Jul 30, 2021 News Release

Wor-Wic graduates listed

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring.


Chincoteague: Angela Maria Green, AA, General Studies.

Greenbackville: Thanupetch N. Fields, AA, General Studies.

Mappsville: Jaya White-Dickerson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Melfa: Kayla Alexis Thornes, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

New Church: LaShona Turner, CT, Criminal Justice.

Temperanceville: Tyrann Harris, CT, Criminal Justice; and Brandon Tyler McPherson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Wallops Island: William Allen Birch, CT, Criminal Justice.


Denton: Kristen Crutchley, CT, Criminal Justice; and Kelsea Anna Dodd, CT, Criminal Justice.

Federalsburg: Joshua Cephas, CT, Criminal Justice; and Matthew Willis, CT, Criminal Justice.

Preston: Gabrielle A. Hedrick, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Alexa J. Jester, CT, Nursing.


Cambridge: Elizabeth Anne Aaron, CT, Criminal Justice; Tamyra Edmonds, CT, Criminal Justice; Greg Elzey, CT, Criminal Justice; Daniel Erdell, CT, Criminal Justice; Mikayla M. Jackson, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; La'Teasha S. Macer, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Michael Pritchard, CT, Criminal Justice; and Paul Charles Rineholt, CT, Criminal Justice.

East New Market: Nohemi Verduzco Cervantes, CT, Criminal Justice.

Hurlock: Cody A. Kemp, CT, Criminal Justice; and Jazmyne Ti'amber Sampson, CT, Criminal Justice.

Secretary: Ambrosia Rene Dashiell, CT, Criminal Justice.

Vienna: Elizabeth Joyce Biskach, CT, Nursing.


Chestertown: Miles Michael Edge Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.


Grasonville: Jason Andrew Risley, CT, Criminal Justice.


Crisfield: Dalton Gillis Adams, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Emily Ann Atkins, AA, General Studies; Hailie Brumley, CT, Criminal Justice; Andreas Dorman, CT, Criminal Justice; Richard E. Evans, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua Dillon Hinman, CT, Criminal Justice; Princess A. Hughes, CT, Office Technology; Megan R. Rayfield, AA, General Studies; and Caroline K. Sterling, AA, General Studies.

Deal Island: Hannah R. Daniels, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Dustin R. Hill, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management.

Eden: Takia M. Smith, CT, Criminal Justice.

Marion Station: Courtney R. Gray, CT, Criminal Justice; Raymond B. Johns, AAS, Criminal Justice; Victoria E. Labo, AA, General Studies; Ashley Marilee Laird, AAS, Education; Jessica Alexandra Maddox, CT, Criminal Justice; Mirella Mendoza-Garcia, AA, General Studies; Johnathon B. Morgan, AA, Business, AA, General Studies; Van E. Spencer, AA, General Studies; Jacqueline R. Swift, AS, Nursing; and Adamari Villafuerte-Vieyra, AS, STEM.

Princess Anne: Bobbi M. Cropper, CT, Criminal Justice; Erica M. Estrada, AAS, Business; Jonathan R. Estrada Ramirez, AAS, Criminal Justice; Robert Preston Hinman, CT, Criminal Justice; Gregory T. Johnson, CT, Criminal Justice; Jeremy Evans Jones, CT, Criminal Justice; Victor Luke Kulynycz, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Brenda Adongo Okinyih, AA, General Studies; Kelly M. Payne, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Ashyra M. Pittman, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Mardochee Richard, CT, Criminal Justice; Vonyette Charecee Shivers, CT, Criminal Justice; Katherine Smith, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Marlena M. Turner, AA, General Studies; and D'naya I. Wright, CT, Criminal Justice.

Tylerton: Taylor O. Corbin, AAT, Education.

Westover: Joy M. Blades, AS, Nursing; Kimberly A. Fisher, CT, Nursing; Amanda L. McVay, AA, General Studies; and Jaleesa C. Purnell, CT, Nursing.


Bridgeville: Albert Ingraham IV, CT, Criminal Justice.

Delmar: Joyce A. Corbin, CT, Criminal Justice; Ingrid Alethea Hyland, CT, Criminal Justice; and George Reese Rogers Jr., CT, Criminal Justice.

Georgetown: Amy Lynn Merritt, AAS, Business.

Laurel: Calvin P. McCardell, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Millsboro: Pamela Barrett, CT, Criminal Justice; Lashawn Handy, CT, Criminal Justice; and Amanda Smith, CT, Nursing.

Milton: Michael Jarren Eley, CT, Criminal Justice; Sophia P. Hernandez, CT, Nursing; and Jenna Marie Kliemisch, CT, Emergency Medical Services.

Ocean View: Dylan M. Kremer, CT, Criminal Justice; and Molly Ryan, CT, Criminal Justice.

