Oct 19, 2020 News Release

Wor-Wic graduates listed

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate of proficiency (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall, spring and summer.


Hallwood: Dakota James Shultz, CT, Criminal Justice.


Denton: Xavier Smith, CT, Criminal Justice.

Federalsburg: Andrea Leigh Kendall, CT, Criminal Justice; and Maurice Paulina Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Greensboro: Jennifer Lynn Baynard, CT, Criminal Justice.

Preston: Derick Brummell, CT, Criminal Justice.


Cambridge: Patrick H. Barnes, CT, Criminal Justice; Roland Todd Budd, CT, Criminal Justice; LaJan Natasha Cephas-Saunders, CT, Criminal Justice; Jade N. Jackson, AA, General Studies; and Andrea Johnson, CT, Criminal Justice.

East New Market: Timothy Bolden, CT, Criminal Justice; Kayla Holliday, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; and Allen Devon Tyler, AA, General Studies.

Hurlock: Lasheka Dennis, CT, Criminal Justice; Brandon Thomas Lee, CT, Criminal Justice; and Bartholomew Presley, CT, Criminal Justice.

Rhodesdale: Stephanie L. Wolf, CT, Criminal Justice.

Taylors Island: Austin C. Willey, CT, Criminal Justice.

Vienna: Yvonne Rachael Jolley, AS, Nursing.


Chestertown: Sean Thomas Holden, CT, Criminal Justice; Branden L. Johnson, CT, Criminal Justice; and Dakoda Wagner, CT, Criminal Justice.


Church Hill: Eriel Wicks, CT, Criminal Justice.

Stevensville: Tyler C. Strawser, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Emily J. Adams, AA, General Studies; Jenna Nicole Bentley, AS, Nursing; Josie L. Crockett, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Blair L. Hancock, AAT, Education; Bridget L. Hancock, AAT, Education; Lauren S. Lambertson, AAS, Business; Gabrielle M. Matthews, AAT, Education; Jamie L. Milliner, CT, Criminal Justice; Michael Shawn Thomas, CT, Criminal Justice; Angela M. Whidbee, AA, Education; and Julia Annette Willey, CT, Office Technology.

Deal Island: Lisa Blythe, AS, Nursing; and Lauren Gossard, AA, General Studies.

Eden: Florence Renee' Hankerson, AA, General Studies; and Marc-Keys Moore, AA, Business.

Marion Station: Tina Marie Butler, CT, Criminal Justice; Jose-Enrique Cano Gonzalez, AA, Education; Qunette McKinney, AA, General Studies; Donavon McNeil, CT, Criminal Justice; Margarita J. Villafuerte, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Briana Tylynn Whittington, CT, Criminal Justice.

Pocomoke City: Laura S. Malendoski, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Princess Anne: Jyrell Ballard, CT, Criminal Justice; Deborah Brinkley-Bonds, CT, Criminal Justice; Cody Brock, CT, Criminal Justice; Victoria L. Collins, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Jymeeka Crawley, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Rosanna D. De Peña, AAT, Education; Toshiba N. Dickerson, CT, Criminal Justice; Megan E. Hearn, AS, Nursing; Jac'queline J. Hernandez, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Monica Rachel Jones, CT, Criminal Justice; Kearon D. Lehman Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Chelsea Elizabeth Mansfield, AS, Nursing; Roxanne McGlaughlin, AS, Nursing; De'Antre Minns, CT, Criminal Justice; Jenna C. Neff, AA, General Studies; Oliver O. Okinyih, AA, General Studies; Dalmus Richardson, AS, Nursing; Jessica L. Smiley, AS, Nursing; Michael Tartiv Swem Sr., CT, Criminal Justice; Emily N. Tamosaitis, AA, General Studies; Janaya Tenise Ward, CT, Criminal Justice; Joey Williams, AA, General Studies; and Stanley Zaczkiewicz, AA, General Studies.

Westover: Joy M. Blades, CT, Nursing; and Katelyn M. Guy, AS, Nursing.


Dagsboro: Victoria George, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; and Jonathon W. Ishmael, CT, Criminal Justice.

Delmar: Melissa Anne Alessandrini, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Linda M. English, CT, Criminal Justice; Devin Fairman, CT, Criminal Justice; Jason Hill, CT, Criminal Justice; Megan N. Hudson, AS, Nursing; and Ethan Messick, CT, Criminal Justice.

