Aug 14, 2020 Feature Story

Nurse heeds call for help during pandemic

Kendra Goris
Kendra Goris.

NYC Group
NYC Group.

Kendra Goris of Berlin was working full time as a registered nurse in the Jose F. Alvarado and Associates pediatric office and part time at the Wicomico County Department of Corrections, both in Salisbury, when the pandemic hit the United States.

Goris felt the need to help so she went to New York City during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak there. She was stationed at the Roosevelt Island Medical Center, a temporary hospital for use during the crisis, and did whatever was needed for her patients, including acting as a physical therapist and respiratory therapist during her time there. Goris said she learned that even groups of complete strangers can come together and work as a team during a crisis and have the same goal of providing care in order to save the lives of patients.

“I now call some of those ‘strangers’ lifelong friends,” she said. “I also learned that I did indeed choose the right career for me. I loved every moment of being able to help and assist in any way that I could.”

Goris enrolled at Wor-Wic right out of high school, while also working full time as a CNA. She had heard of the great reputation of Wor-Wic’s nursing program and liked the convenience of taking classes while still being able to work.

After becoming a student, she said “I loved the atmosphere, and the support that was provided by all departments such as admissions, financial aid and the library – and especially the instructors. Our clinical rotations were excellent. Everyone wanted us to succeed and were always willing to help and guide us. I found them to be very helpful, as I learn better through hands-on activities.”

Goris said that another advantage of Wor-Wic’s program was that she was able to work as a licensed practical nurse after finishing her first year of nursing school and that she was able to apply that experience to her second year as well as in the workforce.

“Due to Wor-Wic’s excellent reputation, I felt ready to take on any job interview with confidence and pride knowing I could say I graduated from Wor-Wic,” she explained. “It has given me a starting point and opened up so many doors for me professionally as well as educationally. I cannot thank Wor-Wic enough for giving me the opportunity to succeed in life. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the constant support and encouragement of Wor-Wic’s instructors, staff and other students.”

Goris is currently working on her bachelor’s degree at Chamberlain University and would ultimately like to become a nurse practitioner.

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