Seaford: Richard Burbage, CT, Criminal Justice.

Selbyville: Elizabeth Ann Harris, CT, Nursing; and Gunnar Thompson, CT, Criminal Justice.


Easton: Toni Palmer, CT, Criminal Justice; Riley Callahan Walter, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Hammas Ali Warraich, AA, General Studies.

Royal Oak: Michelle Armstrong, CT, Criminal Justice.

Trappe: Robert J. Aaron III, CT, Criminal Justice; and Nancy Lynn Lewis Blades, AAT, Education.


Bivalve: Elizabeth A. Cleckner, AA, General Studies; Victoria Alyssa Dunning, AS, Nursing; Steven Michael Alexander Galik, AS, STEM; and Daisy Violet Rain Williams, AS, STEM.

Delmar: Kevin J. Baker, CT, Criminal Justice; Emma E. Banks, AA, General Studies; Matthew Banks, AA, General Studies; Christopher Damon Bates, AA, General Studies; Joshua C. Dohoney, AA, General Studies; Kylie Holland, AAT, Education; Corey Nock, CT, Criminal Justice; Erin C. Thomas, AA, General Studies; and Debra Ann Widener, AAT, Education.

Eden: Cara Leigh Robertson, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Wyatt Wilhelmi, AA, General Studies.

Fruitland: Leneeta Andrews, AS, Nursing; McKenzie L. Baker, AA, General Studies; Paul R. Garcia, AA, Education; Adrienne M. Hoy, CT, Criminal Justice; Stephanie A. King, AAS, Business; Sydney T. Maxfield, CT, Office Technology; De'Mar B. McKeithan, CT, Criminal Justice; Joshua A. Morrison, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Leah M. Rechen, AA, Education; and Lindsey M. Trollinger, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Hebron: Taylor Marie Baker, AA, General Studies; Jacob N. Beiler, CT, Criminal Justice; Daniel Bolen, AA, General Studies; Caitlyn Brown, AAT, Education; Patricia L. Christopher, AAS, Education; Briana Cook, AA, General Studies; Alexandra Ann Dunlap, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Melanie R. Elder, AAT, Education; Laura Elizabeth Foster, AA, General Studies; Michael S. Gorman, CT, Nursing; Thomas Majors, AS, STEM; Elizabeth G. Runge, AA, General Studies; Jennifer L. Simmons, AS, Nursing; Jeffrey S. Solembrino, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; and Toni L. Vetra, CT, Nursing.

Mardela Springs: Ryan J. Byers, AA, General Studies; Jalisa Maranda Cottman, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Brandon M. Dill, CT, Criminal Justice; Raven Phillips, AAS, Business; Emily Lisa Venables, AS, Nursing; and Christine Ann Elizabeth Wootten, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Nanticoke: Donald L. Messick Jr., AAS, Emergency Medical Services; and David Waters, AA, General Studies.

Parsonsburg: Amanda Catherine Digby, AAS, Business; Ruth E. Hill, AAS, Education; Rebecca N. Ingraham, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Elizabeth Miller, CT, Radiologic Technology; Ellen Lee Perdue, AA, General Studies; Chase Allen Sifford, CT, Criminal Justice; and Alyssa M. Weldon, AA, General Studies.

Pittsville: Taylor R. Aydelotte, AA, General Studies; Brooklyn R. Carey, AAT, Education; Donna W. Chalmers, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Haleema A. Chaudhry, AA, General Studies; and Zachary X. Waldron, CT, Criminal Justice.

Quantico: Jessica M. Bennett, AA, General Studies; and Lauren J. Kirby, AS, Nursing.

