. Lewis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Angel Smythers, CT, Nursing.

Stockton: Skylar A. Nock, AAT, Education.

Whaleyville: Jeremiah P. Failla, AA, Computer Studies; and Tyler E. Tull, AS, Nursing.

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