Georgetown: Jennifer Kendorski, CT, Criminal Justice; and Jeffrey Westphal, CT, Criminal Justice.

Laurel: Orlando Joseph Thiess, CT, Criminal Justice; and Alison J. Wootten, AA, General Studies.

Millsboro: Kathleen M. Hamlett, AA, Business.

Milton: Jenna Marie Kliemisch, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Seaford: Lindsie Beth Barrall, CT, Criminal Justice; Maurice Bull, CT, Criminal Justice; Bradley Dryden, CT, Criminal Justice; Brent L. Frisby, CT, Criminal Justice; Shyann S. Sikes, CT, Office Technology; Christopher D. Sipple, CT, Criminal Justice; and Charles W. Webb Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Selbyville: Nicole Freund, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and Kevin M. Leonard, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.


Easton: Walter Edward Baer, CT, Criminal Justice; Kalib Mathew Coursey, CT, Criminal Justice; Brandi D. Nichols, CT, Criminal Justice; Miguel Sanchez-Collins, CT, Criminal Justice; Brennon Shinski, CT, Criminal Justice; Amanda J. Tondin, CT, Criminal Justice; Pierre L. A. Tue, CT, Criminal Justice; and Xavier Edward Twine, CT, Criminal Justice.

Oxford: Andreas Bauer, CT, Criminal Justice.

Trappe: Nicholas Wright Everngam, CT, Criminal Justice.


Bivalve: Victoria A. Dunning, CT, Nursing.

Delmar: Colin J. Anderton, AA, General Studies; Autumn J. Bloodsworth, AA, General Studies; Hope K. Campbell, AS, Science; Brittany M. Dorsey, AAT, Education; Vincent M. Goblinger, CT, Criminal Justice; Kimberly Ashley Gochenour, AA, General Studies; Tehajha Jefferson, CT, Criminal Justice; Barbara Anne Lafferty, AAS, Computer Studies; Felicia A. Matthews, CT, Criminal Justice; Jonna Mae P. McIntyre, CT, Criminal Justice; Kasey L. Morris, AAS, Business; Jenna Munoz, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Gina Vieira, AA, General Studies;

Casey L. Williamson, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; and William H. Wilson, AS, Nursing.

Eden: Logan Kristofer Bynum, AAS, Criminal Justice; Phyllis Montrey Huston, AA, General Studies; Ian Thomas Nibblett, AA, General Studies; and Jamie Lynn Raab, AAT, Education.

Fruitland: Leneeta Andrews, CT, Nursing; Jenna L. Beetler, AAT, Education; Cory J. Davis, AA, Business; Ashley Goslee, CT, Office Technology; Travis Huff, AA, Business; Kristen N. Jones, AA, Computer Studies; Vivienne Suzanne Hall Mann, AA, General Studies; Joseph Paul McCarthy, AAS, Computer Studies; Guillermo Molina Matus, AAS, Computer Studies; Virginia M. Predeoux, AS, Nursing; Dylan Douglas Pusey, AA, General Studies; Carlett T. Scofield, CT, Nursing; and Alexis B. Seldon, AS, Nursing.

Hebron: Edward T. Bailey, AA, General Studies; Kacey C. Cowley, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Shannon L. Cropper, AA, General Studies; Carsen J. DePartee, AA, General Studies; Olevia C. Elzey, AS, Nursing; Peyton N. Fletcher, AA, General Studies; Kelsey E. Flynn, AAS, Education; Rachael M. Fritts, AA, General Studies; Clint M. Greenlee, CT, Criminal Justice; Ian Stephen Hall, AAS, Criminal Justice; Aaron M. Handy, CT, Criminal Justice; Taylor G. Harcum, AS, Nursing; Kimberly Brae Kjar, AA, General Studies; Stephen Lappin, AA, General Studies; Laura Lucia Lira Fuentes, AAS, Criminal Justice; Anna J. Malone, AA, General Studies; Kristi L. Noble, AA, General Studies; Abigail M. Phillips, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Colby M. Pruitt, AA, Business; Andrew Charles Smith, AA, Computer Studies; Megan Stafford, AA, General Studies; and Haley A. Winters, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Mardela Springs: Kathy L. Byrd, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.

Parsonsburg: Karly R. Creasy, AA, General Studies; Mark R. Murrell, AA, Education; Danielle Marie Powell, AS, Nursing; Gavin L. Stephens, AA, Business; and Brandon Kendall West, CT, Criminal Justice.