Salisbury: Keisha Alexander, CT, Criminal Justice; Lauren C. Alexander, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Chelsea M. Allen, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Kush M. Amin, AAS, Business; Jacquelyn Avila-Cacique, AA, General Studies; Regina R. Bailey, AA, General Studies; Saheed Patrick Balogun, CT, Criminal Justice; Devin E. Bartrom, CT, Criminal Justice; Torrie McKensie Bell, AS, Nursing; Valerie Bethea, CT, Criminal Justice; Jessica M. Bierman, CT, Business; Brook L. Bishop, AAS, Business; Michelle O. Brown, AS, Nursing; Sonya L. Brown, AS, Nursing; Aaliyah S. Burton, CT, Criminal Justice; Maurquia Byrd, CT, Criminal Justice; Laura L. Cahall, AAS, Office Technology; William M. Calpino III, CT, Nursing; Elizabeth C. Chaffey, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Clairose Charles, AA, General Studies; Joseph Ebele Chukwuani, CT, Criminal Justice; John M. Churchfield Jr., AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Drevon T. Clark, AA, General Studies; Kathryn E. Cleaver, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Brie-Aynna Monique Cortez, CT, Criminal Justice; Anthony Cray, CT, Criminal Justice; Jenna Dailey, AS, Nursing; Jessica Dale-White, CT, Nursing; Ashley Lauren Davis, AAT, Education; Devynn Brittany Detzer, AS, Nursing; Felix Diaz, CT, Criminal Justice; Emily S. DiNardo, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Breanna C. Distin, AS, STEM; Nyle W. Doane, CT, Criminal Justice; Brian T. Downes, AAS, Computer Studies; Crystal Lynn Ellis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alexxus Kaleigh Elsey, AA, General Studies; Jocelyn R. Feist, AAS, Office Technology; Michael J. Fiorelli, AAS, Computer Studies; Amid M. Fofanah, AAS, Computer Studies; Paris Noel Ford, AS, Nursing; Jasmine A. Gardner, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Emily Elizabeth Gill, AA, Education; Janet L. Gilroy, CT, Criminal Justice; Christopher D. Hardy, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Kim G. Hardy, AAS, Criminal Justice; De'Jon Khalil Harper, AA, General Studies; Jerome Harrington Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Courtney M. Harris, AA, Business; Brooklyn Y. Hayward, AAT, Education; Cody L. Holland, AA, General Studies; Christopher Michael Horseman, CT, Criminal Justice; Tatum L. Hurley, AS, Nursing; Jacob E. Jester, AA, General Studies; Rosehelle Johnson, AA, General Studies; Beverly Ann Jones, AS, Nursing; Karen Laverne Jones, AA, General Studies; Vanessa L. Jones-Warner, AAS, Education; Ariel L. King, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Shawnequa L. King, AA, General Studies; Micah Kinsey, AAS, Computer Studies; Laura M. Koller, CT, Criminal Justice; Anthony W. Krieg, AA, Computer Studies; Dynia Lafleur Elveus, CT, Nursing; Mallorie S. Lambert, AA, General Studies; Lafra Lee, CT, Office Technology; Alexander B. Littleton, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ryan Malone, AAS, Office Technology; Jayra Andrea M. Manuel, CT, Nursing; Frederick Lamont Matthews, CT, Criminal Justice; Steven Christopher Maupin, CT, Nursing; Mendes Maxi, CT, Criminal Justice; Andrew Thomas Menning, CT, Criminal Justice; Taylor Brynn Mensack, AA, General Studies; Matthew H. Mercer, AAS, Criminal Justice; Lori Mersereau, CT, Criminal Justice; Thomas Mesisco, CT, Criminal Justice; Katherine D. Michalik, AS, Nursing; Jennifer L. Miller, CT, Criminal Justice; Tavessa C. Mitchell, AA, General Studies; Shelby M. Mohr, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Craig Moore, CT, Criminal Justice; Katelyn Marie Muir, AA, General Studies; Brandy L. Nelson, CT, Nursing; Julia I. Nneji, CT, Nursing; Stephania Numat, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Victor O. Odunaike, CT, Criminal Justice; Feyisitan Okulate, CT, Criminal Justice; Tanairy Paguay, AA, General Studies; Bryce T. Patt, AA, General Studies; Mya Monay Perry, AAS, Education; Jasmine Peters, CT, Criminal Justice; Hannah G. Pfingst, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Georgia Madeline Phillips, AAT, Education; Aaron M. Price, CT, Criminal Justice; Eric Price, CT, Criminal Justice; Michael Putney, CT, Criminal Justice; Maria Ramirez-Gonzalez, AA, General Studies; Regine Raymond, AA, General Studies; Brooklyn A. Revel, AA, General Studies; Charles C. Rex, AA, General Studies; Ashley Reynolds, AA, General Studies; Abigail M. Rickwood, AS, Nursing; Megan Priscilla Rife, AA, General Studies; Ashley Runnels, AAS, Office Technology; Nicholas Hunter Sapp, AA, General Studies; Caitlyn N. Scheck, AA, General Studies; Lanae R. Schuster, CT, Nursing; Abibatu Madama Sillah, CT, Criminal Justice; Trey A. Skinner, AA, General Studies; Carlisa G. Smith, AA, General Studies; Iesha Smith, CT, Criminal Justice; Lori J. Smith, AS, Nursing; Patricia Snair, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Kimberly A. Somers, AAS, Criminal Justice; Rebekah Spinella, AA, General Studies; Laquan Sutton, CT, Criminal Justice; Lindsay Toadvine, AS, Nursing; Joanna Dean Tu, AS, Nursing; Cheryl A. Wakeman, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dajiah N. Walker, AA, General Studies; Princess E. Wallace, AA, General Studies; Janeen S. Wallop, AAS, Education; Ciara Ward, AS, Nursing; Shanice Naicole Warren, AA, General Studies; Kelsie Webster, AA, General Studies; Taylor N. Welch, AS, Nursing; Kaely M. Whittington, AA, General Studies; Rebecca Jean Williams, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Cowanda L. Willis, AS, Nursing; AnAnias L. Wilson, CT, Criminal Justice; and Kristen Yuritzy Zell, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Sharptown: Elise N. Adkins, AA, General Studies; Cecil Brooks Bradley, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; and Jason H. Tarpley, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Willards: Margaret F. Cropper, CT, Nursing; Dayna B. Harrington, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Patricia Manning, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Dustin E. Marvel, AA, General Studies; and Elaine Wilkerson, CT, Criminal Justice.


