May 19, 2021 Feature Story

Promise Scholarship helps future nurse

Kimberly Fisher
Kimberly Fisher.

Kimberly Fisher of Westover said she already made the decision to attend Wor-Wic due to the reputation of its nursing program, flexible class schedules and affordable tuition, but the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship Program was an additional benefit in helping to manage the costs.

A dean’s list student, Fisher did not decide to pursue a nursing career until she was in her late 20s. “I never acted on it because I didn't know how I would pay for college or what options were available to me,” she explained. Then, she found out about the Promise Scholarship.

“Wor-Wic's financial aid department is very helpful in finding ways for students to pay for their schooling,” she said. “The Maryland Higher Education Commission website indicated that the Promise Scholarship is for students who are taking at least 12 credits per semester. At the time, I was taking nine credits. However, I reached out to Wor-Wic’s financial aid scholarship coordinator about other scholarships that might be available for students taking fewer credits. She found out that the Promise Scholarship can be used by students taking fewer credits if they also have a clinical rotation. She was able to walk me step-by-step through the appeal process to get this scholarship funding approved for me.

“The professors and instructors are my absolute favorite things about Wor-Wic,” Fisher said. “However, the low-cost tuition paired with a reputable nursing program is a close second. I have had great experiences in the nursing program. Many of the clinical instructors are Wor-Wic graduates themselves, so they are tremendously insightful. They are very hands-on and one-on-one during clinicals that helps connect the text to real-life patients.”

Fisher said another reason she chose Wor-Wic is that “obtaining an associate degree in nursing (ADN) and then transitioning to a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) costs less and is faster compared to the traditional BSN route,” she explained. “When I graduate with my ADN at Wor-

Wic, I will start at Wilmington University for my BSN. Since I decided to start my nursing studies at Wor-Wic instead of the traditional BSN route, it allowed me to work as a CNA during my studies. I have now obtained my LPN license and am able to work in the field as an LPN while I finish my ADN. Then I can work in the field as an RN while I finish my BSN.”

When asked what is next after obtaining her BSN, she said that “the nursing field has many different career routes you can take and with COVID-19 limiting our clinical experiences, I have not decided what my ultimate career goal is yet. However, I really like the cardiology and endocrinology specialties."

Anyone interested in the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship should visit for information on eligibility and the requirements of the scholarship.

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