Pittsville: Ashlynn A. Brininger, AAS, Business; Benjamin P. Davis, AA, General Studies; Deion H. Johnson, AA, General Studies; Erika Gail Moore Lecates, AAT, Education; Jessica Nicole Lewis, CT, Criminal Justice; Katelyn R. Mills, AA, Education; Shanda C. Perry, CT, Criminal Justice; Madelyn Riekert, AAT, Education; Madison B. Smith, AAT, Education; and Nicholas Tyler, AA, General Studies.

Quantico: Alyssa M. Burris, AA, General Studies; Lauren Jessica Kirby, CT, Nursing; Stephanie A. Mason, AA, General Studies; and Stefanos Demetris Yiannouris, AA, General Studies.

Salisbury: Zachary T. Abbott, CT, Criminal Justice; Dannelle J. Abney, AA, General Studies; Jonathan S. Adams, AA, General Studies; Darian Hope Adkins, AS, Nursing; Aissata D. Ajavon, AS, Nursing; Mike J. Angelot, AA, General Studies; Maria A. Avila Cacique, AAT, Education; Ileata 'Zayna' Baassiri, AA, General Studies; Sara A. Barrett, AA, General Studies; Aaron Lamont Barton Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Torrie M. Bell, CT, Nursing; Elijah Michael Bethel, CT, Criminal Justice; Chelsea A. Bishop, AS, Nursing; Brooks Thomas Bowden, CT, Emergency Medical Services; G'nea R. Briddell, AA, General Studies; Jacob G. Brown, AAS, Criminal Justice; Joshua Brown, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Madgeline Otheria Brown, AA, General Studies; Michelle O. Brown, CT, Nursing; Renial Brown, CT, Criminal Justice; Kristin L. Burke, AAS, Education; Hadassa N. Charles, AA, General Studies; Leslie K. Chester, CT, Education; Ekricka Lee Spry Chester-Trader, AAS, Education; Jamaz S. Clark, CT, Criminal Justice; Shavera Collins, AS, Nursing; Jenthel A. Contreras Gonzal, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Catherine Cormier, CT, Criminal Justice; Tamia M. Coston, AA, General Studies; Justin Cox, CT, Criminal Justice; Andrew L. Crowley, AA, General Studies; Jenna Dailey, CT, Nursing; Neil Brandon Charles Daubach, CT, Criminal Justice; Tess Layton Daugherty, AS, Nursing; Kristen L. Davis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Victoria Latise Day, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Victoria P. DeRosa, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Devynn Brittany Detzer, CT, Nursing; Christopher E. Devoe, AAS, Criminal Justice; Todd A. Douglas, AA, General Studies; Ellen Ayers Drew, AAS, Business; Norman Edwards III, CT, Criminal Justice; Ariel Eleam, AA, General Studies; Michele A. Ennis, AA, General Studies; Laura C. Fisher, AS, Nursing; Serita Floyd, CT, Criminal Justice; Jasmine Fontus, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kierra Fooks, CT, Criminal Justice; Paris Noel Ford, CT, Nursing; Clarence L. Foreman Jr., AA, Business; Sherloune Gabriel, AA, General Studies; Jasmine R. Galbraith, AS, Nursing; Andrea M. Green, AAS, Education; Elizabeth Ashley Guerra-Diaz, AS, Nursing; Carly N. Hale, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Jordan Hamilton, AA, Business; Hunter Hancock, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Tiffany A. Hancock, AS, Nursing; Valencia Hawkins, AS, Nursing; Nakylah M. Hayes, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Michelle R. Hearne, CT, Criminal Justice; Tameca Getheral Heath, AA, General Studies; Ca-Cea A. Henry, AAS, Education; Shane J. Hernandez, AA, General Studies; Alison Hurley, AS, Nursing; Tatum L. Hurley, CT, Nursing; Debra R. Jasper, AA, General Studies, CT, Office Technology; Lauren M. Jeffery, AA, General Studies; Eric E. Johnson III, AA, General Studies; Rhashawn E. Johnson-Brown, CT, Computer Studies; Jamiel L. Jones, AA, General Studies; Millie Renee