Berlin: Alexander Roberto Apodaca, AS, Biology; Esperanza Berduo-Roblero, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Zachary David Buckley, AA, Education; Nicholas John Cargiulo, CT, Criminal Justice; Judith Carol Celozzi, AA, General Studies; Angela M. Chronister, AS, Nursing; Brooke L. Davis, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Michael deLaurentis, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Kasey M. Donaway, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Lesley Downes, CT, Nursing; Malorie Fager, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Alec B. Foote, AA, Business; Christan Gurskey, AAS, Office Technology; Robert J. Harkness, AA, General Studies; Anthony Brian Helias, CT, Criminal Justice; Kayla M. Higgins, AA, General Studies; Sarah E. Hyatt, AA, Education; Gavin R Jarman, CT, Criminal Justice; Carrie L. Kilgore, AS, Nursing; Arkadiusz Kolacz, CT, Criminal Justice; Saphara Lambrinos, AA, General Studies; Samantha M. Lokey, AA, General Studies; Jonathan Marton-Rollins, CT, Criminal Justice; Brooke Mask, AA, General Studies; Robert N. Mitchell, AA, General Studies; William D. Mossop III, CT, Criminal Justice; Shanell Niles, AAS, Education; Candice M. Palmer, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Ty'Rese Lee Pettyjohn, CT, Criminal Justice; Lauren Purdom, AA, General Studies; Ricku Ramesh, CT, Criminal Justice; Christina G. Ramirez, AAS, Business; Steven Michael Redner, CT, Criminal Justice; Daniel J. Richardson, CT, Criminal Justice; Mallory T. Sterrett, AA, General Studies; and Ashley M. Thurmond, AAS, Office Technology.

Bishopville: Tara E. Flanagan, AS, Nursing; Hayley Malia Jones, AS, Nursing; Coleen M. LeKites, AA, General Studies; Natalie P. Shaffer, AA, General Studies; and Jenna G. Shumate, AAT, Education.

Girdletree: Ann Elizabeth Ward, AA, General Studies.

Newark: Kyle Ailstock, CT, Criminal Justice; and Zachariah S. Bowden, AA, Computer Studies.

Ocean City: Gavin W. Aquino, CT, Radiologic Technology; Sarah Nicole Babel, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Earl A. Buffa, CT, Criminal Justice; Joya Canfield, CT, Nursing; Madeana Edris Clark, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Caroline Elizabeth Herl, AAT, Education; Sam A. Jeppi, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Amberlee Leann Oertel, AAT, Education; Marisa Redden, AAS, Education; Jose M. Robles, AA, Business; Aldo Ponce Santana, AA, General Studies; Hannah M. Stolba, AAT, Education; Anna M. Tribuno, AAS, Education; Cyle M. Walker, AA, General Studies; Kevin Williams, CT, Criminal Justice; Kelly A. Worley, AS, Nursing; and Catherine Zannino, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.

Pocomoke City: Dylan T. Barnes, CT, Criminal Justice; Bethany A. Cheeks, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Dylan Michael Connor, CT, Criminal Justice; Laura A. Johnson, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Shane R. Musgrave, AAS, Criminal Justice; Emmanuelle Phillips, CT, Criminal Justice; Demond H. Selby, CT, Criminal Justice; Hunter C. Sharp, CT, Criminal Justice; Brandon M. Womer, CT, Criminal Justice; and Amanda L. Wright, AAS, Computer Studies.

Snow Hill: Kayla A. Baumgartner, AS, Nursing; Miranda Desiree Carter, CT, Criminal Justice; Benjamin Chase, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Benjamin L. Coleman, AAT, Education; Haley M. Cook, AA, General Studies; Brittany Evans, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Marissa Bailey Fetters, AA, Education; Julie A. Fisher, CT, Education; Valerie F. McBride, CT, Criminal Justice; Jason G. Odegaard, CT, Criminal Justice; Angela M. Puskar, AS, Nursing; Matthew Shawn, AA, General Studies; Shari Michelle Shockley, CT, Criminal Justice; and Kennedy Wooten, AS, Nursing.

Stockton: Katherine A. Clogg, AS, Nursing; Ryshaela Donaway, AAS, Office Technology; and Jamila E. Merrill, CT, Criminal Justice.

Whaleyville: Serena Quinn Wisner, AA, General Studies.

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