Jones, AA, General Studies, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Vincent Samuel Jones, CT, Criminal Justice; Tyler Kilgore, CT, Criminal Justice; Laura Kirchner, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Laura Mae Koller, CT, Criminal Justice; Beth Ann Koppenhaver, AA, General Studies; Cedric T. Lewis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alexis L. Littlepage, AS, Nursing; John W. Littleton, AA, General Studies, AAS, Computer Studies; Joshua Lockman, CT, Criminal Justice; Luis Fernando Malaga Mena, AAS, Computer Studies; Tyler C. Manchin, CT, Criminal Justice; Mi'yae R. McCaskill, AS, Nursing; Elizabeth R. McCotter, AS, Nursing; Ramona A. McFadden Ouattara, AS, Nursing; Emily C. McIntyre, AS, Nursing; Katelyn Marie McWilliams, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Sebastian A. Melendez, AS, Nursing; Thomas J. Messick, CT, Criminal Justice; Katherine D. Michalik, CT, Nursing; Robert Jordan Miller, AA, General Studies; Edward C. Mitchell, AS, Nursing; Brandon L. Mohan, AA, General Studies; Luke Montgomery, AA, Business; Marcedes Morris, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; David Z. Munir, CT, Criminal Justice; Rosemary Navti, CT, Criminal Justice; Katlyn Oakley, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Kiarra Ashleigh Otto, AA, General Studies; George Tyler Oursler, CT, Criminal Justice; Sila Park, AS, Nursing; Adam Alexander Parks, CT, Criminal Justice; Carla Yvette Patterson, CT, Criminal Justice; Trisha Nicole Polidore, AS, Nursing; Sammy L. Porter, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Raheel Ahmad Qureshi, CT, Criminal Justice; Yuliza Ramos-Taylor, AAS, Office Technology; Jesse Z. Rawlings, AA, General Studies; Mikayla R. Riha, AA, General Studies; Taylor A. Rockwell, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Juan A. Rolon, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Brooke Elizabeth Rosol, AA, General Studies; Jacob Thomas Savage, AA, General Studies; Dylan Lane Schevel, AA, Business; Carlett T. Scofield, AS, Nursing; Addy J. Seagraves, AA, General Studies; Christian Senyasu, CT, Criminal Justice; Hunter P. Shahan, AA, Business; Tykara C. Short, AA, General Studies; Le Janae Showell, AA, General Studies; Londan Imani Showell, AA, General Studies; Matthew Smart, AS, Nursing; Harvey L. Smith III, AAS, Computer Studies; Judea Amenda Van Smith, AS, Nursing; Lori J. Smith, CT, Nursing; Steven L. Smith, AA, Business; Joseph T. Sparrow IV, CT, Criminal Justice; Melanie I. Spruill-Johnson, AAS, Accounting; Tasha Eleanor Stanford, AAS, Education; Sierra Lee Ann Stevens, CT, Criminal Justice; Grant Elijah Sullivan, AA, General Studies; Dillon Swanger, CT, Criminal Justice; Sarah E. Thomas, AAT, Education; Jason Clay Thompson, CT, Nursing; Christy Ann Toadvine, AS, Nursing; Lindsay Toadvine, CT, Nursing; Joanna Dean Tu, CT, Nursing; Edward A. Turner, AS, Nursing; Jane Turner, AA, General Studies; Miranda C. Turner, CT, Criminal Justice; Christina Frances Tyler, AS, Nursing; James Vainqueur, AAS, Computer Studies; Jacqueline Walther, AA, General Studies; Virginia Walther, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Bridgette Warren, AAS, Business; Dylan J. Warwick, AA, General Studies; Andrew C. Welch, CT, Computer Studies; Dakota S. Wheatley, AA, General Studies; Whitney N. Whittington, AS, Nursing; Juleanna Christine Willis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Shaionna A. Wilson, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; James G. Wood, CT, Criminal Justice; Stacey L. Wood, AS, Nursing; and Brent P. Wright, AA, Business, AA, General Studies.

Sharptown: Leah J. Covey, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Willards: Jade E. Cooper, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Amanda J. Fodor, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Noah J. Friedkin, CT, Criminal Justice; Lori A. Hazel, AA, General Studies; Emily P. Lemaster, AA, General Studies; and Kristina Sachs, AS, Nursing.


Berlin: Mathew C. Boland, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Cameron T. Campbell, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Angela M. Chronister, CT, Nursing; Robert W. Cook, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Tyler Jonathan Cook, AA, General Studies; Ashley Nicole Davis, AA, General Studies; Daniel P. Dell'orso, AAS, Criminal Justice; Kevin B. Ellington, AA, General Studies; Jenna Pearce Enderle, AS, Nursing; Marissa Noel Fatzinger, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Chloe E. FauntLeRoy, AS, Nursing; Rebecca Figueroa, AA, General Studies; Sandra Alice García-Moreno, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Holly J. Getchell, CT, Nursing; Anna M. Gisriel, AA, General Studies; Nancy L. Holland, AS, Nursing; Kaitlyn Jones, AA, General Studies; Barbara Kaloroumakis, AAS, Business; Carrie L. Kilgore, CT, Nursing; Caroline M. Kurtz, AA, General Studies; Sarah J. McKenzie, AAS, Business; Joshua D. Miller, AA, General Studies; Alexis K. Million, AA, Business; James Clayton Monroe, AA, General Studies; Colin Hunter Morris, CT, Criminal Justice; Lisa M. Pachkoski, AA, General Studies; Jainita Patel, CT, Nursing; Kaelan Reilly Patterson, CT, Criminal Justice; Corey Matthew Pavinski, CT, Criminal Justice; Jordyn L. Sigetti, AS, Nursing; Tessa M. Snyder, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Amy Jo Stephan, CT, Criminal Justice; Matthew Swistak, CT, Criminal Justice; Michal M. Szczesny, AA, General Studies; Nathan R. Thompson, CT, Criminal Justice; Jarrett R. Tillman, AA, General Studies; Morgan Blair Tolan, AA, General Studies; Mirla Trapp, AS, Nursing; Alexandra N. Tushup, AS, Nursing; and John P. Znamirowski, CT, Criminal Justice.

Bishopville: Kaitlyn Elizabeth Anne Custer, AA, General Studies, AA, Computer Studies; Tara E. Flanagan, CT, Nursing; Hayley M. Jones, CT, Nursing; Nathan O. Langan, AS, Nursing; Claire Schirmer, AS, Nursing; and Joseph Sinclair Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Eden: Laurin Nicole Rabon, AA, Education.

Girdletree: Nathan Cook, CT, Criminal Justice; and Cortney E. Smith, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Newark: Charles W. Sardelis, AAT, Education.

Ocean City: Jekaterina Diehlmann, AS, Nursing; Liangliang DiFilippo, AA, Business; Samantha M. Driscoll, AS, Nursing; Kacey Fabian, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Logan Figgs, AA, General Studies; Alexis N. Gausepohl, AAS, Criminal Justice; Sara Hetherington, CT, Criminal Justice; Samuel E. Ingersoll, AA, General Studies; Paige A. Ketterman, AAT, Education; Paige Alexandra Kreppel, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Patrick J. McElfish, CT, Criminal Justice; Nick Pinzhoffer, AA, General Studies; Holly Elizabeth Roane, AA, General Studies; Diana A. Sabia, AA, General Studies; Amy N. Spilman, AS, Nursing; Amanda Leigh Strayer, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Miguel J. Vargas, AA, General Studies; and Dylan Webb, AA, General Studies.

Pocomoke City: Mikia R. Bailey, CT, Criminal Justice; Katie J. Bodley, AAT, Education; John M. Carson, CT, Criminal Justice; Gretchen W. Fritz, CT, Criminal Justice; Kerra Harris, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Olivia J. Holland, AS, Nursing; Zachary D. Hurley, AS, Nursing; Abby Grace Matthews, AA, General Studies; Ashley M. Miles, AA, General Studies; Kylie P. Mohler, AA, General Studies; Jason H. Morton, CT, Criminal Justice; Sarah Reyna Sterling, AA, Computer Studies; Taylor Tyler, AS, Nursing; Charles Walter Ward, AS, Nursing; Elisa Weaver, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kyle C. Webb, AA, General Studies; and Meredith L. Woodall, AA, General Studies.

Showell: Paige Hall, AA, Computer Studies.

Snow Hill: Taylor Armstrong, CT, Criminal Justice; Amber Marie Bailey, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Jesse Thomas Bozman, CT, Criminal Justice; Benjamin L. Coleman, AA, General Studies; Daniel S. Downes, AAS, Criminal Justice; Alexandra Outten Harrison, AS, Nursing; Tesman L. Morris, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; April Danyielle Powell, AAT, Education; Angela M. Puskar, CT, Nursing; Shelby Lynn Smith, AS, Nursing; Sarah Spencer Wood, AA, General Studies; and Kennedy Wooten, CT, Nursing.

Whaleyville: Geoffrey S. Failla Jr., AS, Nursing; Joshua Patrick O'Ferrall, CT, Criminal Justice; and Karen M. Shipley, AAS, Criminal Justice.

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